Deeper into the matter

The Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar are written to shed some light but are by no means simply revealing the sacred secrets, not even the present day rabbis have unravelled them to their full depth. While it explains that the light the vessel contained was too powerful and caused it to break into 288 sparks, and was said to contain chaos and these sparks fell into the material world, these sparks are the stars that make up the zodiac that causes the chaos in one’s life, and each soul contains a certain amount of these sparks or better known as animal nature. These reflections of them are as guidance of that which needs to be overcome to make the vessel whole again.

All sparks can be translated as 1,1111 so when we divide 288 by it we get 2592025920259203, in other words we continue this zodiac cycle until we have overcome them, become master over them instead of them over us. There are 90°x 5 on the one and 90° x 6 on the other.

And if we separate them (the masks) 288/9 = 32, also known as the 32rd path where we let go in order to enter the kingdom. While 288 x 9 = 25920. If done so and we don’t let the chaos both above and its reflection in us (28.8) rule us, then we have escaped Egypt as 288+28.8 equals 3168 (the value of lord Jesus the Christ) while 288 +288 equals 576, the tree of knowledge.

Now as you know the ark (you) with the animals was made in accordance with gods instruction, 300x50x30 x the cubit (52,36) =23562 x 576 =13571712 cubits or 13571712/52,36 = 25920, the zodiac.

Now there is a story of a king whose son is dying and he’s asking the wisest of men to help him save his son. The wise man tells him to take the biggest diamond of his crown and grind it to fine powder and mix it with water and let the son drink it. Of course the king said, anything for the life of my son, even the greatest diamond of my crown. So he grinded it to dust and mixed it with water but the son was so sick that he could hardly drink and most was spilled. But a little got in, and the healing process started.
Many have this pride in personally built belief systems and measure all against it. They wear it like a crown and let it rule their life, but this grain of truth when it is accepted and digested will start the healing process.

In a previous article I’ve shown you the scaling up and down and the kind of holographic principle of 288 and how it is reflected. What one should also realize is that in the material world it is accompanied with forces, think of this as electromagnetic forces whereby one is internally magnetic and externally electric and at its centre, often related to zero point, is that singularity or oneness with all. This principle and scaling goes all the way to the Planck scale and like seeds that already contain the flower/plant/tree in essence. Just like you with its imprint, from struggle to growth.
In this lies the basis of incarnation, of reason for the tree of knowledge, the duality of positive and negative and the return, in fact all of creation itself.

Here follows a little of the same knowledge of the source but from the Baha’i religion. Which too are reflected in my words in the articles…
“Have ye forgotten that true and radiant morn, when in those hallowed and blessed surroundings ye were all gathered in my presence beneath the shade of the tree of life, which is planted in the all-glorious paradise? Awestruck ye listened as I gave utterance to these three most holy words: o friends! Prefer not your will to mine, never desire that which I have not desired for you, and approach me not with lifeless hearts, defiled with worldly desires and cravings. Would ye but sanctify your souls, ye would at this present hour recall that place and those surroundings, and the truth of my utterance should be made evident unto all of you.”

Like attracts like, what is in us effects our life, what is out there leads us to it.
It’s like an ark that is rudderless. Which only stops the reign of chaos when we let go of this black sheep herder, the animal nature that is reflected from above.
All 288 in pairs making 576 all-in one. It travels the galactic ocean through feeding and eating. All 28.8 letting them graze the fields, building their characters. As Noah got his instruction to build the vessel.
300 x 50 x 30 cubits, 45 cubits is equal to 52,36 x 45 = 23562 and it follows 576 x 23562= 13571712 which are 25920 cubits.

Once freed of its enslavement, 288 sparks and in ourselves 28.8 gives birth to 3168.

While the mazzaroth is a 25920 years cycle its diameter is 25920/3,1416=……. x 52,36 equals 432.

So within it is the note that plays the tune, for an eternity 2/3 is the step of it so 432/3×2 = 288. The diameter of the circle. One positive and another 288 negative overlapping each on 288 degrees. Such is the tree of knowledge.. making a circle within the circle.

15 and 15 yes they are the place where the two circular tablets are stored. For they make 1.5 turns to fulfil its path each so they are balanced out. But then one must not forget that this tree in the middle of the heavenly garden has its roots in the tree of life.
One that too has its roots in all and looks through the eye but is not the eye itself that judges according its animal nature. So nothing escapes his view. His height is 480, his eye is 48. The centre line is 120 long. It is there where the star of David is to be found and it rests on the shoulders of man. But a hexagram isn’t joined by the pentagram unless it has mastery over the goddess of 15. It is this duration of 15 days of 24 each that makes it reach into Daath. And from there it looks and acts in the vesica piscis. So guided from there all saints are born of a virgin. His will unified with his will.

Did he not create the time so that you may learn? So that one day you may be the vessel from which all can drink.

All those with eyes nearly closed with such narrow view thinking, they know but only see the apples they planted.

What should he look and sound like so that you may recognize? 80000000 faces and garments? So he fulfils each of your expectations?
How could you even think that he ever left? He was there and has seen you take a bite in the apple and eating it all the way to the house that carried the seed. But you put it aside. Not he but you once turned away and found him not. Now that you have been given a mustard seed are you ready to eat it or walk past him once again on the road? How many deaths should he endure? Yes, he died in all your death yet they all rise in him.
All expected the face, the garments and language they have chosen for him. This glorious vessel you expected, but he rides into the village on a simple donkey. He must come to you? Wearing all you chose for him? Or do you finally come to him?
It’s half way, if he comes to the world, the world has to come to him.

One and a half and one and a half and 2 and a half. Or 56.25

25920/56.25 = 4608 or the 4 heads of 576, the two circular tablets it contains.

Moses’ staff that were the snakes that curled around the tree, that staff that makes the fire not consume you, but these garments you were dressed up with. How much sugersweet have you eaten that you do not taste the manna you’ve been fed? He has watered the wine so all may drink of it, broken up the bread so all can eat it, but have you forgotten what it tasted like?

But yes, a world full of junk food might have caused that. But from you I expect more.

Moshiya van den Broek