A few cogent points

A few points that should convince anyone with common sense.

In the last article I pointed to the fact that all from atom to planets, from galaxy to the whole universe is shaped on the blueprint of creation, and that therefore the cycle is planted within them  including the cycle of life and death. The article spoke about radiation entering the earth and new discoveries show that it also ejects radiation and particles. I also said this principle is on a higher scale seen in a black hole so in a way a white (w)hole too. Matter flows into the black hole, then particles/atoms are separated and reconfigured and ejected. Shiva goddess of life and death. The following link will show what they discovered lately.

It is said even light cannot escape the event horizon of a black hole but it’s said that matter is really just energy that is configured energy and we can change it to another, but the other way round is also possible as is shown in the following article. And again shows that this was known way before because they too knew the blueprint of creation.

But remember all this knowledge itself doesn’t bring you closer to see what is beyond your perception, it is there only to strengthen your faith and willpower so you will undertake this inner journey and persist. And when that is done with all your might then there is a knowing that does not need thinking, a seeing that doesn’t need physical eyes.

The universe, the torus, tree with its overlapping spheres. https://youtu.be/aUMCJ8wDS2Q

The intellect is like a scalpel of a surgeon that can dissect a body and is able to locate its organs and perhaps see its functions, see if they work or not, and it might even repair them if they don’t function well enough, but they will never find the reasons why life is there in the first place, nor will dissecting ever give away the nature of all. This is the same for psychologists who dissect one’s mind, they will never find consciousness.

Intellect seeking answers in either the physical or mental world always functions on the bases of memories, and the identity with the persona will forever protect and hold dear what it has collected.

There are several kinds of memory, those you can recall and those in the what is often revered to as subconscious. Then there are emotional memories, cell memories, DNA memories, as a more general term physical and mental memories, and one that doesn’t require any hardware, nor does it need thought processes to reach. All the insights presented on this website are of such source, first hand experiences, they are not requirements to reach the goal, but are given to strengthen both your faith and willpower to obtain your freewill. As to the question if you already have it, then the answer is no. The enslavement which comes through identification is one you have to awaken to before the masks can be taken off. Then what has been hidden and was beyond your perception will reveal itself.

Before moving on, I will again have to return to the darkness or the blindness so many suffer from and must be healed before one can get up and walk the path to freedom to waking up ( take up your bed….).

Some will say they don’t seek but just grab whatever they can for a short moment of satisfying a desire, others say they are searching for the answers of questions such as is there life after death, or wish to know god. Again others seek answers as to how things work, the universe, life etc. And few seek the truth. But the truth is they seek to find proof of their personalized idea of what truth is. Only a very small group will be able to put aside their personal ideas of it and be open for it. People believe to be able to recognize it when they come across it. But if that were true they would have found it the very moment they opened their eyes. Because it’s all around you but you don’t see it. All those millions searching with the condition that it must fit their idea about it, each with a somewhat different viewpoint as to what it should be, and many think that it can be found out there, or think that somewhere they will find a blue or red pill and all they have to do is swallow it. Then there are those that think sitting in a meditative position following their breath or staring into a flame leads to enlightenment. True some gave up their life to retreat into a cave and spent many many years practice meditation, but apart from a few heightened moments they are unable to reach enlightenment. Those who did in history are known, and only really in a grand scale after they left this realm. So why do so many either live in the illusion they reached it, while they had a spiritual experience that lasted a little while, which some experience during their life even without meditation practices? So what is needed?  It reminds me a little of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and of the one important thing that the last world war has shown, breaking the code, the enigma machine! TO  KNOW THY ENEMY! With the only difference that the enemy isn’t out there but within you, the one you trust most, the I think and I feel. Where does this I get its information from? From all this conditioned judgement, and its self-preservation will use every trick to keep you feeding it. Be it likes or dislikes, it matters not as it’s all emotional energy it lives of like a parasite draining its host of life energy.

And anyone who is saying he knows this but does not act on it is a fool who’s tower will fall before he reaches the clouds. But those who do will be lifted up.

Yet it takes time, I mean everyone at some point starts searching and then when they find the website and read, they put it aside for a while, often thinking that having read it is the same as being it. But then life shows you you’re not, and then they move to the next stage. But sometimes it is simply because they become aware of their enslavement, that they are really ruled by their thoughts and feelings while they know they should not but are unable to win the battle. And that is because they still identify with the little I that thinks and feels and to which you say that is me. But it isn’t, that’s  just memories that seek to be fuelled with their own energy so they stay alive, even if it means that it hurts its host, you. The reason for instance that you drink again, because years ago you felt a certain way and became the slave of your/its desire to feed itself. Now it recognizes a similar feeling from back then, a kind of unhappiness with that situation then, so now this memory sees something similar, feels something similar in this moment. It’s connected to everything from those moments, when one was drinking so now it wants to experience itself again and makes up the excuses not to stop. But you realize that that road doesn’t lead anywhere and that you need to take action. This in one way or another has to happen to everyone. If not, then they will be sucked into the rabbit hole and be lost in the upcoming time. At this moment there are many who are in despair, losing their job. So when you say it scares me, that I am maybe unable to win this battle, you are really still identifying with the thoughts and feelings that come up. But because you recognize the pattern and where it leads to, and are aware that if you let it control you, you know you will end up in a situation that you do not want. And this is a struggle between your awareness and the habits desire to get what it wants, so it will try everything to make you follow him instead of your awareness of the consequences, if you let him control you. Sometimes it just waits for the moment to subtly feed you when your awareness drifted to a future or past moment and is not in the present. He is the trickster.

When you realize that the real battle isn’t out there but within then the real work begins. Be forgiving to others for they do not know! And be forgiving to yourself for you are only discovering. Don’t weigh the event but the cause, don’t measure against others.


Both trees have the same diameter circles but they overlap differently, the tree of life overlaps the other circle at 240°, 120 short of a full revolution while the tree of knowledge does so at 288°. Then the height 288 is the degrees where the other overlaps.

13571713÷603,1872=2250×2=45 ark of Noah
13571712÷723,82464=18750×3=56,25 ark of covenant

Now the diameter of 288 is the circle of the star of David so 288×3,1416=9047808 divided by 6 is 150.7968 and if we take the diameter of the tree of life 480×3,1416=1507.968 and if we divide it by 360° we get 41888 or 8 cubits.

And if we multiply 150.7968 by 9000 we get 13571712÷52,36=25920.

Now you can do that within the vesica piscis, its height  is 144 (1/3 of 432) and 144÷3×2=96×3,1416=301,5936÷52,36=576. But 96 is also the two points of the joined hexagram & pentagram at the vesica piscis 36°and 60°. And you can do it again 96÷3×2=64 and 64×3,1416=2010624÷52,36=3,84 etc. The music of the spheres. As the next is 384÷3×2=256×3,1416=804.2496÷52,36=15360 or the circle of 360÷15.

When you’re all done these numbers appear: 256, 384, 576, 864 etc. It is called the Pythagorean tuning system based on a cycle of pure fifths (the 3:2 ratio found in the harmonic series).
If you apply 256 is C Hz then you end up with A = 432Hz. 256 x 3/2 = 384 the note G, 384 x 3/2 = 576 the note D etc. This tuning was used up to as late as the 1700s for the trained voices of opera singers. But it also applies to astronomical ratios  in the solar system F# is located at the geometrical mean of C256Hz and its octave, C 512Hz. And in physical terms, the register shift constitutes a singularity, a nonlinear phase change comparable to the transformation from ice to water or water to steam. But you find similar arrangements in living tissue.

That these numbers penetrate everything can be seen for instance in the Hindu cosmology where they divide cycles of time, Kali Yuga is 432,000, Dvapara Yuga 864,000, Krita Yuga 1728,000. In another writing, 432,000 was the number of fallen warriors whom the Valkyries carried to Valhalla. The Buddhist temple in Indonesia has 432 statues of the Buddha and 72 on another. And the list goes on.

Did you know that a second is defined as 1/864,00 of a solar day, and a full rotation of the earth? 24 hours contains 864.00 seconds and 60 x 432 is 25920 the years of a complete cycle of precession of the equinoxes.

Imagine you get down to the smallest cell, and how it’s all interrelated to the bigger body, or the flower and the bee, or simply you and me. You may have stepped in on a different degree on the celestial plane but we’re still a seed of the same tree. And that seed of the tree of life is the spark in all of us.

Moshiya van den Broek