A new tomorrow

There is so much stress at this moment, the worries of what the future may hold in store for them and fears of job, health, finances to name but a few. And deep down we know we need to change but we tend to point to the policy makers, be it the governments or financial giants that run and drive the economy, who’s aim is profit before anything else. So in their search to find a way out of this predicament they seek for the internet gurus that offer them a red or blue pill. And they are all too happy to offer you what you like to hear, a simple remedy, but all you do is helping them to fill their pockets and take away their worries. With their mix of ancient knowledge and part science they have created a new coat for the old wish  “change your mind and change your future”.

Act emotionally as if you’re already wealthy seems to be the next secret potion, and they highlight the one in a thousand to show it works. Don’t go delving in your past they say because your failure lies in the old memories, and emotions are good according to them, change your mind! Then they talk about meditation, self-healing with the help of science, the placebo effect being proof just as the proven health benefits of meditation. But in reality what they proof is that you can catch fish with bait and you with a promise to a better life for you. But without a radical change in the way we use and abuse the resources and our ways of life we just dig a hole to fill the previous one until we can’t get ourselves out of it any more. But let me tell you that none of these internet gurus ever reached the sole purpose of meditation or became wealthy by changing their minds except using your state of mind.

And let me tell you another thing, the state of the world is a reflection of the state of mind of humanity in general. You think that your situation is caused by the things outside of you. You may think that your main drive is the search for pleasure and avoidance of suffering. Let’s start by looking what really distracts us most of the time. Unlike what is usually thought it’s not the things outside of us, but because we feel these internal triggers, these uncomfortable emotional states that we seek to escape. Let’s look at the question, why do we do anything? The main reason is to avoid discomfort, physically when your tummy plays up because its craving food you eat, if it’s cold you seek warmth, if it’s hot you seek coolness, if you’ve eaten too much and it feels uncomfortable you stop eating. The same rule applies to psychological sensations. When you feel lonely you seek company, when you’re uncertain you google, when you’re bored you start flipping through the TV channels or play games etc. All these uncomfortable sensations drive you to act. So despite all those guru magical cures, if we don’t deal with the root cause of all that drives us from within, if we don’t come to know by experience and learn the truth  and change the root cause that leads us, we will always at some point be distracted and lose our conscious awareness. Now how and what this sub conscious is and operates is explained throughout this website, and I will not go into it here, except that even reading it is not going to help unless you do the practice, and part of that means descending into Hades, the source of your blindness, the subconscious slave driver.

While we know in great outlines what this world needs, and I’ll get back to this in a moment, what it lacks is our ability to follow through because we get distracted by our thoughts and feelings that drive our thoughts. You know if you want a better relationship you have to be fully present, to listen without your thoughts distracting you, as you then only half listen or even less because your own thoughts get priority. You know that lots of fast food isn’t healthy, you know stress kills our immune system, you know this rat race of having more or better than another can’t sustain, you know we have the technology to make products that last, that fashion, to have the latest etcetera is created to push turnover and profits and creates a dividing line between the have and have nots, between rich and poor and at great cost of the environment. We know what greed leads to, and who hasn’t seen two people in a restaurant busy on their phones? Who hasn’t seen poverty while sitting in a comfortable home with all luxury around them feeling pity (that they call compassion) until the football match starts and switch channel? We all know it needs to change as long as we don’t have to change, am I right?

The truth is we can all have what we need, even those things that were considered luxury. We can have technology and all the comforts we’ve come to take for granted or even enjoy. The rich don’t need to lose everything either but their goal needs to change just as their motivation. We need our pride in the quality and make products that last for years. We’ve got the technology to even make most by robots, that would reduce the hours one has to work and because we don’t have to continuously replace things we can make them adaptable for possible upgrades. Stop the build-up of mountains of printers because it’s cheaper to get a new one that comes with ink cartridge than to buy separate cartridges. We used to laugh about the rich changing their car when the ashtray was full. Now look! You don’t count anymore when you carry a phone that is a year old.

When do we start building a society that serves the whole of humanity? We could learn a thing or two from nature itself, it knows how to be sustainable, how to coexist and cooperate. Which brings me to the next point. In nature they each have their quality, my next point therefore is education, when we build such society as described then everybody will have his place and be able to serve by his natural quality that is found and developed from a young age and so it will never feel like work but joy and pride in what they do and at the same time learn and cultivate a heart for the good of humanity and a conscious awareness that sees and acts in purity.

Let’s stop being a slave, let’s stand up and demand this change from ourselves and humanity as a whole.

Deep within you know this is needed, demand those who guide humanity towards this goal to take the place of those who’s concerns are to continue the system that has proven to cause separation and disharmony, who’s real concern is to satisfy those who paid their elections to be in a favourable position, who’s golden handshake and seat at the table of those multinationals are more important than the wellbeing of humanity. And please do not forget you placed them there, so you can replace them too.

Please read the articles so you too can end the enslavement  and when you agree share this article with everyone you care for.

Why now? The challenges we are going to face are bigger than the current COVID-19 virus but it can be a time out gift to change our course. We heard about a possible solar flare that could wipe out our electronic circuits and cause havoc and chaos, but we are far more likely to be affected by the shifting magnetic field that could last if not hundreds then a thousand years of in- an unstable field with the same but lasting effect that a solar flare can have. But if we prepare as we talked about here and adjust, this situation has actually become a gift that can awaken humanity to real values.

Be that unity you wish it to be!

Moshiya van den Broek