Coincidence is co-insides

Every so often there are those who say the bible is a bunch of books that several people argued about as to which books should be added or taken out. In other words which were canonized.
These are the marks of canonicity. “Canon” is a Greek word meaning “rule” or “measuring stick”. These  measures are used to determine which books “measure up” and are ruled “from the ruler or measuring stick” to being labelled divinely inspired.

Then there are those who say that there is so much diversity in life on earth and our simple idea of DNA has now shown tremendous complex programming where each letter of the chain can change over time doing different things than in a previous cycle, chemical processes that change to take on a different role or like when the liver is attacked by a new toxic entity it will change so that it can intercept the threat and make more copies of itself and change back once the task is done. And it could be expressed in a more complex way of all that is happening from the DNA to the whole within the body, and this is also with all of life from the smallest of life to the largest, even simple earthworms carry DNA that can be found in us. How could it ever know what to do? Just look how complementary it is, the bee perfect for the flower, plankton  perfect for a whale, leaves chemical photosynthesis to produce oxygen. We may not understand its complexity but it’s all kind of working together and balanced or striving to balance. Even in such system where there is something out of place or balance nature comes back, our interference is and has been a big cause of natures present condition.

Now there are those who think that it all started in a puddle of mud, heat and perhaps thunder and it just developed from there, survival of the fittest. If it were true all life would eventually look the same as it would not consider balance but simply would attribute to overcome other species, to be on top of the game, pretty much what is happening with the odd one out, the human species as they are killing different species.

But let’s see if there is a picture whereby we can see this cooperative unity of nature where nothing is really separate from the other.
When we look at the tree of life and its seeds within it (the scaling you’ve seen in an earlier article) and their movements, from the zodiac to the two circles that make up the vesica piscis and the many points that make them up, stars within stars, and the principle of astrology and a point as a date of birth upon the cycle, it’s always in relation to other points on the stars and zodiac, and in relation to the smaller and smaller etc. And upwards, now consider this that each scale is related to a scale of lifeforms and each its own role to play as the movement changes its path, action and own cycle. Yet all remain part of that same whole and are connected or part of each other. Little strips of code? No, it’s a living whole. A whole that ego is blind for, we should look after the world that has given us life here on earth, that feeds us and gives us a home to live in (a body), it is really a perfect place, a place we are in but not off it, but to that we need to awaken. Imagine you’ve only seen the 2D picture, with each point a letter/number with its own force and path. You only have to take 6 numbers and see if you can calculate the chance to win the lottery. So with 22 letters and 10 paths or if we say 360 points on a circle within another with 360 points and another etc. Yes, an infinite number of possible variations but all part of one whole.

Moshiya van den Broek