To be the flame

The pyramid is a facet of a diamond and part one of many called religion, not the idea most have come to attach to the word but its true meaning, together and among each other they shine their light. Its value lies not in how it was built but what it embodies.
To see its beauty is to let go of the conditioning gathered  as they are the coverings that blind us.

If I were to share your light would your attachments be like a prism that is selective and takes as well as rejects to suite its personalised idea or drink of its beauty?
One lives on a tree that diminishes its light, the other reflects its source.

Eliphas Levi said he who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half the sacred secret, yet  he who thinks that the exercise of geometry opens ones eye as if one were to take a blue or red pill is mistaken. It’s an inner realization. The right geometry will however draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy. And these are the words of Plato also.
It is only when one leaves the mirrored that one rises from the one to the other.

To reveal its construct must therefore come with warning, its beauty will be lost to you if its path isn’t taken and it will lead you further astray.

Ask yourself, am I ready to let go? If so death is the only doorway to a new path. If such willingness exists in one’s heart then its book will be opened to you when you find your way to me, words from the spark of god.

If the body is used to a certain type and or amount of food, your body will scream for it but if you consider the need to lose weight the body’s desire will come up with excuses using the feeling to trigger thoughts that assist in satisfying its usual intake. If it’s alcohol it will do the same. And even now reading this, in anyone who would need to lose weight or drink less it will come up with excuses, yes I know but..,… after this or that, or it will simply say I don’t have a problem etc. This is driven on by feeling even though you might not be aware of it.

But why do I mention this you may ask, because these feelings, emotions are wired to the brain and to all the information stored and this connection also works the other way around.

What does that mean? It means that you have spent time building your ideas and if such idea is seeking to feed itself too it will be selective and likely tend to reject that what does not fit its idea or doesn’t feed the ego in other ways it seeks to feed to its liking, and likewise use the underlying feeling body.

How does this translate to a life situation? Let’s say someone found a little piece of the great puzzle and writes a book. He would search for anything he thinks links to its finding and to the idea he built around his findings. Now he (his ego), by the fact that he has placed value to it, has automatically raised its value to ego. So if one would be approached with another piece of the puzzle that ego had not seen, it would feel threatened. Imagine you’ve spent years studying history or evolution and new evidence tells a different story, it would be ignored or rejected.

The same is with the path within, the reaching of the spark within. Ego, the puppets on the stage have their backs to the flame too as it is focused on the outer world and continuously seeking answers outside itself, it has wired itself over the years. So here too it will trigger thoughts that will come up with any excuse not to seek within and if you try, then the very word try will become ego’s tool to lead you away. If this happens, then your experience of seeing the puppets and the realization that you are more than often its slave is not established yet, has not really been fully experienced. Therefore one will have to follow the practice with less and less attachment until realizing not only can it not see or fully recognize truth but that its blindness is often its guide as well. All this is saying that you need to practice more. It’s a little like a pilgrims pass.

So why all this about the structure? And all the math, geometry and insights into the nature of the material universe? Because seeing it all being connected will strengthen your willpower and faith to get to a point that everything becomes your practice, everything an opportunity to become aware of the trickster. If you have difficulty to find the source of a particular feeling or cause of a kind of judgement (and 99% is judgement that is not wholesome), then become aware when it arises. But this following it to its source can only happen in greater depth when you see it as not you but the observer. Like being the flame instead of the slave tied to the wall who sees the world through the puppets.

If you seriously practice then when you go back and reread the articles they will reveal a little more too.

So how can we practice during our daily activity?  How do we become the observer? Watch you mind jumping into action during the time you should be listening, watch the mind and feeling arise and how you simply identified with them. I think and I feel. Someone well known said I think and feel therefore I am. I would add: therefore I am a slave.

But I can’t go through life without it you say! For now I would say use it or be used through it. Later I would say does true knowing need thinking? Or does it need any of those unwholesome feelings?

Remember you have been (ego has been) building up this conditioning, parents, school, circumstances, experiences seen through these conditions etc. So this undoing isn’t simply turning the switch. Many who had a powerful experience of beauty or tremendous peace, a sort of moment of wholeness, a kind of seeing and knowing without being able to translate it or repeat it, experienced kind of walking out of a dark room into full sunlight. Too powerful to really see. And they will return to their usual persona. While such experience is a motivator and personal proof there is more than meets the eye, it is not enlightenment! And all too often ego takes hold of it and will create false prophets and think, wish, and you’ll get gurus so many seekers fall for, because that’s what ego wishes for.

What is needed is a death before dying and a birth after birth, often referred to as a virgin birth.

A purified (feeling) heart in relationship with the godly part within you. Also known as Christ, Krishna etcetera.

Moshiya van den Broek