A puppet looking or the flame looking

A surrender of intellect, the ability for ego to say I don’t know.

The surrender of the heart, the ability to love unconditionally so he may show you.

A warning is in place here! I usually do not go into detail concerning all those so called enlightened people’s offers on the internet here but it’s needed now due to the timeframe and upcoming events. The internet is overloaded with so called enlightened people who are charging 300 and upward euros/dollars for a course to enlighten you, some like a recent course called the path of light in which is said that several near death experiences have given him the insights into the truth, explaining the by now famous tunnel of light and the “welcoming committee”. But let me make something very clear, and this isn’t just them but most of the familiar so called enlightened gurus have had such experiences in one way or another. As I’ve explained before, often when life is getting too heavy to bare, or sudden, caused by an accident etcetera the body shuts down and we get a flash of light, or a simple moment of peacefulness and awareness of another realm. But when the soul withdraws and disconnects from the body then the mental part is kind of sucked along to a level aligned to its mental/emotional state where it will remain until such time its weight and polarisation draws it back into the material world. What needs to be understood here is that it’s the conditioning that looks at it and judges and translates it. In other words it’s NOT looking from it! Now some will, due to such experience, have started reading a lot on this subject and tried or try to look within (the know thyself ) and  reflecting on their lives discovered this emotional induced blindness (the 7 fold breakdown of the one) as all emotions are broken parts of the one thing, a feeling we often know by name only, LOVE, unconditional, pure and wise. And they might even have found a few insights as to reduce the effects this blindness has in their lives and so have gotten a somewhat clearer view. But this is not the be in it but not of it, nor will they see from it but at it, which means it’s still by means of the known that things are translated, like dreams do. So please do not let them be your guide, you’ve been warned through the ages that this time would come whereby  fake gurus would rise with only either our wallet in mind, or any other mask. Also remember that collected knowledge, be it from the ancient house of knowledge, is not going to bring you there, you need to be able to walk the talk, meaning that you need to practice, so its truth can be found within.

To say it in a different way, all knowledge collected and given a place within the personality to fit personal ideas by which it measures all incoming data and judges in accordance is still blindness. When a fragment of the emotional spectrum has taken hold of it, it casts a shadow line that hides truth and at the same time diminishes the ability of the life force to maintain in place, including of course you immune system, something that is on several levels the influx of emotional frequencies physically and mentally, will also be open for its effects! There is a fire on its way that  will burn to the ground all that is not pure enough before the Fenix can raise from its ashes. But I need to warn you again, the emotion that may be triggered by this, is just that, as ego fears its death. And fear is one of its power tools to control you.

Science has done away with aether because they could not measure it and said it belongs to faith, not science. So it’s something they think they don’t need even though they say that matter is in essence energy, but energy they can measure. Aether on the other hand has no such quality they think. So it’s atomism! But it has led to the need of mass but they can’t find enough so they come up with dark matter. Space itself has no quality on its own. It’s a little like a shadow which does not have any property, it’s merely the absence of light.

Now that is aether? Let’s call it a field of points with potential. Some would call it zero point (energy). If we take a pencil and put it to paper and draw a line then we move the tip from left to right or vice versa but entering into space 2D and 3D from 1D it doesn’t go from one side to the other but both directions at the same time. But there are no straight lines in space, think of it as a magnet, north and south, and just as in the centre of a magnet there is no magnetism (the plain of inertia). These two directional lines can only get so far before they return upon themselves, not if you follow one direction and it turns right to get back, then if you go the other direction and turn right it gives the illusion that one goes left. Please take a pen or pencil and do it! This is identical with a torus, when you spiral around a sphere from north to south and would look from the most northern point it gives the illusion that it moves from the opposite side back up, and makes a cross pattern (the flower of life pattern).

Now if we have this we then have two circles overlapping, which means they occupy the same space where they overlap. But one has to give way! Where will that happen? Where they both meet, but a directional vortex which it creates starts a drawing in on one side and pushing out on the other, compare it with the water draining away in your sink whereby it starts spinning and sucking things in while on the other side of your sink it is jetted out, and like a slingshot gains momentum. One other thing to mention here is that there is a pressure field between the two, aether on the one end and space on the other right through the middle line of the vesica piscis. Right there in the eye of the tornado, vortex, the nothingness, singularity, zero point or there where there is no storm, no water, no wind or cloud. Clear all through to the highest.

Now project this onto a black hole where it draws in light, but all that doesn’t let light get through without distortion casting a shadow on its host, like  a scattered mirror 3D holographic image of itself into very little weak copies of itself. So it seeds darkness too. But remember a shadow is not a thing, it is Nothing but the effect of the absence of light, All is light! Light trapped in its image, that of the shadow, the very cause of not knowing, not seeing through the eyes of light itself. So it’s ejected as little sparks of encapsulated light, it is encapsulated light that causes the blueprint of creation to be imprinted in every sphere. In the blood of the son of David. Matthew begins by calling Jesus the son of David, indicating his royal origin, and also son of Abraham, indicating that he was an Israelite; both are stock phrases, in which son means descendant, calling to mind the promises God made to David and to Abraham.

As the vessel that broke into 288 sparks (pieces, holograms of itself),  part spirit, part body, part mind, part feeling/emotions. As in male and female.

Each point on the wheel (the irrational number Pi 3,1416(59265……..……..).

Each point, cluster of points/sparks encapsulated bits of the field of consciousness rounded off the sharper edges, a better picture, clearer view, until the light is free to shine, the ego let go of.  Now we are going to look at the cycle of polishing through experiences. Of Self-knowledge through learning what is that which casts the shadow and what it blocked out, which is all you do not know, including those you think you do but do not know through experience. As such knowledge can best be left in books to gather dust than to let ego devour it. Where are we in this great plan to lift humanity up to its prior glory? We are close to where the limit is, where the bell will soon enough ring.

As you should understand by now, each point on the cycle has its opposite pole. The 4 sided nature as expressed above spirit/body—mind/feelings, emotional bodies  are like DNA strings running along the spine called chakras. The imbalance is so great between these 4. That nature and the word already is saying it, their nature is it brining back of balance, as they just follow the light. We on the other hand follow the shadow.

For all these years I have explained that the torus is that of a magnetic field, and that our atoms, planets, galaxies and our universe are its expressions (including you and all matter and this electro- magnetic structure and light are its ingredients) and as expected it was ridiculed first, then suddenly several thousands of papers are published mentioning Moshiya van den Broek and this news item; https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-hidden-magnetic-universe-begins-to-come-into-view-20200702/

At this moment they still pick and choose trying to cramp it into their theories, but the source code will eventually have to be accepted too.

Our world earth is losing its magnetic field, the shield against charged particles, where through interaction a resonance with its cause is amplified in other words from high to low be influenced, charged. Emotions in the low range, and in the high range the particle, moon, planets, star-signs, animal nature. In a black hole and through momentum speeds up to come out on the other side anew. From son to son from father to son and from the son to the father. But feeling blindness for that what the shadow really is has nothing to do with what that love is. Just as a shadow isn’t caused by light but by its absence, in the heart. 

So how do we stop listening to our ego animal nature, the one you continuously follow like a dog his master? The role is set out to be different, to master the animals, to name them!! As god told Adam to do. To make feeling wise so it knows its master for which he will till the land, for that is what is needed, to give it food to eat so it may grow alongside us into a perfect whole. Never to block the light of life. If one is aware of this blindness within as experience then is there really a choice? Are we then still willing to follow darkness or do we outshine it? Make it whole? A perfect mirror, His image.

Emotions flare up due to letting it guide you to feed of its liking/persona, and influx of positive or negative charged particles which intensify due to the weakening strength of the canopy of the magnetic field. And on a higher scale the physical effects and the effect the one has on the other such as emotions on our immune system. Then a Covid19 is just the beginning of the plagues that nature follows.

When I talked about the one meter pendulum making an arc over 30 degrees of 52,36cm it then also means that a single degree is 17,4533333. Now as we are on the tree of knowledge 576, we need to get from there into daath, the 33rd path. From the pentagrams in balance (male-female), the death before the physical death by which in 3 days it’s rebuild, we enter the source (code) and the tree of life, daath. And if you look closely from daath you look through the eyes (vesica piscis) instead of the narrow view of the eyes of the pentagrams. When you take this path then he will come your way too. 33 x 1745333333…….

The time between the final raven and the return of the dove with its olive branch.

Moshiya van den Broek