38. The new Earth, and what you need to pack

All those who gather goods will find they end up with nothing. They do not realize that only what you have spiritually earned can be taken. And this is what many greatly lack, a soul that has not gained power in this world will be powerless in the beyond also.

The word of g-d is offered to the loveless which is the mercy of g-d that gives to the lost. They can either accept or reject it, this is your free will. It cannot be helped unless and until it thinks of other souls, its selfishness is an obstacle for the light-being to come closer and bring relief. The word of g-d cannot be brought to the soul if the heart is not open. The word of g-d is light and that would bring out the spiritual darkness. Only a willing heart will be touched and let loving thoughts come to mind and so receive strength.

Everything man strives for is useless if they do not appreciate the law of love for g-d and each other. All wrong should be exposed, and there are many of them. G-d only asks love, all else is without value for the soul if it lacks love. One day when man cannot find an explanation why they feel themselves poor and destitute, then they will be thankful for it, and realize this. They will think of your warnings and recognize the truth was presented to them, only this can help them as truth is the only thing that will lead to happiness.

Unkindness too is like a thick cover that lets in no light. It cannot penetrate the souls and enlighten it. However love that enlightens the soul dissolves the cover. When this happens all will be revealed and then there will be no more doubts and nothing in-comprehensible. Remember also that the adversary cannot withstand love and will run away from it rather than be touched by it.

Know also that the soul by its suffering makes it more perceptive for help and becomes more anxious to be free. This cleansing process is in your own hands, this is your free will.

Those souls who refused to believe will be in great need. While they have the ability to recognize it but lack the will to earnestly verify it, then their remorse will be exceedingly great. Knowing they did not take this precious gift of grace, their self-reproach will cause them great suffering. As soon as you are willing to accept it then you will start to be able to understand it.

Know that you are now at the cross road, right or wrong your will determines which road will be yours. Take the wrong one and you will have to account for your decision. Souls do understand this subconsciously, even if their ego/intellect denies it, and will be in great distress. Happy is he who can convince the intellect of its error before it is too late.

Those of you who do believe should not rest until he wins his fellow man to this faith, those souls will thank him a thousand fold and g-d will know the strength of his will by it.

Remember you are responsible for your thoughts and actions and you burden yourself greatly if you add sin upon sin by harming your fellow man by treating him unjustly and acting selfishly instead of supporting him in his need and helping him in unselfish love.

Don’t be fooled by my adversary submitting yourself to him in exchange for a temporary better worldly condition, ask yourself will it sanctify your soul? Your remorse will be dreadful! Know also that at this closing end your remorse will be far greater because the soul will realize it cannot make up for what it missed or neglected in this opportunity.

Look at those who make mistakes as sick souls who need help. As their physical body will come to an end, the soul will take it with it into eternity. You can help them to be spared of this by helping them to come to truth here on earth, and at the same time help yourselves. Point out to them their immaturity, which makes it impossible to come nearer to g-d. Show them the only way to healing, which is the only way which leads the soul to its goal, the way of love.

You have the tools to do so, you have the proof in front of you and by your will the power to be loving. Use the little bridges I have given you so that they may come to see it as truth. Do not take it for the ego as pride and say see I know, but use it directed by your heart.

I have often been asked to give more, the main reason for this is that man can impress his fellow man with it and so boost his ego. Remember that here you are a slave to my adversary. Have mercy on those erring souls, they are your fingers, your eyes, your ears that do not feel, see or hear and are in need. Their loss is also yours. Tell them to pay attention to their spiritual needs, for their numbers are great, they care only for better circumstances in their earthly lives and don’t realize that this thirst is a result of their spiritual needs. Lead them to knowledge.

The closer you get to this end, the greater the need will become. Knowledge of the purpose and meaning of their earthly life will help them against the influence of the adversary, your work is to introduce them to this knowledge so they may recognize it.

Then there are those who strive for clarity but have no faith. This will make it more difficult, they want to know the truth. It is therefore that I give them the structural knowledge also. And in this way you can bring the two together. They will come to realize that there is more than this life on earth and this conviction will urge them to earnestly seek the light that is missing. But remember also that to receive light there cannot be selfish reasons in spite of their longing for it. Therefore only if your heart is in it, you can teach and protect from wrong doing.

Do this also for all those who have passed over to the other side, for their needs are great, they do not have the will to find their way. Pray for them, have them in your hearts.



Moshiya van den Broek