40. The secret of secrets part 1


In the year 480 king Solomon began building the house for the lord
60 x 20 x 30 cubits is 3600 cubits and 3600 cubits times 52,36 is 188496.

This should be familiar to you, and can be found in the other articles.
Does anyone know what was placed in the ark of covenant?
Please look it up, then you will understand a great truth.

As I did explain before the star of beth le hem is 8 sided and 8 times the cubit is 4,1888 which is the formula to calculate the volume of a globe, and it also does say 4 as in 4 corners of the world (and the 4 elements).
The one is also the snake but also the staff of Moses and the 8 the star of beth le hem, which is made up of two circles (is also the two stone tablets).
As you remember the ark being 45 times 52,36 is 23562. Divide this by the ark of covenants’ measure 56,25 and you will get 41888.


Moshiya van den Broek