Science and religion are blind

Ask a scientist, be it one that studies biology, physics, geology or any of their subdivisions what effect a weakening magnetic field will have on our lives and they will say: I do not know, ask a biologist, and when you ask them, they say the same, ask a physics scientist etc.

If we look at all the fast growing new technologies, DNA manipulation, China already has designer babies or look at gmo altering the DNA of plants, and if you ask why then some say because we can, and others say to make them more resistant to sicknesses and to be able to grow with less water etcetera. Ok, and what does it do to our body, because I eat to nourish the body. I do not know is their answer, ask a doctor in medical research, but they too are too busy designing drugs that do not heal but maintain because that’s where the funds come from, the commercial industry.

And how does it affect us in our daily life? Let’s look at Covid-19, why is it in all those years they never developed something for these kind of viruses? Because the potential large scale need was too low to make it worthwhile. But yes they are now all on it, because it’s big business. Nature doesn’t have these compartmented rules or separations, it’s all interconnected.

When a few rays get entrapped as matter they become disconnected from the unseen light that is all, it is there where polarisation begins, a flow, a spiralling vortex, spin. When it has reflected all its sides and is balanced out at the centre or its time frame/cycle has ended it can or will leave its enclosure. Those who experienced near death and have seen the tunnel also do not realise that that tunnel is the soul leaving with consciousness in its wake until its weight holds them down and raise no further (the body as the heaviest was left first). There it maintains until a soul descends and picks up weight of unbalanced persona and then enters a suited body to continue the journey to awakening, and creating a heaven here on earth.

Each letter, like in Chinese, the Vedas, the Book of the Dead and the Bible, is a word on its own. They who do not know read only 30% of what it contains and then only in parable and the sacred secrets remain behind the veil, concealed for the uninitiated.

Woe the man who in the Torah only sees, e. g., law, only simple recitals and ordinary words! Because if in truth it contains only these, we would even today be able to compose a Torah much more worthy of admiration. The recitals of the Torah are the vestments of the Torah, woe to them who take this garment as the Torah itself.

Take the egg, the shell, the white and yolk, the shell protects the white and yolk, and the yolk feeds on the white and when the white is vanished, the yolk in the form of a fledged bird breaks through the shell and soars in the air.

The Upanishad do not differ, whereas the true self is the lord of the chariot, the body is the chariot and the intellect is the charioteer and the mind is the reins, the senses are the horses, the objects of sense the path they range over. Those who have no understanding, whose mind is unrestrained, his senses out of control, as wicked horses for the charioteer. However he who has understanding, whose mind is always  restrained, his senses under control, as good horses are for a charioteer. But those who do not understand it, do not control the mind and are ever impure, do not reach  the goal but come back into mundane life. But he who has understanding, has control over the mind and is ever pure reaches that goal from which he is not born again.

This profound wisdom was deliberately concealed in veils of allegory and symbolism as the great spiritual intellectual and physical wisdom are subject to grave misuse by persona.
The whole constituting a cipher in line with the blueprint and through the articles certain keys are given that clarify several parts that are allegorical. You gain a philosophy of life, spiritual and intellectual that will enrich you beyond ego’s measures.

This ancient wisdom can be found in all major religious texts concealed as to protect from ego’s eyes and ears. Those who remove the concealing veils will discover a vast knowledge that leads to serenity of mind and heart and to spiritual illumination.

If there was a reason to blame, then it would be the church fathers who hold fast that the Bible on its face value, its surface, is true and divine, insisting it to be fully historical, literal, divine truth, and not to be taken otherwise. Yet if one considers the text as divine inspired by an almighty perfect god and reads contradicting passages and parts showing an angry god who made mistakes, kills and later makes such person his favourite and grands him wealth, would it then not been taken out by the writers? As it seems to have several contradictions, unless NOT forgetting they were spiritual initiates, there is a deeper meaning concealed within it and would lead to investigating. But this was taken away by them by having to take it literal. Ego is all too quick to take these to justify child abuse, murder, enslavement of woman, and eventually the decline of morality we see today, so evident in the wars, corruption in governments and delegates, the wide spread criminality and vice, in both economic and industrial sectors, in trusts, monopolies and cartels and the cut throat competition, the destruction of food for higher prices, where the role models whose sole purpose was to look after both nature and mankind sold out to the highest bidder, all tools to do so to those whose only concern is wealth and power, and pay back triple and more for a service not provided. To serve mankind as a whole instead of using mankind to serve themselves, such as the pharmaceutical industry, energy and water companies. Communication and even science have become its slaves. It’s no wonder that alcohol, drugs, sex and suicide are ramped these days. Gone is the moral driving force that is willing to make a sacrifice and discipline for the good. Today the emphases in education lies in preparing young people to earn money and get jobs to fit that goal but hardly any on the art of living and dangers of conditioning.

We depend on the doctor for our health if the body fails us, and on a priest if our heart fails us yet both have their eyes and ears closed for the cry of body and spirit for the light of insight.

Doesn’t the psalmist tell us with: “give me understanding and I shall keep thy law, yea I shall observe it with whole my heart” and Paul with “prove all things, hold fast all that is good” go against the very dogmatic approach of the main religions, requiring a blind faith!?

Paul also said: “Christ in you the hope and glory” (this flame has a name), work out your own salvation, for it is god working in you till we all come in unity of faith until Christ be formed in you. The discovery of your own light within you, the all-illuminating power and power bestowing truth concerning the nature of man. The flame within man. That divine presence.

Self-discovery and god-awareness are the true science that changes the world and re-establishes the promised land. Or continue listening to the puppets on the stage that has no feet nor hands, no ears nor eyes, but measures vibrations against its own and judges them in accordance. Like a vampire sucking up the life force and using its mind and heart (yours) to ensure its next meal.

There is a poem called “the old violin”, much like the story of a highly educated priest who told the story of the shepherds psalm and did so in great detail and emphases, then an old man of faith was asked to read the 23rd psalm of the shepherd too. His face shone with an inner light when he read the same words and at the end there were none without tears in their eyes, and when the educated priest was asked why he could not invoke such profound effect, he said: I have studied the Bible and know all about the shepherd, but this old man knows the shepherd.
Do not think that reading without the practice of living it, is anywhere close to that of the old man who knows him. And if you have no intent other than to read it, then these articles and scriptures are best left to gather dust on the shelf instead of feeding it to the puppets and using them for its own goal. Gnosis is the direct interior, spiritual experience.

It was also said by Jesus “give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast ye pearls to the swine lest they trample them under their feet” and “it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them that are without in parables”.

The whole universe with all its parts is interwoven and interlocked in a 7 fold whole. The zodiac and galaxies, nature and all its elements, notes and colours are not just parts of the whole but have their expression within man too. Such is the light of god.

Light and matter, as I’ve said, matter is but light curled up on itself. And is encapsulating in a pattern like that of the flower (963). If one takes a glass jar and draws it vacuum so it’s considered empty, it’s still filled with photons seemingly floating randomly around, think of them as stem cells. Introduce a string of uncontaminated DNA to the vacuum jar and look at the photons again! You’ll see they will have rearranged themselves in the pattern of DNA.

What’s more if we introduce the frequency of a negative emotion to this DNA then it curls up like a loop with the flower pattern, but if we introduce the highest form of love it unfolds into a spiral and unravels itself like a ladder. the light reflected within the torus/thorus, in matter until…….. Then one is able to climb that ladder of Jacob.

963+369=13.32×2=26.64×2=3.99.6 x 2 =53.28 x 2= 666, the pentagram and 8 x is 10656 judgement, mercy and faith. 1656 years after Adam was the flood. Then after 24 (12 days and 12 nights) we reach 31968. 75 times is 999 and 75 x 75 is 56.25, the ark of covenant or 56.25/999 = 56.306306306…… Those numbers tell the story, their pattern spiralling along the torus, the Fibonacci sequence, the solfeggio and within them cycles within cycles whereas every fourth dividable by 3 in a repeating sequence in an 18 numbered grid. But there are others locked within them too. 

And 1+7, 3+5, 5+3, 7+1, … is 888888… just like the 24 sequence I’ve shown before.

Yet do not think that math is needed to reach the goal, as the wisdom they describe I have written in the words you are able to comprehend.

We are indeed made in the image of god. 

Moshiya van den Broek