Can 288 be full circle?

Before answering this question let’s look at the beginning of the story again, the void and darkness, and then followed the light, now why would god have even planted this tree of good and evil ? To illustrate this let’s look at a candle, light it up and look at the base of the flame, it’s dark and moves to blue purple and yellow white on top. It’s the material of wax and wig that feeds the flame. Ponder on this for a moment. Now take that same candle and take it into full daylight and light it up, you hardly notice the flame, but if you repeat this in a dark room this flame lights up the whole room. Now we see our world in daylight but this light is the candle of intellect and its flame is our conditioned, limited points of view. So how do we clear it so that we can see in our own darkness? We don’t go into a dark room and scoop out the darkness, because we can’t, what we do is open the curtains and window to let in the light. Because darkness is nothing but the absence of light.

So what is that godly light? What qualities does it have? And how does it relate to our blindness and inability to see truth? We may see gods light as all loving and wise and forgiving while our hearts are filled by duality, duality as one and the other, not as unity! North south, black white, love hatred, etc. Now consider this, when we walk towards the south we eventually reach the north if we continue. Think of it in 3D and spherical, and an ant who does not see in 3D but 2D doesn’t walk around an obstacle but over it. We often have to fall very deep before we start climbing up out of it. And often in our darkest moments we get a glimpse of the light, often referred to as near death experience. Now ponder on all this for a moment.

We collect our limited points of view to where we build an idea of understanding how things are and to it are attached emotional imprints, and emotions are of course nothing but unwholesomeness, the me and others, the left and right, north and south, duality as quality of matter, a kind of illusionary separations, it’s a missing of the ability to see the connections to some level.
So back to the question of removing the darkness in our hearts and why I asked you to look at your past emotional experiences as if you’re looking at the experiences of someone else. If you pondered on the above for a little while you would understand that as an outsider you’re likely to look less through these emotions as being you than identifying with them. You would have a clearer point of view and see in it its blindness. Because emotions are conditioned and therefore judge only through their own limited viewpoints. Seeing this, you become aware of it enslaving you. This was its purpose! So now once it’s seen we can move to the next step of purifying the heart. Ego/personality always measures in relation to itself, as it can only live through feeding itself on what it thinks it knows and using you as its tool to do that without ever taking into consideration its host, YOU! Yes, it does not care if it leads to suffering. In fact suffering is just another way through which it feeds itself if you identify with the feeding of thoughts and feelings it brings up to enslave you.

Now in the previous article we talked about the one question of motivation. Is it ultimately for you, the ego, or is your action a loving one towards the other, without the trick to ultimately feed ego’s desire!? Unconditional giving and compassion, godly qualities, and why we can trust god in looking after us if we trust him. Consider this! If, as you may start to become aware of, everything is really connected, then helping the other is ultimately helping yourself. And because your heart has to be filled with love and compassion, then there is no room for negativity and when there is none how does that make you feel when you are filled with this? Isn’t that a healing condition? Because we all know for instance what emotional stress means for our health. So it already awards you. And on top of it the higher its purity the greater the wisdom, even if it starts only by the growing ability see how all is connected. Because seeing that assists in being able to follow its most healthy path. Both for you and all around you. In harmony with gods plan for a perfect garden. His and your will as one.

So now we can move to the 288 again. If we look at the Vitruvian man with its arms stretched left and right and with its spread legs and head in the clouds, then his arms and hands touch the tips of the vesica piscis, the wideness thereof is 120. And the top point, the pendulum of each 30°, one cubit of an arc of 52,36. The maximum lifespan as given in the biblical text on the tree of life, but the span on the tree of knowledge is 72°, that’s equal to 1° on the zodiac.

Now we’ve seen that there are a few steps in the ark of Noah, 45 is one, 235.62 is its cubit measure and in the first story the ark is said to be round. In other words a circle. So if we divide this circle of 235.62 by 360° we get 65.45 (in the previous article we can see how it leads to 3927 and 66 books but if we now multiply the 65.45 by 288 then we get 188496. Which is equal to 360 x 52,36 cubits = 1884960.

While the extended pentagram maintains to have 36° points we see that at the points of the vesica piscis these points of 36° join with the 60° of the hexagram, making 96°, the points of change, or entering and exit points, the spin points or arms of the galaxy. The overlapping circles cannot be occupying the same volume and ultimately create the disc around its centre. So 360 of the ark is equal to 288 cubits or a full circle in gods measure.

But is it then the eight? Or 40 days and 40 nights? Let’s see, the circle of gods cubit is 188496, divided by 80 equals 23562 which is indeed the ark of Noah. The smaller 8 is indeed reflected within and symbolized by its 8 occupants, Noah, his wife, sons and their wives. Or as shown, a reflection of the larger overlapping (8) into the vesica’s smaller 8. Pairs of zodiacal animal natures.
Now you may know that at the centre of a magnet there is no magnetism and the torus field of the magnet is really two spheres trying to occupy the same space. That’s really what zero point energy is, although explained in the most simple way.

Moshiya van den Broek