Where is he?

You do not simply get rid of the puppets, but of ego, the one that is used to them, the one who identifies, the one who is saying I think and I feel, the I, the one who rules over them instead of being ruled by them. That’s when they lose their power over you. When you are ruled by them it takes your awareness away and into them and so enslaves you. When you say I am not able, those are his words, when you say I am worried, those are his words, you may be aware of it but insecurity is his conditioning, is what it collected and feeds you to feed itself, it’s his habitual nature to collect to its nature, and through identifying with it you are unable to see a solution because its nature isn’t to solve it but to be it.
The habitual nature is helpful so it can do things such as a job without having to think, like when you have learned to drive and now it’s easy, but emotions are broken up pieces of the one light that sees all, fear because it doesn’t know, anger because it doesn’t understand why etc. So when you do not attach to them the one light can shine through and show the why. But if awareness is taken by emotions it can’t. It’s a condition of the light being enclosed in matter, intellect helps you to become aware of it, willpower to free you from it. But only through learning and experience you become aware of its blindness and so become motivated to free yourself from these blinding emotions.

When you say I will give up one day, then it’s ego giving itself room to be, stretching time, in other words you identify with him. Ego is the collective, it will do anything to stay alive, feeds you to be able to continue to feed itself. Emotions are his (ego’s) soldiers.

So we all know Plato’s cave by now, but where are those puppets? And where is that flame? Let’s see if we can use logic to figure out where, who and what. What can we tell about these puppets? We know they are polarised and judgemental, they do not have eyes themselves nor do they have ears but they receive frequencies, vibrations, through your senses and resonate with wat they collected. They are now linked to mind and when enslaved it uses it to drive you to feed them. The commander ego is able to use them all, it might elevate you and make you feel on top of the world, and he will feed of it, but the higher, the bigger the fall which feeds him even more. This consciousness, ego, knows you better than you know yourself and plays you like a puppet. And as long as your heart is filled with his idea of good and evil then the one remains divided and the door closed. So the first step is to rule over them by the male side, who has seen their true nature and limited sight as the entry to that door in the centre is through that right side, and to establish this one needs to let go of the attachment. They are just tools in this world, to regulate bodily functions, skills and sense ability in case of a need for rapid response in case of danger etc. or simply walking, so you do not need to think of every move and stay balanced,  tasks you’d not be able to do smoothly without this tool, things this body has in common with animals.

Just recently I read an article about free will of which I wrote years ago. They have discovered that the classical idea of free will does not exist, that your choices are made prior to your conscious decision. In 1985 Benjamin Libet, a neurologist, asked his students to move their hand while being connected to an EEG machine which showed that about half a second before the students made the choice to move their hand the brain already had set it in motion, about 350 milliseconds before the student actually made the choice to move his hand. It creates a false illusion of choice, if you decide to take a sip of your coffee the brain has already planned it. In fact that you have a coffee in front of you was already pre-planned. When the desire for coffee is raised then a signal from the cortex cingularis anterior is sent to the motor layer that through the spine sends an electrical signal to the hand to do what is needed to fulfil the desire, or in case of being in a coffee shop verbally ask for it.
Later tests in 2020 showed that this choice was not just some undetermined noise but an actual choice, but they say whether it’s made during or prior of being aware isn’t the determining factor, if you have free will or not, your choices are fixed. Isaac Newton gave us a new view of the world in 1687 when he showed 3 laws about the movement of bodies for all in the universe, the consequence that we could predict the future of the whole universe in the smallest of details. In the classical explanation of these laws newton used billiard balls. If we know speed, position and mass then we can predict their movement.

God doesn’t exist? True, the god that most believe in doesn’t exist. To be closer to the creator, I am that I am, is the All consciousness. And its qualities? Those we learn to see through that which is not. We talked about the 1 divided by 7 and duality, the opposites, so if the all is consciousness and leaves nothing out because all has its basis in it, you can compare it to your body, and if you were fully conscious of all else too, very much like your awareness of your body, then all you do to others you really do to yourself. Now if you wish to experience, touch, smell, hear, eat an apple separate from all other fruits, then you limit consciousness, so what would be the consequence of that? And how would you ensure your reconnection with the all consciousness? Growth in awareness? Through experience of duality, suffering, perhaps signposts such as inspired religious book? And free will. Laws?

So this brings us back to this All consciousness, some call it space, aether, zero point etc. Any point like the ocean you can swim in while you only touch a very small portion of it, you still say I touch the ocean. Now you may not be conscious of all that happens in the ocean but the ocean is still one. Take a single drop and place it in a darkened container, now the drop is not aware, not part of the ocean anymore.
The only thing missing in the above video is the lines moving from the centre to the outer rim to draw the circle. This line starting from this centre Point moves on the 2D plain in two directions, DUE TO its separation causes tension and curves back on itself from all directions back to its zero point, this is the electromagnetic field. This also bends the light into its seven rays (11) and reduces it to light speed waves and 3D encapsulating the zero point, soul/consciousness.

It’s through seeking that we discover that conditioning is what blinds us from seeing truth and this conditioning happens because we identify with this conditioning, which means we take them as our truths through which we measure, emotions are a narrowing of view. It excludes everything that it hasn’t collected, fit with its viewpoint, never sees the whole picture. Its very nature is separation.

There are alchemical secrets, one that is known as the magic cube and one has to double the cube. It doesn’t mean you take another one joining the first one, because it doesn’t make a cube.
A cube has 6 sides, a square has 4. Now let’s take the square and double its size, you would need to add 8 squares to double its size making 9 in total. A cube needs an additional 26 cubes making it 27 in total. Now if you take circles instead with the same diameter, let’s say 1, then we can multiply it by 3,1416 and the square is 27,3% larger, while a cube is 52,36% larger. If you take a square and add a square to each of its 4 sides we get a cross. If we do the same with a cube on its six sides we would need 8 more to have 6 full crosses.
In several articles I spoke about the 1D and 2D and its projection through the electromagnetic field into 3D much like a hologram in reverse projecting matter. And here again science is now considering it as they find they say clues with black holes pointing towards it.




The cubit is the cube’s greater volume of a sphere with same diameter, 52,26%.
If we take 360 degrees and each degree is a cubit 360×52,36=188496 and Noah’s ark is 300x50x30=45.000 x cubits =235.62
And 188496/235.62 = 8.00 then 188496/3,1416=6.00.
And if we take the 188496 as 360 then 288 sparks of the 360 is 1507968 but there are 288 in heaven too, as above so below.
1507968×2= 3015936 or 576.00 cubits, the tree of knowledge.
But if we take 1507968 as diameter and multiply by 3,1416 we get 480.0 which is the tree of life.
So what is diameter of the one is the length of the circumference of the cup of the other. So we can say that the tree of knowledge has its roots in the tree of life. One eight (shape of two overlapping circles) has a ratio of diameter/3×2 the other D/9×5 of the 480. We know the above star is the star of David, the 6 days of creation, the seventh falls on the first day, the 8th day on the second, the 9th day on the 3rd day etc. Any number larger is reduced to a single digit so day 10 is equal to 1 on the 4th, the eleventh day is 2 on the 5th and the 12 is 3 on the 6th day. When you continue this you will have on each leg or point of the star of David the solfeggio number sequence. It also reveals two legs that are the prime numbers.

But the goddess of 15 rules the lower kingdom, 360/15=24 degrees, and with this one is able to draw a pentagram with its top extended point entering the star above 24 wide into daath, the 33rd. The 5 and 6 not making 11 but 7 points on the outer rim of the overlapping circles. You may wonder if the pentagram still has 36 degrees in his points, YES, it also still has its golden ratio.

Now much doubt is concerning the counsels determining which books should be left out or included in the Bible. But if we know that they used the knowledge and 39 and 27, old and new testament together 66 books, then 3927 times 6 leads to 235.62 the ark of Noah and 3927 x 8 =3.1416. Then the 24 as opening 24 x 52.36 =125664 is equal to the 32 path as 3927 x 32 is 125664 too, in other words if one raises through by extended pentagram one reaches the 32nd path, the 33rd reveals a mirrored birth, rebirth. A perfect match to he who knows the stars that guided, where the 3 gave offerings to the one.
If one knows from rim to rim is 10 then 3 is two PI 6.2832.
And 360 x 6,2832 is 2261952/52,36 is 432. But 432 x 3,1416 is 13571712/52,36 = 25920.0 the mazzaroth, zodiac.

May we see Moshiach soon, may Christ return, Krishna, etc. And how many rejected him? This time it will be different? One will need him to walk on water, another to turn water into wine. Again another requires him to be the perfect image he thinks of in his mind, in other words to be the perfect match of his personal belief. He may have walked the road to Damascus a thousand times without anyone recognizing him because how could they ever recognize him? On his outer appearance? No? His inner? Well how deep can you see? While most can’t even see deep enough within themselves. Or by his deeds? How can you judge his deeds if you do not know truth?

Don’t get lost in numbers! True, they represent a force, a quality. True, they can even explain the name they create as letters, but the math and geometry describe the way out from enslavement, through finding what he stands for in your heart. Do not forget the intellect has its measuring only from what it has collected and the mind is polarized like all else in the world of matter.
And the heart, well that is mostly filled with emotional content which by itself is the 7 rays of light that were broken off or divisions of the one all seeing light. 1/7= 0.14285714285……. Only as the one I in the heart will there be clarity beyond that of the intellect or animal side of human nature as both are limited by their very own nature. Yet many believe they can reach the heavens, so clearly expressed in the tower of babel, its fall and confusion. The language of light can’t be read but by those who are given through the purification of the heart because only in such house will he enter.
Now I could explain that this light is the 2D plain that through the magnetic field bends off the 7 rays and through its separation gets polarized and charged into a 3D field creating a cyclic and curvature nature. And its 2D plain bypasses duality and raises above. Matter is but light encapsulated, soul, our life giving light in our heart is consumed by our emotional and polarized nature, through experience we reflect within its mirroring until it finds balance in its centre, and its heaviness the gravity that keeps us stuck to the vision on the wall of Plato’s cave. But when we meet him as we have centred and walk that narrow edge of 2D then like a mirascope (look it up) we can see out and are free from enslavement. To be in it but not of it. I AM that I AM.

Adam named the animals by their nature so he could rule over them. How many travel along the galactic ocean collecting the animals, male and female, feeding them, letting them grass the fields, but are poor shepherds and often lose control of some of them or follow them like sheep themselves? Unable to recognize the wolf in sheep cloths.

Worse, you treated him like your son, hide him when you were asked to offer him, o you of little faith.

From where this pride? All was already given, but a boundary was made protected by a flaming sword and requirement of a password. Yet you’re building a tower again and again on sand. Take not what is not your own, that through labour you have gained and are willing to give up opens you up, what started out as pity (a looking down) became empathy (the ability to feel with) to compassion (through seeing the cause of all, non-judgmental), it’s just the law, like attracts like.

There are many who judge the new testament as a collection of books that are incomplete and  gathered through personal favouritism but those who have studied the articles will have seen it is interlinked and the 66 books of which there are 39 in the old testament and 27 in the new are purposefully made to be so, including the value of lord Jesus Christ 3168.
From the old testament we know the tree of life and the tree of knowledge 480 & 576, the mazzaroth/zodiac 25920, the royal cubit, the small cubit and the ark total sum of 45 and of entering it, while leaving once the raven does not return and the dove returns with the olive branch we reverse from 5 to 4 or 54, which as I’ve explained is the traveling along the galactic ocean/zodiac. And if we take 25920 and we divide it by 45 we get 576, while if we divide 25920 by 54 we get 480.

3168/96=33(96 is the joining of the 60 degrees of the hexagram and the 36 degrees of the pentagram)
25920/3168=81818181818 x 66=54
The ark of covenant is 56.25 x 52,36 = 294525, 40x = 11781, 8 x =235.62 Noah’s ark and 56.25 x 31,25 = 18.

Moshiya van den Broek