The light of awareness part 2

Owner’s manual part 2.

Over the last few years several commercial gurus have sold a course that promised to enable to attract wealth and happiness by acting as if you already were wealthy and/or happy. But the success wasn’t due to that course. The success rate, which was already low, was likely already within grasp of those that claimed to have achieved it by following the course.

Let’s make one thing very clear, personality doesn’t change personality, nor does wishful thinking! Nor will it change by living as if you already gained that wealth as it would likely cause the opposite effect.

So let’s look at what happens when you wish more wealth or happiness. When you think of it the brain will seek through its storage of intellectual and experienced knowledge and of images it has gathered associated with that desire and it will build and piece it all together to create that vision.  At that point you are actually living in that future as the brain itself doesn’t know the difference between factual or imaginary. From here two things can happen, one, the emotional body ( the heart brain) gives it life  with positive emotional energy or two, with negative emotional energy, depending on its collection of the past and prepares the body accordingly, either with confidence or failure.
What does that mean? It means you can’t wait for the feeling of wholeness, you have to feel it to occur. You have to feel love  for love to find you. But the heart can’t create this wholeness because it has  loaded itself with these dividing emotions and conditional imprints.

Most of you wait for it, wait for something outside of yourselves to change how you feel. This is according the law of cause and effect instead of causing the effect.  Remember your heart is a transmitter although a weak one when there are dividing emotions that break up its potential.
See it like light, when you divide light from white to its individual colours you are not seeing the whole. Just take a piece of red foil and see through it, do you then see all colours?  The same it is with love, and I don’t mean the conditioned one that is really an emotionally discoloration of true love.

Personality creates your personal reality, therefore personality can’t change personality, ego can’t change ego as it acts, judges to its own make up or through its limiting lens.
So in order to make a change we need to become conscious of  unconscious habitual conditioning, to become aware that you’ve been a slave to the emotional, conditioned heart that kept you anchored to those past limited viewpoints. Do you really want to bring them along into your future? As long as you identify with that emotionally based personality you’ll never change. The saying “having sold your soul to the devil”, is just another  way of saying that you have given away free will.
So unless you practice to keep focused during the waking hours as explained in part one, and read the articles in the ways explained to wire it into your brain network so to speak, you’ll likely have to practice meditation a whole lifetime for ego/personality to die and be born anew.

Perhaps you may have a deep, profound experience that will last a short while but as soon as personality/ego kicks in you’ll have lost it, and as your toolbox (mind-brain ) has no reference to truth except your personalized ideas of it, it will likely not be able to recall how or why it happened and certainly not tell how to return to it.
The moment your awareness slips and thoughts arise you return back to the old self. It takes a certain amount of repetition, a certain amount of conscious awareness and a certain amount of willpower to finally arrive.
When you lose track of your vision it’s because you are more than likely attached to your emotional baggage again and can’t see that vision through the lens of the past.

You are a work in progress so take time to practise, otherwise your future is going to be predictably the same as it was. So ensure you’ll be the best you can be, alert and aware not to identify with that little I. Let love fill your heart, based on the beauty of all, a thankfulness  and compassion. To be close to god is to be close to the love he has for all.

The brain doesn’t change the brain, the heart doesn’t change the heart. Ego never changes, in fact it enhances it if it’s led by these past emotions that are the cause of dividing forces. Only pure aware consciousness does.

Now for a moment the story outline in numbers: we walk the tree of knowledge 576. With one point of the pentagram facing down and the two horns facing up. But we need to climb to the top where the point faces up. This part of 576 is 288. This means we have completed the cycle. So we take 288 x 3,1416 equals 17,28. Then we are to raise our point into the star of Bethlehem or star of David, which is 480/2 equals 240. So when we have completed that cycle 240 x 3,1416 equals 14,4.

240+288=528 you’ll know this number on the solfeggio sequence as the healing tone. But don’t be fooled that by playing that tone you will reach daath! You have to become!!!

Then what do you become when you completed these cycles? 14,4 + 17,28=31.68 or 528×3,1416= 3168 and those who have studied the material provided will know it stands for CHRIST.

Now, you also then will recall that we start as 18 and need to become 81. We do that through our journey, 18 times 45(the ark) equals 81. Or to see our journey from a different perspective, 32 paths on the tree and zodiac or galactic ocean 25920/32 equals 810. But Daath is the 33rd which means we do not just follow but make a change and step of those wheels which sets us free and what was the sign of change? 96 as 33×96=3168. Only then can he/she resurrect .

25920/3168= 81.81818181818.

The 8 as the cycle and sign of infinity, of rise and fall. The 18, in which the 1 represents you and the 8 the cycle and divider.  1/8 equals 0,125 , your inner cycle which is a reflection of the big cycle. 0,125 x 3,1416 is the story 39.27, indeed the 39 and 27 books.

Moshiya van den Broek