The structure of the universe

For the last two decades I’ve shown the math and torus to be the underlying blueprint of all that is, and its principles and laws, from the smallest to its largest, of life, consciousness and how to reach our highest potential. The latest scientific research is that on symmetry, all a confirmation for all those that study the articles. In the latest discovery a conclusion can be seen, it’s called the most important space science discovery, dipole scalable universe, a torus!

But both science and religion are blind and do not accept that they are two sides of the same coin. If you mention geometry and mathematics they jump back in fear of ridicule from the scientific community, if you mention religion to the scientific community they too jump back and say it’s built on blind belief and that they on the other hand seek fact through measurement and experiments. It’s true many do and consider it enough yet are blind to their own blindness. When we look at a flower we recognize beauty in it but are lost in trying to explain what it is that recognizes beauty, what we subconsciously recognize is something that is within us too (otherwise there is no recognition). In this case part of it is the golden ratio. Scientists wonder why mathematics fits describing things so well, yet that too is recognition, and like most real discoveries they have come in their quite minds because one’s inner nature seeks to express itself also, but usually it’s the contaminated heart and mind that guides them.

For that reason I like to go to a piece in the bible for a moment: Hebrews 3, but Christ as a son over his own house, who’s house are we. Seek the kingdom of god within. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your spirit. While there are several variations,  spirit, mind and holy ghost being used,  it should be clear for those who study and practice that the flame is the son within the cave and the father shines from outside the cave. And that the emotions that fill the heart with its impurities is a house he will not enter. Non-attachment of emotions is giving without asking, loving without conditions, all others like desire and joy are there to fulfil these two, the others find no home in it.

While I am always open to questions as we know we think we need the answers to our questions in order to get closer to the truth. Yet have you ever considered the fact that you seek to find what fits a framework, your personal framework, full of buts and questions, logical really because we come from not knowing and trying to find truth, yet we placed all sorts of restrictions and conditions on it. As a searcher made his so called tick off list by personal ideas and standards, if this truth is recognized by experience then the search is coming to an end and the finding begins. You can reject at any time what is given here, but if you accept and respect it as truth without that judging mind then in a certain moment the spark in you will see its reflection in you, once united you are indeed reborn. It is for this reason why you have to die before physical death (ego/personality). It is not us that sees, the light sees us. In this union you know the world, I know you and you will know me.

When scientists would research the articles and check  the scaling steps and principles explained,  they will be able to not only to see that the geometric blueprint but the math and the frequencies emanating from it in ratios 1:2, 2:3, 3:4, 3:5 and 4:5, 8:9 etc. are what drives the cells to build and express themselves  in the total complexity as a whole as seen in nature. And as mentioned before on more than one level the flower and bees are interrelated. The electromagnetic expression emanating from the tori is also the source of consciousness which too is scalar. While many scientist would say evolution, it is part of the construct or blueprint. Scalar should be fractal, from small to large, wheels within wheels within…. This geometrical blueprint which is the framework upon which matter is woven is therefore  filling the whole and all lives in it. It is the field or unified medium which makes this interconnection possible which Einstein called spooky action at a distance, and Rupert Sheldrake called morfic fields. What’s more, the interlinking of wave points is what light really is, not a particle! A link to carry out and activate  in accordance with the plan so to speak.

So the base minerals which by themselves were expressions of a fractal torus field admit coherent electromagnetic patterns that drives up the scale to a higher field and material expression. All this also is about its field of expression, the universe, not dark matter but rather unseen light energy, as the universe itself is simply a very large torus field in the chain of command.

Now I wish to go back to the layers within the text. We know letters and numbers on themselves represent a particular force and collectively explain what the word they form means and which path it follows. But like words having deeper meaning, so do numbers. Let’s take the ark of Noah and the ark of covenant for instance. Noah’s ark was given to be 300 x 50 x 30 = 45.0000 cubits and the ark of covenant was 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5 cubit or 56.25. Now Noah’s 45 can be seen as 45° on the circle, 8 times 45° = 360° and if we check it on the great year circle or zodiac 25920 and divide it by 45 we get 576. The 8 of the tree of knowledge.

But if we translate the 360° into the cubit we get 52,36 x 360 = 188.496 and if we then divide the great year 25920 by 188,496 we get 137,509549274. When we divide the 360 by it we get 2,618 the golden ratio! Expressed all throughout nature.

Now we know there were 8 inside the ark of Noah, so if we divide the ark 45 by 8 we get 5625, the ark of covenant and we know what the ark contained, the animals of the zodiac.

But then we have the second layer, as 56,25 were cubits so we multiply it by 52,36 and we get 294525 and if we multiply it by 4 we get the 11781 or centre of the bible. While 44 times gives you 129591, it’s from right to left and leads us to the completion of the bible, his death and rise on his 33rd path/year so if we divide 129591 by 33 we get 39.27 which of course is 39 old testament books and 27 in the new testament, together the 66 books. But 39.27 x 3 = 11781, times 6 is 23562 (the ark of Noah in cubits) and 3,1416 or pi equal to 3927×8. And 36 x 3927 is 141372, 27 cubits and 29.25 times the cubit is 153.153. You may recall 153 fish  but if you measure the ark of covenant as 15 x 15 x 25 then the longest staff that can fit in it is 2.925 cubit. Now 29.25 x 4=117, the value of son.

Now there is so much more that shows that the structure contains, even writes the text and story in several layers but for its purpose here this is enough to see that it’s layered.

Moshiya van den Broek