Jacob’s ladder

The rebuilding of the temple

It’s time for me to explain to those who have been reading articles that they felt attracted to due to the title or they came across it and judged it while not having read them all in the way that is described within them, as to why I have not explained everything about each individual point, subject, and often return to facets of these sparks. The reason for doing so it that the light of god’s wisdom and love is so great that we would burn to a cinder if we would look in his face. So there are steps, these steps bring the Unseen down so one can grasp the principles and through it and the described practice get insights like a flash when suddenly something becomes clearer. That’s the pilgrim pass, the reason for this is that a newly gained insight shines a new light on the older ones, which in turn prepares you to the next one.

This is expressed in different layers of for instance the Bible, Vedas and others, the same principle in the first 7 days but expanded upon just like the numbers 1 to 9 but in detail by 10 to 90, so when you come across someone’s name and later it’s changed, like Abram becoming Abraham, it signifies a change through a letting go of ego/persona, or the plan that was set out comes to fruition/expressions of itself, on 3 levels, 7×7×7. This was also mentioned by Christ, Buddha and more.

Another point that needs to be mentioned it that many think that the soul is the spark of god but the mind/feeling body and physical body are not. But this would be a wrong assumption, the soul lives and upholds all 3 of them, they only differ in density. The lowest is the gross body, the physical body, this is the first one that the highest part of the soul let’s go of, and in its withdrawal sucks along the mental emotional, but its density is still too high to reach the heaven (so to speak ) so it remains within the worldly domain, and from this point we see the tunnel in case of near death experiences. But never from the soul, but the first time you see it. Yet all is still translated by the lower self that uses the known to describe the unknown. This also means god has indeed created you in his image, a threefold nature. And that all matter in its very heart is god created also. So the first language described everything into its minute detail, leaving not one iota out. So in truth it’s your mind that builds the body driven by emotions.

So now to these emotions again. Let’s start where it begins, with fear! Ego fears death and as its equal to a shadow or darkness it starts to seek to understand to become aware, but only by translations because feeling does not have contact with the outside world, so the senses are receiving and translating it to a frequency it is able to recognize. And its twice sevenfold nature builds its puppets that listen and judge all by its own ideas. From the onset when the soul is to re-enter and lowers itself into physical realm and picks up the lower bodies in accordance with the plan written above. Where it takes place on the opposing points on the circle to give the opportunity to balance out. That is also the very nature of duality, of nature itself where it finds balance between the two.

So next you will all have heard about kundalini, the snake curled up along the spine area. But both chakras and the snake are no physical things but the focusing eye of your torus field, or electromagnetic field. Now we often wonder why we have to learn through suffering, simply said if you get off the path the brambles will prick you. Because how do we get the snake to rise up? (and out of its basket?) By hearing its own tune. But once his head is above the basket, it is agitated by tapping it on the head. That’s how he eventually masters the snake. So your struggles have purpose.

The more deeply we perceive the more striking it becomes, the evidence that a uniform plan links every form in manifold nature. But those who haven’t heard or seen the truth and are still slave of the Pharaoh will not like those who tear down their delusions.

As the heart is the centre of that duality field, it is also the field that reaches out, like a magnet, so depending on its content, its emotional charge, it will attract or reject. So an unconditional heart filled with love pays you more than money could buy. So by your works you seed and reap. If your actions are without the little I in mind and heart, and filled with love, you and those you touch will change too.

On the way to a better world. So what about emotions? Knowing that it doesn’t have eyes (hands and feet), it is the reason why it was said you sold (the lower parts) your soul to the devil. Emotions are nothing but a love that is broken up, that is not wholesome. True love is not emotion but god motion.
We learn a language so we can express ourselves and learn about ourselves to give it body, feed the building idea of self. But we only see what he tells us it is or looks like, as he cannot see this world, he translates it by what these masks of broken up emotions recognize of itself, forever hunting for more to remain alive, at the cost of the true self that is one with all.

Hell is but the illusion we believe in, paradise is our home that we come to know for the first time.

In the last article I mentioned the many so called internet gurus feeding the crowds with what ego can take to feed its self and there is something for every belief, but the perfect fruits are few and far between. The reason is because they look at it instead of from it and judge it in accordance with their personalized set of ideas. But this too was foretold, in these days there are many false prophets.

But ego knows that too, and when you ask yourself the question, is there anything I do or say to serve self, ego self, then it will likely reason its way through to justify it. And if you recognize, this too then realizes the light in the tunnel is you, a little spark of I am that I am.

But don’t we need emotions? What about those that are pleasing to us? Well when love was divided and became conditional it split up and was unwhole. Greed? There is none when it has all. Fear? There is none when one knows. Envy? Of what if you have it all? Jealousy, when all is an expression of love? OK, but what about joy and happiness, surely they are good? How long do they last before they weaken or are lost all together? Because they too are conditional.

An unconditional heart, the one was divided into 7 male and 7 female, 1/7=0.14285714285..… perhaps some of you recall these numbers around the star of David? The solfeggio sequence. Like emotional frequencies, as well as planet and stars radiating their frequencies.

Perhaps this will also make it clear that these gods that walked the earth, the stories of Atlantis, were not about aliens nor did they come to build pyramids, but enlightened humans who’s godly light shone on everything. They were the ones that went to every corner of the world and shared their love and wisdom. What happened? In every cycle there is a high and a low and those whose hearts were divided and took this wisdom and broke it up to feed their emotional longings. But why let this happen? And why would loving gods not make it so it would not happen? I would simply answer with a question, how many times did you have to fall before you could even walk, learned from experiences in the first go?
How much could you grasp in one go? The fact is that even in small increments when the light of insight hits you it kind of blows part of the old mindset away. Yes, because as you may recall shadows are not things but absence of light.

You’ve travelled this long journey in your vessel, 40 days and 40 nights, and it’s time to let the raven go so the dove can shine with an olive branch. You’ve gathered all the zodiac animals and they had to be domesticated, controlled, but that requires a master that names them by their nature. The journey is coming to the end, or do you wish to remain in that darkness with just that little opening just enough to keep you alive for a short period of time? Or is it freedom you want from the bond in slavery?

Perhaps you recognize the story line? Perhaps even in most of the ancient knowledge books, written by the language of creation, yes the source is one, but the one was divided and could not understand the gift they were given, the fall is our fall, the offers, and eventually ego gives up the shadow ghost. To rise again as an awakened soul. So all those separated cultures got it as close as possible within their language, these stories of god and angels, Bodhi trees, philosopher’s stones of alchemy, Horus and  Zeus, when you do start to see this then another mask will be lifted, not just that of religion but that of science too which by itself has become a religion thinking it to be the way to the truth. True, they will argue that they seek it and know how to measure it, in theory, but that is what they forget to mention. Because as long as there are questions unanswered they have not found it anymore than those who seek both good and evil on the outside, not realizing the outside is a reflection from within. Because with all that finger pointing and placing themselves above others, we created it! Driven by ego, without ever knowing our enslavement. Not religion, not science is the revealer of all, as all was already given, wanted to be divided, eventually longing to be united.  A forgotten world, shangri la, paradise, utopia or heaven? Just as the ancients lived in places in accordance with the blueprint on sacred places upon which many later ones were build. Or to bury the old. Why? Because those node points are centre points, where 3 points come together.

The light, when do they realize the power of the light?  Every spark of it, every zero point, matter being encapsulated light. Black holes don’t let out light, they encapsulate it, matter being en-soul-ed. The life force. Yes, the blueprint in every spark. Every atom at its heart a spark of encapsulated light. And just like having the half-life, a rate of admission, such signals picked up in the universe are similar to the half-life rate of the elements.

Is it any wonder that encapsulated light seeks to be free? As its nature is just that, to shine its light to enlighten. Scattered light into the darkness even made them as signs for you to see. No wonder rainbows too, all to remind you, the seven rays, the fall into the event horizon. The light bringer and taker. Encapsulated it enables to eventually break free having gone through its cycle.  Just consider that carbon is one of the main elements of our vessel, matter, the tree of duality, its decay a relatively long half-life of 5760 years.

That is the length of a cycle. A team of scientist discovered that light travels (not really), waves that travel through landscapes that contain disturbances scatter often in all directions. Found in many ways in nature and the reason for a blue sky. But when the length over which the disturbances vary is much larger than the wavelength then it scatters in an unusual fashion. It forms branches like a tree. That continue to divide as the wave propagates. In their tests they used lasers and soap bubbles as their surface has variations in membrane thickness. Now imagine this bubble to be an element of matter but the light is within as branches being mirrored through its angles of the star configuration of the blueprint. From the smallest of things to the very largest all in accordance to scale, by a simple shift of a decimal and fraction. Like a house with mirrors as walls until all 6 are centred, where the circle and centre are one and leaves it orbit. And a photon is emitted. 

Some of the most renowned scientists are questioning whether the universe has an inner life similar to that of our own. With Carl Sagan intoning that “ we are all made of star stuff” – that the atoms of our bodies were literally forged in the nuclear furnaces of other stars. Now Gregory Matloff, a veteran physicist arguing that humans may likely be like the rest of the universe in substance and spirit a proto- consciousness field that deliberately controls its path. Put more bluntly the entire cosmos be self-aware. Turns out Christof Koch of brain science and British physicist sir Roger Penrose, renowned for his work on gravity and black holes, consider it too important to ignore. But their instruments  are not able to see the nature of light itself. They now propose that quantum fields that permeate all of empty space, the so called quantum vacuum, produces and transmits consciousness. 

The biggest problem they have is that they focus on the smallest of things, specialize in the fragments which causes them to lose sight on the bigger picture. While some grasp the fact that the ancients did have this overview, they still try to fit it into their own ideas. Their rules and mathematics  instead that of the universe itself. On the other hand there are within a very short space of time over 3500 publications on academia.edu mentioning Moshiya van den Broek in relation to the blueprint of creation. But now their ego struggles with the spiritual aspect of it and with its implications. But this too will become accepted in time.

Moshiya van den Broek