The power of creation

The ~122 orders of magnitude discrepancy between the vacuum energy density at the cosmological scale and the vacuum density predicted by quantum field theory, this disagreement is known as the cosmological constant problem or the “vacuum catastrophe”. Utilizing a generalized holographic model, we consider the total mass-energy density in the geometry of a spherical shell universe (as a first order approximation) and find an exact solution for the currently observed critical density of the universe. They discuss the validity of such an approach and consider its implications to cosmogenesis and universal evolution. Let’s look at their approach! They theorize, then seek a way to test its validity and measure as many possible angles which then become a description. But a description is not an explanation. So after having collected data on a part they go back to theorizing to fit it to the next bit hoping to build it up to a whole. We can compare it to meeting a stranger, we may describe his outer appearance and some descriptions on his movements, sound of his or her voice but there is no way you know his or her thoughts and even less about his or her intent. For that you would need to place yourself in the other so his thoughts are yours and you would then also be able to know their intent. So in our search to understand we look and judge it to the level of our ability to see. But to truly know it we have to look from it instead of at it.
Now imagine having an overlay sheet with a diagram on it and because the sheet is made of clear plastic you can easily hold it above the circuit and recognize its layout. That is looking from it instead of at it.

There are several dark sheets that block our view, one we have shown to be our emotionally driven ego personality to which we return shortly for a moment, then there is the one called the physical body. We all know that everything is really energy, waves, frequency, which we experience as a solidity, our senses are really a kind of wall between the inner and outer world that enables us to differentiate and interact with it on a physical level through picking up its outer appearance and translate it to electrical signals that trigger a harmonic equal collected. And recognition takes place. So we measure with the known and use it to make sense of the unknown. Please do not forget this, as this is identical to the way the ancient text was built, using the known to give a description about the still unknown to get an idea about something. But this idea isn’t the truth, the truth can only be revealed through experience of it. I can hear the question arise, but how can we do that? How could I understand a black hole? Something far outside myself? I can’t become a black hole and even if I could then it’s too dark to see anything as it even sucks in the light. Well it starts with “know thyself”, and that’s all explained in the articles, because you’re made up of all that is out there large and small, but before you can see that you need to see what blinds you. In Plato’s cave allegory it starts with turning around and becoming aware of the puppets, but that too is still looking at!

So after a while we realize our enslavement through identification, I think and I feel, that is born in not knowing, trying to make sense of it all. From there it’s the undertaking of breaking the shekels that weigh us down. And at the same time gain strength through a growing realization that these emotions and their attachments are really the godly love that was broken up (explained in previous additional articles) and that to see it in depth we need to restore this love. This can be seen as placing these puppets into the fire to be consumed so the famous bird arises from its ashes, so one awakens as the flame itself who clearly sees without the shadows that were cast by that conditioning.
Then we have sight on the blueprint which when held up high is seen to be the same as that so-called material and non-material world. Perhaps even see that these barriers between in and outside of you, through which the translation takes place and to be able to interact with it is a reflection of another barrier, another one to take down. This is the one that takes you outside the cave. This boundary becomes wings. It should not be too difficult to imagine what it means when this is realized. The power of creation. Not this broken up and encapsulated light, which is but a shadow of the true light that reveals everything.

Quickly back to the top of this article, they talk about a sphere but they forget the cube and scale, which they would need if they are to build in accordance to his laws. The law of one, the one I am that I am, that point that is all eternal, outside the realm of time, all loving, all wise.
That is the light of god. We live in him and he lives in us.

This collective memory that you collected is the filofax through which you measure and judge your world, and because the puppets themselves have no ears or eyes they look through yours and they are driven to experience of self, an emotional one. And as it is linked to mind it will cause thoughts and feeling with as goal to remain alive. It does not care if it makes you suffer when it is recognizing the illusion of reason in any given moment, fear, jealousy, greed, lust, anger, it doesn’t matter as long as it is alive. It feeds you to feed itself. So when I say feeling has to become wise then it’s not feeling that should rule but the intellect who knows ego’s emotional nature, then it can become a tool in this world. This was of course meant when they said that the female needs to serve the male. Adam was whole, both male and female in harmonic union, and not the wrong translation “rib” but “side” god took to create fe-male. So women too are based on the two, feeling and intellect. In both the balance might tip to one or the other side particularly when they are still enslaved by identification (be in it but not of it).

Now you are familiar with the torus or tree of life in spin, and the star configuration that makes a pattern a little like this:

And if we look at it from the top, it will look a little like this:

This is of course not the right torus as it has not got the vesica piscis but for the purpose of this article it will do fine. Now recall that I said that matter is really encapsulated light and so is given properties such as polarisation which then causes attraction and repulsion and in a way holds position in between, this disc is that what holds the neutrons and protons.
Like the following images:

It clearly looks like a solar system doesn’t it? And scaled up a galaxy. So now let’s have a look at the following article on black holes, where light also gets encapsulated and reflects within.“Observations made with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile have revealed for the first time that a star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way moves just as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Its orbit is shaped like a rosette and not like an ellipse as predicted by Newton’s theory of gravity. This effect, known as Schwarzschild precession, had never before been measured for a star around a supermassive black hole. This artist’s impression illustrates the precession of the star’s orbit, with the effect exaggerated for easier visualization.”

As you see in the smallest to the largest including the universe itself are identical in principle as an electromagnetic field with at its heart a spark of true light, zero point. So that which gives mass to particles is both spin and its encapsulation, the scales we have shown in other articles.

Now you may know this toy that is a sphere with a hole in it and inside it’s completely mirrored and if you place something inside of it, it projects a 3D image.

It’s not the kind of hologram that is a static piece of glass plate but a point sphere that is reflecting itself outward. Built in gods image will get a bit clearer for you.

So now you too reflect your inner to the outside world and you too have to polish the mirror so not its reflection but its point source shines through. In this you find consciousness too, which is a very different kind of light than the light that takes all darkness away. Our earthly bound, materially bound consciousness, is but a reflection of the true light and has a limited view. It can’t see the source, all it sees is its reflections/expressions. Just one point to realise is, think of a hologram the other way round, kind of mirrored like the mirror creates a light and the light creates the mirror.
And of course with this come the laws by which they work, the math. And to answer the question concerning math, if we created it or are re-discovering? Then I say the last, with emphases on RE-discovering because science is still missing a few of its rules.
And others will need readjusting altogether to be in accordance with the true nature of the worlds. The periodic table, prime numbers and composite numbers as one system etc. All in a new light.

So enlightenment isn’t so much a spiritual mystical thing without rules, it’s all structured, meaning a very narrow path, a balancing act between two forces, to be centred in your heart, where the true light is found. And this polishing of the mirror is the inner work needed to free oneself of its enslavement, with laws fixed in stone.

We are little rowing boats on a big ocean, drifting apart. Even science, in fact even more so now that it’s financed by commercial interests, each field on their own, all in the hunt of the next big thing, narrowing down their search in accordance with their ideas and theories, each field on its own and even within its fields. Like looking through straws to try to get a glimpse of the whole thing because they do not understand what blinds them.

Another level is the electromagnetic field which is another effect with all its values because number and what its quality is is the language by which the blueprint operates, that flows from the cause being divided and so creates polarisation.

Now I could go into Ulam’s spiral.

A pattern of prime numbers that they still can’t really pin down, and tell you that it’s related to that electromagnetic torus field too, and in the right configuration they describe the field.

Permanent magnets such as the ones on your refrigerator are magnetic because of a phenomenon called ferromagnetism. In a ferromagnet, the spins of electrons align, collectively generating a magnetic field. More specifically, metals such as iron, cobalt and nickel demonstrate itinerant ferromagnetism, which refers to the fact that their electrons can move around freely within the material. Each electron also has an intrinsic magnetic moment, but to understand exactly how and why all those magnetic moments align in a magnet demands calculating the quantum interactions among all the electrons, which is prohibitively complex.

At the most basic level, electrons in a metal have to abide by two big constraints. First, they’re all negatively charged, so they all repel one another. In addition, electrons must obey the so-called Pauli exclusion principle, which states that no two particles can occupy the same quantum state. This means that electrons with the same property of “spin” — which is proportional to the electron’s magnetic moment — cannot occupy the same quantum state around an atom in the metal. Two electrons with opposite spins however can.

It turns out the easiest way for an ensemble of freely moving electrons to satisfy both their mutual repulsion and the constraints of the Pauli exclusion principle is for them to stay apart and for their spins to align, and thus become ferromagnetic.

More of this in another article.

Moshiya van den Broek