41. The secret of secrets part 2

If you took the effort to look up the story of Moses then you will start to realize that the stone tablets(two of them) on which the laws were written, are the same as seen on the star of bethlehem, they are the holy grail, the philosopher stones. The staff of Moses (which is also placed in the ark of covenant) is the 1 that is placed in the centre vertically on the 8 the esculape or the stick with 2 snakes curled around, now taken as sign for the medical profession.

In “the secret of secrets part 1” we talked about its size openly mentioned in the bible and not realized, and the size of the cubit and how they are connected, and that the ark’s measure divided by its given measure gives you the formula for the globe: 4,1888.

And that the ark of Noah was built with the cubit of 52,36.
Making it 45×52,36=23562, and that 52,36 is made up of two cycles 52 as in 52 weeks and 36 as in 360 degrees, the size between the elbow and fingertips. But also locked up in the bible in a different way in the 66 books that is divided in the old and new testament: 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.

And that the whole is based on the trinity, so if we divide the 3927 in 3( just as we did with the total amount of letters in the old testament) 3927/3= 1309, so by the division it reveals a fourth one 1309 times 4 =5236 yes indeed the cubit!
Remember that the division of the letters in the bible did the same? Revealing the movers yin and yang.

And there was another one remember? 31,25.
We also mentioned the formula of the globe 4,1888.
Let’s see, the 1309 divided by 3,125 is 41888.

You know that 18 is the 8 and one, a cycle also. Now let’s look at this 1800 divided by 3,125 is 576, and 576 is of course the star of Bethlehem which is made up of two overlapping circles making the 8 of 576 degrees. The one and trinity and its highest the 9. And as mentioned in the Koran Allah has 99 names. They together reveal the keys of keys, and lead you to being baptized by the living water.

Blessed are those.


Moshiya van den Broek