Learning to read numbers

In the previous article we spoke of 96 and 54,the first is also linked to the second, 9 x 6=54. When we multiply 45 by 96 we get 432. And when we divide it by 54 we get the 8. Now you may recall 96 is change, you go from 4 to 5 and eventually from 5 to 4. Can you place it on Noah’s story? Daath or 33 is in the middle. 33 to 45 is 12, 54 to 33 is 21 and 12+21=33.

You read about the lord Jesus Christ having a value of 33 x 96= 3168 and how 240 of the tree of life and 288 of the tree of knowledge times 3,1416, divided by the cubit equals 3168. It’s the path he had taken, from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life. But who is the creator of these two trees? And is he present in both the old as well as the new testament? 48.0 x 39 = 1872 and 48.0 x 27 = 1296 and again 1872+1296=3168. So unlike the general idea that when they got together to see which books were to be included and which were to be excluded, it wasn’t done blindly but with purpose.

Now you’ve got the image of the trees, the circle of the zodiac, the galactic ocean upon which Noah as the 8 travelled with his ark or vessel (you, the vehicle) through the animals, feeling rudderless and then at one point in his journey he lets go of ego as raven….. Now I want you to see this journey through the numbers/letters. God made 22 letters/numbers, 48 x 22= 1056 and 480 + 576 = 1056. Now I do not ask you to work it all out, but you may be able to see that through the movements of the trees in relationship to the heavenly story written in the zodiac, the biblical story was written.
And at the same time describing the laws within it that govern it. So a fall from the heavenly garden and a way to return by purification and letting go of attachment.
As we started to identify with the vehicle we became its slave.

Now when we take a pentagram in the circle and the 5 points on the circle of 72 degrees, and each degree is a cubit, then each 72 degrees is equal to 3769.92, a number that was given by Nostradamus. Now if you take the hexagram and do the same, you’ll get Pi, the tool to circles, so six  circles of 360 equals 2160 or one zodiac sign. Now the two pentagrams of the tree of knowledge makes 8 points so we divide 360 by 8 and we get 45, the ark that travels the galactic ocean. But the pentagram of the tree of wisdom is different, it is based on a circle divided by 15, but needs 2.5 steps to be pi.

You see that a circle rolled out back to its starting point equals pi. 3,1416 times its diameter and the 6 pointers of the hexagram divide it in six pieces, the cubit.

Now when we take the 60 degrees and we divide it by the cubit we get 114.591291061. If we multiply this by 12 we get 137,509549274, some will recognize it as the degrees of where branches of trees are according the golden ratio. When we divide 360 by 137,509549274 we get 2,618.
But if we take what is left 222,490450726 and subtract this from 360 we get 1,618.
Now if you take this 114,591291061 and multiply it by 288 we get 33.00.….. by 480, 5500….. by 576, 6600……. Perhaps a little hint, 30 degrees with a 1 meter pendulum is 52,36.

Now you know that the tree of knowledge is that of change, the yin yang, and the tree of life is that of eternity the sign of an 8 and change? Yes 96.
Is there yet another way to show this to be true? Yes there is, the tree of knowledge is 576 divide by 3,1416 times 52,36 equals 96.

The tree of life 480 divided by 3,1416 times 52,36 equals 8.

360 divided by 52,36 times 576 is 396,0.. And 360 divided by 52,36 times 480 is 33.00.
And I told you that Nostradamus mentioned 3769.92 as the end date of a cycle. Now how can we see that to be correct? Then we have to look at the diameter given 432 and multiply by Pi 3,1416 x 432=1357.1712 or times 52,36 = 25920. 3769.92 or 72 cubits is a cycle of 360, there are 3 such in 2160.

5 of these 72 or 3769.92 equals 188496 ( read the numbers!) And 188496/52,36=360. So there you can also see the pentagram of the tree of knowledge. 188496/72=2,618, know that it circles in the large one and makes 1,5 turns to complete a full circle . Now this is not about calculating, nor do I write this so you can predict, that is only for those still enslaved and they will be unable to distil the keys. But it’s for you to start reading the numbers. Which are like  letters, they  represent/have meaning. And each word is a story in its own right.

William Blake, Jacob’s Dream, c.1799-1807

Jacob, named his sons after the signs of the zodiac:
Reuben, unstable as water, Aquarius
Simeon and Levi, brothers, Gemini
Judah, a lions whelp, Leo
Zebulun, dwelling at the sea, Pisces
Issachar, a strong ass crouching down, Taurus
Dan, a serpent, adder, Scorpio
Gad, to overcome, Aries
Asher, royal dainties,  Libra
Naphtali, a hind, deer, Capricorn
Joseph, his bow, abode,  Sagittarius
Benjamin, ravenous, Cancer
Dinah (a daughter), virgin, Virgo

Now the 137,509549274 gives us that ratio known as golden ratio and if we apply it to the zodiac 25920 we get 188496. Now this spiral comes in from the centre, so the centre is in the eye or vesica piscis and in there is again two overlapping circles and in the eye there are again two overlapping, it’s like the spiral in a tornado or water running down a drain. So closer and closer to the centre.

The big circles’ diameter is 432. So the eye is 144 and in the eye of 144 is 48 and the eye of 48 is 16, the eye of 16 is 5,3333333…….
The circle of 5,333.… x pi is 167552, is 32 x 52,36
The circle of 16 x pi is 502656, is 96 x 52,36
The circle of 48 x pi is 1507968, is 288 x 52,36
The circle of 144 x pi is 4523904, is 864 x 52,36

As you see it starts with 32 cubits and 3×32=96×3=288×3=864×3 is 25920.
32 is of course the 32 path before Daath the 33rd.
The centre of your centre.
In the eye of stillness. Just like in the eye of a tornado.

Moshiya van den Broek