Building blocks

Throughout the ages there were those who were initiated into the sacred secrets, and they made sure that the knowledge was passed on to worthy apprentices, and they had to ensure that the knowledge was kind of solidified. Because they knew that there would come a time that there was no one, and every bit that carried a glimpse of it would be like a lighthouse or a drawing by number picture that kept those with this inner feeling that there is more to life searching for it, while for some time seeing such lighthouse or drawing they are fooled by their conditioned mind that is influenced by blind feeling. Until they come to the realization they can’t see it except in those external expressions in nature and those left behind. And with those we strengthen our personalized ideas. And thinking that it is true only when it satisfies our belief in what truth is, while in fact we only satisfy the emotionally charged idea that has found its idea in the known low level of knowing that is. If it were right and they were able to see it then why the questions? But more on this later. Let’s first have a look at these hidden lighthouses and draw by number pictures. The dome of the White House is 288 feet high. The Mormon temple in Washington is 288 feet. Siena, Italy, Mangia tower, 288. The average temperature is 288 kelvin. A piktun is 288.0000 days, D is 288hz. A long foot is 1056 feet (576+480), 1.1 feet is 1 Sumerian/Saxon foot and 288 Saxon foot is 2618,181818 the golden ratio.

X line 1+4+27+256=288 & X line 1x8x9x4=288.
23 + 43 + 63=288
13 + 33 + 53=153

Some say it’s not the meter but feet or yard they used  but the fact is they knew them all and they were always related to each other.

When you have 48 Fathom
then it’s               96 yard
and                     192 cubit
and                    288 feet
and                    384 span
and                    864 hands
and                   1152 palms
and                  3456 inch

There are more such as nautical mile etc. and thousands of temples and loads of grains that interlink nature too. And some started to think that it must somehow be related to the greater whole and started to juggle with numbers, whole websites and YouTube videos filled with it, and it’s no wonder that science is staying well clear of these things, as juggling is always satisfying wishful thinking because without rules and structure you can calculate as long as needed in any way to get a desired number. It is a bit like present day astrology found in magazines and newspapers where they write in such a way that most can find something fitting.

Now something else to consider, while the mind has external input, it can recognize a face, item etc. as it’s directly connected to the outward directed senses. Feeling is not, it is only aware of vibrational input, it cannot determine whether a signal signature is from an external source or internal from the brain. What this practically means is related to wisdom and love being two sides of the same coin. Perhaps some of you realize the implications, but let me elaborate, you walk in the forest and there’s a great black bear in front of you and fear grabs you, emotion feels its vibration and shuts down many of the systems so all is to energize flight mode so you can run for your life if that is your experience imprint. The same with a confrontation with something that triggers worry, let’s say a registered letter, due to possible bad experience in the past with getting such letter it directly triggers the associated emotion and shuts down some of the processes. All these negative experiences do this and cause your immune system to weaken or even shut down.

So now to the reading without the mind constantly measuring it against its own ideas so that truth itself might see its own reflection too. Then a love filled heart while doing so would elevate this ability even further. Whether there is an outer source for fear or love the emotional body itself doesn’t know the difference, only perhaps its intensity. And the reason why they say that love is blind is because its nature is conditional. Unlike the one that is unconditional as it does not differentiate but is connected and connecting to all, therefore such love is wise as it leaves nothing out. The power of faith is not blind at all unless conditional.

Remember that each time you experience worry, it makes more and more connections and so it
grows in recognizing and eventually builds a personality that always worries because it sees reasons to, and often you then say, when do I get some peace or some positive once in a while?
All this while the emotion happily lives on its energy and it causes you to suffer from it because you identify with its calling for it.

But not all is bad here, at some point this becomes so obvious in your life as it is often pretty unreasonable in its presumptions that you start to recognize your enslavement. It is through time that we can become aware of cause and effect, good and evil, and perhaps you will also start to see purpose.

Be in it but not of it, see the tree of good and evil but do not eat of it.

Moshiya van den Broek