Outside the influence of the puppets and zodiac

We are now going to look at consciousness that is still on the tree of knowledge and that of the tree of life in relation to Plato’s cave, and how it’s an image translation of the truth recognized only by the initiate.

Now I’ve shown you the trees and the 288 as diameter and as degree, and that as basis of both trees. Now we know that it was a broken vessel 288 pieces and that we have to recover these sparks, kind of rebuilding the inner temple, and the renewing of the outer one. So how is that reflected in and from the structure or tablets given? We know that 432 x 3,1416 ÷ 52,36 gives us the zodiac ring around the tree. But 432 = 9 x 48 so a new cycle is 10 x 48=480 or 1+0=1 x 48 therefore 480 x 3,1416=1507,968
So: 432 x 3,1416 = 1357,1712
And 480 x 3,1416 = 1507,968
The difference between them is 150,7968 and when we divide it by the cubit we get 28.8.

So a large 288 and a smaller one 28.8 in other words as above so below. And if you are tied by the zodiac whereby the animals reflect in you (the base frequency that set your path which then is charged along the way) 288 above and 288 reflected in you (slave of the animal nature) and when they are both mastered, then you’re entering the kingdom, the heart of the star of David. As 288 +28.8= 316.8, Christ. The flame.
If not and you only ride the big 288 then the renewal is 288 + 288 = 576. The tree of good and evil.

If you look at the two trees you see that both have the same diameters but they differ in how much they overlap which means that not the tree of life but the tree of knowledge sticks out into the zodiac. Enslavement. Now when you look at the image you can see the 576 being effected and how it moves through the zodiac from its centre axis, the centre of the flower. This also shows it moves in and out of the zodiac over 120 degrees. A maximum life span.

I have shown that not a rib but a side (the feeling) of Adam was taken to make Eve. And through it they lost themselves, the dividing, as love became conditional. This meant the broken off parts called emotions, each out of the balance, yes each emotion is due to the separation, love does not have conditions! This later can be seen in the story of the gods that were on earth and took the women of men as wives. To many this is taken literally, but the gods lost themselves in feeling (of separations),  these gods were the sons of the one god and were those who were the Christs, Buddha’s, Krishna’s etc. Those who were aware of the whole. I’d like to compare it to a finger that is guided to touch or move something, it is only aware of its touch or sensation not what guided him, you. You are also aware of the sensation of the finger but not the other way around. This finger is you, you are aware as one with the body, its feelings and physical body but not what guides you. But once you become aware of this set of masks, the persona, that is conditioned through all experiences of past, be it a mix of culture, education etcetera experienced through ever stronger growing masks fuelled by the energy of emotion/feeling and the outer influences both personal and external but also the grand plan written in the heavens, the zodiac. It was Adam that named the animals, each a description of their nature.

So not unlike all those ancient aliens, the gods that came from heaven is sold as a literal story. Of course coming from the heavens is knowing the father, being his spark which is the heavenly spiritual aspect within you. The soul.

Now the awakening takes time, time that was given to experience and eventually start to recognize. Therefore all was set in motion, from self-awareness to the infinite, the only one in its way, are the puppets of emotional content that gather so much that the light of wisdom can’t shine through as it sucked up all energy. Now when you think, which is born in not knowing, it’s like a fast turning fan blade through which nothing of truth which is solids can pass, and the reason why I ask you to read it a few times without intervention of the questioning mind that seeks to place it in its own image (that it has built). This way the truth itself can shine a light on it and make it reflect in you. This was also what faith is. Then when you read it intellectually with the realization that these questions mainly come from trying to fit them in their persona-lised ideas, then slowly it will let truth itself show the way. Any question that then arises then comes from a different perspective.

Moshiya van den Broek