432 as base

Why the 432 as base for the music of the spheres.

There has been a lot of talk about 432 Hz and it should be used for tuning, it is also often referred to as Pythagorean tuning. But today it is not what is used. The reason for this is because a full cycle of 12 fifths should coincide with 7 octaves but it doesn’t. The difference in the note we get after stacking 12 fifths and the one we land on after seven octaves is known as the Pythagorean comma, a ratio of 531441:524288.

The Pythagorean tuning system is based on a cycle of pure fifths (the 3:2 ratio found in the reference article).
If we apply Pythagorean tuning to C= 256 Hz we will end up with A = 432 Hz
256 x 3:2 = 384 note G
384 x 3:2 = 576 the note D
576 x 3:2 = 864 the note A one octave higher than 432 Hz

Trained opera singer’s voices shift at very specific frequencies at the exact half of an octave ranging from one C to the next C is F# with C at 256Hz. This is called the bel canto tradition.
And as already pointed at, with the music of the spheres, it also applies to astronomical ratios. Our planets, the solar system that is, makes registered shifts all based on these numbers/geometrical mean of 256 Hz, 512 and all others in various ways including duration, as you could know due to the time of pendulum over 30° with arc length of 52,36.

A closer look at  biology and living tissue which both emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation at a series of specific frequencies/wavelengths shows their order to be like this too but precisely 42 octaves higher than the wavelength of 256.54.

A reference to the octave/scale that also relates to your inner being and the 32/heart can be found in a very old abbey, church of Cluny in France, these inscriptions say: Octavus Sanctos Omnes Doser Esse Beatos. The octave teaches the saints bliss.

When 18 (value of man) is divided, 18/31,25, we get 576 the value of the tree of good and evil.
But when his heart is fixed and whole again, 18 x 31,25, we get 56,25 the value of the ark of covenant.
And you take place on the mercy seat.

From a zodiacal point of view the bodily you is traveling 1,5 times the zodiac 12+6=18 and 18×45=810. If we divide the zodiac 25920 by 18 we get the 144 and if these 144 take the mercy seat 144 x 56,25 = 8100. That he is already within us is 45/8=56,25. Adam has a value of 45. And 45 is the value of the ark of Noah or in other words the body with the 8 within and the ship,  vesica piscis, traveling around with the zodiacal animals reflecting within. Abram has a value of 243 but then becomes Abraham value 288, difference is 45.  And 45 x 32 (the heart).

The meter was rediscovered in France in 1799 as 1/10 millionth of the distance between the north pole and equator through Paris. But as you know it is ancient, in fact a structural ratio. If you look at the latitude of the great pyramids 29.9792458 then they knew the speed of light too, as it is equal to its latitude.

Very recently science was kind of shocked to find that the cosmological constant and the fine structure constant vary in the universe,  particularly in two directions and not in the other 2 like a north and south pole of a magnet, one side it was higher and the other lower while east and west were not.  As you may recall it is explained that the universe is a torus too, including the disc between the two poles, and that is the reason why Saturn too has its disc/rings. So if you would ride the electromagnetic field you would see an event horizon just like a curve of a sphere into the centre of a pole. Or even the same principle of a black hole and galaxies.

It’s a regeneration/reincarnation.

The fruit is in the seed.

Moshiya van den Broek