Zero point energy and aether

Those of you who have studied (and practiced) the articles and the blueprint of creation will be able to place this and understand. I already spoke about science having done away with aether and coming up with zero point. Well this zero point is one and the same as aether. The aether field is a field of infinite points and each is a structure explained in the articles. But in the 2D plane a line goes in two directions simultaneously, unlike when we draw a line that only goes one direction. From a point the line flows in two directions and turns back on itself into 3D, spherical, the tori, identical to the plain of inertia at the heart of a magnet, where there is no magnetism. So its internal holographic structure through scaling is interconnected to its level of en-scalement. What does that mean? On its first upscale it is like the smallest of fragment of a hologram, which means basic like the elements and atoms or smaller, as it scales up in accordance with the formulas shown it brings in/becomes a bigger fragment of its original hologram therefore having more configurations. Like the steps of the platonic solids. From cell to organ so to speak. And because from the onset from 1D, 2D to 3D it gets opposites or polarizations, not only light gets encapsulated but in the same time means consciousness is. Light is that which reveals, brings to light, not just light up what was dark, as in day and night. And each scale is interconnected, from one atom to another automatically interlinked, and this is also the case for larger scales. You could apply the idea of wormholes where this field is the first light, unseen yet present everywhere at once, outside the framework of time. Our light, the spectrum, is really the shadow of The light. So each blueprint contains all information of all other blueprint points and scales up too.

Now our consciousness locked up in matter on human level has these two other lower scales too, that is the 3 fold soul. A consciousness that runs 3 levels and at the same time the very life force.

Now if you can follow this and start to see the picture then you’ll be able to see how Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields work, the spooky action in a distance that Einstein spoke of, how ants collectively function, telepathy, to name but a few things. There is a real structure in place with fixed rules, many of which were mentioned in articles. So what is enlightenment? No, it’s not the flame in the back of the cave as that shines its light in the cave, this is true self-awareness. But the true light is the light outside the cave, that so called zero point, aether field, god, the creator, master builder.

So it’s also a 3 way step 3, 6, 9. Where the 7 are into 1.

And the reason why it was said destroy the temple and I rebuild it in 3 days and why the resurrection is 3 days. Elementary dear Watson.

While this is a short article, when you grasp this and re-read the articles, it will be a real eye opener.

Moshiya van den Broek