The science of religions

The story of Noah and the animals can not only be found in the bible but is even older, you can trace it back to the anunnaki and the Mesopotamian time and others. This has led many to think that it was simply copied and therefore it discredits the bible as a credible account and certainly is not a direct instructed series of books by god. As time passed each culture considered their god to be the only true god. But the fact is there is only one but he doesn’t belong to any particular religion. The word religion really mean to unite, but as long as people do not then they are unable to see that the source of all major religions is the same, but each highlighting a different aspect only seen if they not only externally join them but internally as well, with this I mean in heart too!

When we look around us we see the Jewish not excepting the new testament, we see different branches of Christianity each claiming to be the righteous and only ones that will enter the kingdom, some even claim that their earthly leaders are the chosen 144.000 that will rule paradise from heaven, they have strict rules and consider their interpretation to be the only right one and if you do not acknowledge that and join you’ll be lost. This indoctrination makes blind followers, just like those who proclaim to be born again Christians, as if they went through the crucifixion themselves and were raised from death, not fully comprehending what it really means. I’ve met Buddhists who claim that because they stayed in a monastery, chanted and don’t watch TV, they are the next great teachers and write books. Then there are those who had a spiritual experience that lasted a few hours or a day and become teachers like the one eyed king leading the blind through simply rephrasing ancient wisdom of the true masters. The fortune tellers, tarot card readers, past life priests etc.
Even if they intellectually know what know thyself means all they really know is their personality, the masks. It’s easy to say things like I know I am not this body or I don’t let ego rule me, but the devil knows you better than you know yourself. Why do you think there is a story in which Jesus descended into the underworld? Like in the art of war to know thy enemy! Ask yourself do you know what lies in your subconscious? No, you don’t, otherwise it wouldn’t be called sub- conscious. You do not really know the make-up of the puppets on its stage, nor do you know its basic imprint given to you from before birth, as above so below is as real as can be, it only becomes clear when you realize your vessel is the ark that contains both male and female animal natures that you feed on your journey, and not until you send out the raven out of your heart and let the white dove be your actions even without finding dry land (unconditionally) that it eventually returns with the olive branch.

So let’s see if the math agrees with this.

The animal ring or zodiac is 25920 years in circumference, the bible gives a measure that adds up to 45.000 cubits which translates to 235620. Now the anunnaki speak of the ark as being circular, each point or spark is circular so let’s divide 235620 by 360° and it gives us 6545 for a single degree but this length of course is a diameter of a circle, so 6545 x 3,1416 = 20561772 cubits so we divide it by 52,36 and we get 3927 which is of course the 39 books of the old testament and 27 in the new testament. In other words each single degree is built in accordance with the great plan, and his journey along the zodiac. Well let’s start with the 8 as part of eternity and the one physical body so of the 144000 one is fallen into earthly matter 25920 minus 18 is 259182 (25920÷18=144.0..).  So traveling through the zodiac with each spark reflected in you. Your animal nature both male and female 259182÷3927 = 66 and 39+27=66 books. Now Noah with his wife and offspring are 8, in other words male and female and subdivisions of male and female.

This 6545 travels the 8.o or 40 days and 40 nights and we know this circle within the zodiac is 288 from the left arm of the pentagram to the left leg, then right leg and finally right arm, before returning.

6545 × 288 =188496 (equal to 360 × 52,36). Is that correct? 40+40=80 so 188496÷80=235620, indeed the value of the ark.

It’s the nature of things to follow the path. You want proof? 25920 ÷ 188496 = 137.50954927, recognize it? 360 ÷ 137.50954927 = 2,618 the golden ratio spiral. In large and small seen in galaxies and flowers, pine cones, tree’s branches and you.

Now as to the illusionary person, ego. We know that the tree of life is 288 as diameter, the night. But it creates a vesica piscis at 240 degrees leaving 120 open or overlapping the circle above (the max physical life). But the tree of good and evil has taken the height of 288 and bent it into 288 degrees and therefore has its roots in the tree of life. And this is a glue to both your task and return. So the tree of life has a circumference of 480 and the tree of knowledge is 576.

Now back to the puppets (see Plato’s cave). They are dark and become darker as they collect and strengthen their masks. The flame is the soul, LIFE, but darkness absorbs light but does not reflect it, and eventually does not let the life force pass through anymore and it withdraws. This of course is related to the story of the raven and doves, the intent for self or for others which is part of the purification of the heart. The awareness of your motivations, is it to satisfy the puppets or the good towards others?

As final note, many often wonder how these sudden rises of advanced ancient cultures came about, and when they read about the gods walking on earth etcetera they often think that these were aliens. But they were awakened souls in body, being in it but not of it. And all our present day technology comes from understanding a little bit of the nature of things while they really knew the blueprint of creation.
They knew Pi long before it was rediscovered. As you can see when you multiply the cubit. 6 x 0.5236 MTR. Is 3,1416 or golden ratio 5×0,5236 = 2,618. Or to calculate a sphere 4,1888. And you can see that they set time. The pendulum over 30° and length of 1 meter is one second. Percentage, arc, angles and the elements, prime numbers, the solfeggio sequence, the music of the spheres and much much more.
But as true lovers of truth, they knew how to find the greatest treasure of all within themselves.

Moshiya van den Broek