Let there be light

The story goes that god created all by the power of his word. And in order to show you how this links up to light we need to go to the 432 and you will come to see that the geometry is the music we see, and music is the geometry we hear.

In the last article we spoke of the neutrons and protons and their nature being a projection/expression of the blueprint. This is equally so for all the elements on the periodic table, but also geometrically, the hexagram/star of David which creates the platonic solids to which each element is related.

Science, particularly physics is seeking to unify the strong and weak force, which they as yet have been unable to do, but realize there must be something linking them. This means it points to something (out there) they can’t see. Yet it has always been right under their noses, the what they call the flower of life, that are really branches that bare fruits are expressed in nature and as such follow a non-material pattern/force. So it should be obvious that it already reveals that whatever it is they can’t find or see must in one way or another have some of its nature or cause, and if so then it would even show that the tree is already in the seeds.
But their ego forces them to look the other way because it would also force them to accept something they fight against. The ancients were way ahead of them, and left it all for a humanity to find in these holy books for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. But the truth is that both science and religions today are blind and judgemental, judging the books by their covers.

Now let’s get to light, light is an electromagnetic wave, if we run a current we create a magnetic field and vice versa. And as they are joined they create a shape you know as the torus star configuration.

But let’s look at it from  a graph as science portrays  it for a moment.

Right in the middle here is what you are able to see, the visible wavelength, it’s also where we have the Heisenberg uncertainty principle where the wave particle duality is experienced shown in the double split experiment, wave particle duality, whereas on the left it’s wavelike and on the far right particlelike.

And here we see at a 90 degree angle the magnetic field. Now the speed of light per second is  3•10^8 m/s or as Einstein’s formula C= 3•10^8 m/s but that is actually faster than the speed of light (mind you photons do not move at all) because it’s not 300.000000 but 299.792458, but let’s keep it at 3 for the purpose of this article.

We have speed, frequency and wavelength so we have the speed of the electromagnetic field but how do we measure and see the relationship between wavelength and frequency?

Wavelength to Frequency Formula. The velocity of light, v, is the product of its wavelength, λ (lambda), and its frequency, f. This means that the wavelength is the velocity, v, divided by the frequency, f. And how do you calculate frequency and speed?

f = c/λ = wave speed c (m/s)/wavelength λ (m). The formula for time is: T (period) = 1/f (frequency). λ = c/f = wave speed c (m/s)/frequency f (Hz). The unit hertz (Hz) was once called cps = cycles per second.

I’ve explained that light/the electromagnetic field is a line that goes in two directions at the same time, which means if we take the rainbow or visual light as 1 then we have on the left 1/x and right x/1  or 1 divided by 7 and on the far past right we have the 7 into one, in fact no speed at all, yet whole. But this is just to get the idea.

So please do not bother with the scientific jargon which isn’t needed to understand. What is important on the other hand is to visualize the magnetic field torus shape, that the above graph doesn’t really show. But when we look at the line of the speed (of light) in the image above then on the tree it is the diameter line of the eight, and as you know that is 432.

So we divide the speed of light 299792458 by 432 which equals 693964.023148  and using the same formulas (and using conversion inch to cm 3,144-798576) gives you 00000,144 and 288 etc. A perfect 5th 432, the Pythagorean tuning with the 3/2 ratio shown in other articles, the shifting of the iota or comma with 31.25 and 32 giving the 12.

So sound and light are related or in other words we can say: god said, let there be light and the music of the spheres etc. and 72 x 7272.2222222… = the cubit which is then leading back to the structure again, wavelengths and light and the 12 signs of the zodiac, DNA and periodic table etc.

While this is of course of interest for science as it will provide tools that enables them to use it, the real importance is that of awareness that matter is really encapsulated light, that we are and need to free ourselves of our shackles, that positive and negative are the motor that causes spin and spin causes cycles and cycles cause time. That everything therefore has two sides and through reflecting you find balance and get centred.

Now realize this reflecting takes time so that all angles on opposites are experienced and leads us to become centred so that our awareness reaches out.
This know thyself is reflecting and eventually coming to the realisation of truth that we are the light.

(https://youtu.be/mbBQ1vK0ELo )

Imagine the holographic image being your true nature and the physical within the illusion we identify with. As we identify we also try to recognize of this illusionary self in the reflections, in other words, ego puppets seek to recognize of themselves.

Moshiya van den Broek