Saints in vesica piscis

Why saints are often depicted in a vesica piscis.

We can first ask ourselves what makes someone a saint.  And it’s not because the pope determined that the person in question did something great for the church, and not even because they did something for others although this is part of it. It’s much more than a title.
It isn’t a blessing by a pope either but it’s a purified heart that receives guidance from god. In common words we could say a holy person. So this means he has walked the path and has reached  the tree of life, his heart in the vesica piscis reaching all the way into Daath.

Now without having read the articles it will be difficult to comprehend, I have explained that it’s fractal and kind of holographic. Furthermore it’s Metatron’s cube and has within it the platonic solids and all is related to each other, as was shown, such as the tree of life being reflected in the tree of knowledge shown in other articles. But for this part I need to go to squaring the circle hinted at in the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci. Now you know the diameter of the trees, the 432. And you should also recall that when you divide it by 9 you get 48 and multiplied by 5 you get 240, the degrees of half the tree of life which is 2 x 240=480 and 6 times 48 is 288, the degrees of half  the tree of knowledge 2 x 288=576.

So another ratio to get the diameter of the cube is 432 divided by 9 times 8 which gives us 384. Now this square can contain another circle with a diameter of equally 384.

But there is another, we did divide 432 by 9 and got 48 so 10 x 48 is 480.

So let’s look at their circumferences and the eight within the eight within the eight when we place another 8 in the vesica which then creates another smaller vesica into the very centre.
Then you may be able to see how this again is perfectly reflecting the trees and how they are reflected in the zodiac. So the first outer circle has 480 as diameter and  a circumference of 288.

Parts of 48              CircumferenceCubits  
10 x 48=480x 3,1416 = 1507968Divided by 52,36 = 288
9 X 48=432x 3,1416 = 13571712   ,,     ,,    ,,    = 25920
8 x 48=384  x 3,1416 = 1206744  ,,    ,,    ,,    = 2304.70588235 (48×48=2304)
6 x 48=288x 3,1416 = 9047808 ,,      ,,     ,,    = 1728
5 x 48=240 x 3,1416 = 753984 ,,     ,,    ,,    = 144
4 x 48=192x 3,1416 = 6031872 ,,      ,,     ,,   = 1152
3 x 48=144x 3,1416 = 4523904 ,,     ,,   ,,   = 864..
2 x 48=96x 3,1416 = 3015936 ,,     ,,    ,,   = 576

Now the tree of life is really the great plan of god 480, and he created the 8 (8×48) 384 so if we divide gods circle by 384 (480×3,1416=1507968/384) we get 3927. The old and new testament.

If 432 is the diameter of the 8 eight then the vesica piscis is equal to 432/3=144 and guess what, when we divide it by 3 we get the centre vesica piscis of the 144 eight which is 48! A godly spark, the life giver. If we divide 48 by 3 we get 16 and 16 x 3,1416=502656 x 52,36=96.

Now if you take the circle with 432 diameter and draw a square with a diameter 384 (384×11,25%=432   11,25×48=54), and draw the square over the circle, you’ll have a ratio.
But let’s go back to the vesica piscis again, its 1/3 of 432 is 144 so we know it’s “ the eye” height. So how wide is it? We multiply it by 1,7 and we get 2448 and 77 times 2448 is 188496 equal to 360 times the cubit.
So what about the tree of knowledge? Here we know the arc is 72° here we divide it by 1,5 and we get the height of 48. If we divide that by 1.7 we get 1/3 of 244.8 is 81.6 and anyone who read this will recognize the outcome of the following 188496 (360) 81.6 x 231. They are the great sacred secret of the Kabballah, the 231 gates related to the 22 letters and the 32 paths. Lev in Hebrew is heart and its value is 32. Now the one circle is fixed and others turn.

I will only give one clue, its centre is at 11781, 11 one way and 11 the other way. One left to right the other from right to left. One we divide by 11 equals 1071 x 22 = 23562 and the other we multiply 11781 x 11 = 129591 x 32 = 4146912. I know you might not comprehend as you are not familiar with reading its meaning from numbers but if you divide it by 33, 129591/33 = 3927 you’ll know what that stands for. The one in the centre of the 8 (4.1.4) moving of the 6 to the 9 (69), the 12 should be obvious.

As 576 is the tree of knowledge and tied into the zodiac and the 12 animal characteristics, the story written in the heavens with which you identify can be seen as wholeness being split up. When you see god’s love and human conditional love, the conditional emotions, blind separations, then it’s easy to see that 576 divided by those 12 is 48. And 10 plus two.
Or 480 plus 96 or 12×8. Or twice male and female 48+48. These two wheels turn 1,5 times to complete one turn in the circle 12/8=1.5. Wheels within wheels in opposite directions against the fixed crown spells out your story line. But when the two become one he is born again.

You are not required to fully comprehend nor seeking to find your story, but to do the work that needs to be done to become one!

As final note for this article, the number 1071 is the value of  ‘joint heirs’ (Rom 8.17), ‘white robe’ (Rev 6.11), ‘without sin’ ( Jn 8.7), ‘witness’ (Cor 1.6), ‘worthily’ (Col 1.10),  ‘Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord’ (Gen 6.8), and ‘the righteous shall inherit the land’ (PS 37.29).

Moshiya van de Broek