Reference for the serious student

Without prior study of the articles the following material is only revealing numbers and will only lead to speculation. It’s a language that goes beyond that which you are familiar with, it’s not just telling a story but at the same time it is expressing its geometrical and mathematical path.

Right now there are enough jugglers of numbers, interpreters that seek, take and reject to fit personal beliefs and those who play with geometrics without knowing the sacred secrets. They thrive on the fact that there was and is  nobody that knows and so claim to know and sale books, courses and lectures without actually knowing. Especially now that so many seek and find renewed hope for a better looking future. Misquoting ancient text and making false promises of being able to have anything you wish for, wealth etc. But in fact they are the only ones that get rich. If you’ve come this far and haven’t studied the articles and practiced as explained in them, then please do before studying the material on this page.

The Kabbalah tells you that a vessel fell from heaven and broke into 288 sparks.
The Torah is said to have 304805 letters but the alpha and omega do not belong to you therefore there are 304803. And 3 x 4 x 8 x 3=288 and 3+4+8+3=18 and 3-4-8-3=12 and 3/4/8/3=0,3125.

For the cubit there are 3 ways. A sphere and cube of equal diameter shows the cube as having 52,36% volume against the sphere. A pendulum of 1 meter over a 30 degree (one zodiac sign) swing makes an arc of 52,36 cm. When a circle is the sum 3,1416 or its diameter then a hexagram/star of David cuts its length in 6 equal pieces of 52,36.

The arc of covenant is given as 1,5 cubit by 2,5 cubit therefore its value is 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5=56,25.

Your maximum is 120, to be the 144 x 120 is 1728 x 31,25=54

25920/1728=15, 25920/120=216, 25920/31,25=82944 equal to 144×576.

2880/56.25=512 equal to diameter vesica 128 divided by 3 x 2xpi/c=512 (sum vesical 2304)
2592/56.25=4608, 2592 x 56,25 =1458
2304/56.25=4096, 2304 x 56.25=1296
2016/56.25=3584, 2016 x 56.25=1134
1728/56.25=3072, 1728 x 56.25=972.0
1440/56.25=256, 1440 x 56,25=81.00
1152/56,25=2048, 1152 x 56,25=648.0
864/56.25=1536, 864 x 56.25=486.0
576/56.25=1024, 576 x 56.25=324.0
288/56,25=512, 288 x 56,25=162.0

Moshiya van den Broek