Faith is more than belief. It’s evidence of things not seen, a transcended experience not a mere belief, the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen Hebr. 11.1.

There is an intelligence that cannot be perceived because there is nowhere outside it to perceive it from. Through reading the articles the fragments are stored in the brain and through the practice recognized within and eventually the whole picture emerges into vision. If and when the ego is stilled who otherwise will interpret through its self-created ideas of it.

Wisdom belongs to those who have conquered the arrogance of the rational faculty.

When man appeared all was achieved, both in the upper and lower worlds for all is contained in him. In him all forms are found, therefore to know thyself eventually leads to finding god under every stone, river, wind and flame.

It is with wisdom and love that he created, B’raishit means in the beginning, and Be raishit means through wisdom.

For the students of the written Kabbalah : Jacob rose up, took his two wives (two he’s), Yakhim and Boaz, and eleven sons (the 5 & 6) vau heh, balance and purification.
Yesod is air, Hod personality, Netzach the middle pillar, Tiphareth the way of burning heart, surrender, Cheved reduces the animals. Chochmah is wisdom and from the Binah understanding. The myrrh an offering, the reason of suffering and sorrow.

The Babylonian priests/mathematicians gave numbers to their gods.
ANU/60  the father of all the gods 60:30 = 2:1, ratios! An octave, the first of 7 days.

And they also relate to the 7 names of the week and to planets.

Now how do they link up to the zodiac? The 7 comes from the joining of the hexagram and pentagram and in turn mark on the zodiac and vice versa. Each has different intervals/degrees, I mean as hexagram and pentagram, therefore a particular cyclic nature.
Like 12960 is 2:3 and 8640 is 3:4, 648 2:3, 432 is 3:4 and 324 is 4:5 and 2592.0 is 5:6 etc. 144 is 9:10, 108 is 12:15= 4:5, which of course is the musical intervals with 432 as base line tone. But please do not forget that each side is a science upon itself and each can be translated to a frequency from light to matter.

The same interwoven relationship can be found in the measures, aside from the metric, royal and standard cubit.
A fathom/48

Not to mention a few others that give away a little more for those who are starting to open their eyes. The average temperature is 288 kelvin, now you know the value of the cubit so divide it by 192 and you can calculate the value of the others, even others not on this list such as 144 which turns out the sum of the bible, 3927.

Longfoot is 1056 feet and 576 plus 480 is 1056.
1 piktun is 288000 days.

Their values can often be found in layout of cities, government buildings, domes, like the dome on the white house (it is 288 feet high), Mormon temple in Washington, certainly in ancient sites, but nowadays, and I mean like the white house etcetera, they merely copy these measures because it is said that they represent god’s measure. But even those very masons have lost the true art of building as they can only interpret the outer story line by the known favouring one number above another, because they may have recognized it fitting the earth. But not one iota is out of place, leave one out and the house of cards will tumble over.
Siena, Italy, Mangia tower 288.

Buddha is wise, Bodhi is knowledge and Buddhi is intuition, perception and point of view. As I’ve said before intellect is a scalpel that can dissect a body into its individual parts and learn about its makeup and perhaps some of its functions, now they even alter it (without knowing its place in the whole) or fix it, but intellect will never know what lies beyond his/her perception as it can only function on memory, like psychoanalysing 4 major points, identity, memory, protection, thoughts  and the boundary through which they cannot pass either.

1/7=0,14285714285, recognize these numbers? And multiplied by the 56 (the joined hexagram and pentagram) gives you the 8 of eternity, the wheels that keep turning until one is free from its conditioning, which is the 9 (the one light that was divided in the seven rays).
And 7x7x7x0,14285714285=49 and as you may recall there was a window of one cubit in the ark before leaving the ark (raven and dove).

But it starts with the 7 in between the 5 and 6 as 576, which is the tree of knowledge. The tree of knowledge has its roots in the tree of life and in the middle of that garden the trees stand.

Fully  understood, this unconditional giving, sharing, already has a reward without ever needing to ask, a house fit for a royal visitor, cleaned and proper.

You will also come to see that whether it’s the Bible, the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita etcetera, they are of the same source and the texts are written in accordance with the math and geometry down to the last iota, including the 3 layers. Most of the knowledge of the first language has been lost, much of it through translation. We use letters to form words that describe things while the first language uses letters/numbers that have a meaning and as such describe what the word stands for. A little example: A is leader or bull, B is house or temple (you), so the father/leader of the house is Abba, father. But it describes even more, easiest it can be seen if one looks at the names given, if one reads it as individual letters one sees that his life’s path is described and linked to other’s paths for as long as one is still enslaved by ego/Egypt. Once one starts to recognize this the journey on the true path begins, 40 days and 40 nights to where the raven is let go off and the dove is sent out. And by this cleaning and filling the heart he eventually returns with the gift of the fruit that delivers the anointing oil. All this and more is described by the structure upon which the 22 letters, numbers are placed, and by knowing its movement, the order of words. A little deeper it goes when a name reveals its path, while they all are already told in a level in the first part of the old testament. Pei is the 11th letter in genesis, in the beginning.., and Josef being the 11th son of Jacob and the 17th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and on his 17th of age he was sold into slavery in Egypt, Josef sends his 10 brothers to get Benjamin so there are 12 and they rejoice as he is returned to his kin. Again you see the pattern and it then can also be seen that one has to fall into ego slavery, one needs to go through the 12 to complete the cycle and wake up from its enslavement… had enough reflections to recognize the pattern.

Now the cubit came out of the ratio or volume difference of the cube and sphere, the cube being one of the platonic solids, so there are more hidden within the others.

Each field of science can deepen their knowledge and get to know more about their place within the whole, and with the blueprint as overlay weed out all the impure and use it in harmony with all. I will only lift up the curtain a little for them as I could spend many articles on each of them, but that would draw me away from the most important aspect of it all, your awakening.

Then there are the boundaries through which you cannot pass. Consciousness is limited, at least that of humanity. One thinks that the choice of good and evil is free will, but are you not bound by the rule that for every action there is a reaction? And that your judgements are based only on a limited amount of insight? Which means the choices you make are not made with all the information to ensure a right choice, not to mention the fact that you’re mostly not even in control when it comes to making choices as what feeds them has its own agenda. While on a higher level it’s not without purpose, your choice is limited. But there is a 3rd option, one that will lead to the ability to remove the shackles and explore the cave, to know thyself and eventually enter or re-enter the garden.

Moshiya van den Broek