Some manna along the way

When I talk about the flame or spark, the soul, then many think they know what I mean. If I would ask you what it is I would likely get an answer like it’s the flame in Plato’s cave or the spark of the divine etc. But it would be like saying I know something, realize that all thoughts are conceptualized ideas about something but not the truth about something. When you ask, who are you? Then you likely get an answer like my name is and I work there or something similar, some might think it’s smart to say I am a spiritual being having a human experience, but “I am” isn’t a conscious experience, it was god who said when he was asked what he should be called who said: I am that I am (all the other names you may have heard are qualities). So is that spark, flame or soul, that which cannot be seen but without which there is no seeing, that which cannot be heard but without which there is no hearing. It knows no death and is eternal. All wise and all love.

Another thing that should be understood is that this flame, spark, soul is that which is the life force, and the very reason why scientists fail to create life, they can put all the ingredients together and are unable to create life. This life light is drained by the personas, the puppets and emotional body, and the more we stuff it with darkness as in impure conditioned  information that only serves ego, it (the life force) will withdraw.
This brings us to the heart and how to purify it. The reason why I ask you to read it like you learn it for an exam, first without trying to intellectually fit it in your personalized ideas about things, is to ensure the flame can recognize itself in the content of your mind and heart as in the one situation it is only ego that does try to fit it into its own belief systems while in the other situation it has the right tools to show its light. It’s a little like a butcher that needs to be a carpenter but only has his butchers knives to work with. This cleaning of our emotional and mental blindness we’ve talked about, these conditioned memories with their emotional connections that only seek to feed to their own liking, but this revisiting of the blindness with emotionally neutral viewpoints so you may shed new light upon them through these newly gained insights will clear many of them out in time, but then what?

By then you’ve come to realize that ego only serves itself, it will try to steer you into repeating the same things it used to do so that it may experience life. Be it positive or negative, and usually there is more attachment to the negative than there is to the good or positive, a little like when seeing a beautiful sunset only few words if at all come to mind when you see it, but if someone blocks your view, if not verbally or physically at least mentally your mind floods with loads of thoughts. So it’s clear the ego is self-centred, the little I, while at times it will play the game that it has no agenda for itself in an act of goodness and it will trick you, but if it doesn’t get something in return it will put on another mask as it is really only interested in feeding itself even if it’s painful for its host, you.

So how do we purify the heart? Leave this little I out of it. Not him, the false self, but the true nature of the real you acts for the other unconditionally. While it doesn’t mean neglecting the body in anyway or form nor does it mean taking up a begging bowl, the motivation should be focused on the big eye.

So when our actions are for others, our efforts are for others, without little I wondering what is in it for me, then you are on the road to purifying your heart.

Moshiya van den Broek