The light of awareness part 1

The owner’s manual part 1.

The light, flame, soul, the divine spark within the cave (you). It’s pure, yet when it’s drawn through desire or fear (the puppets of conditioning) you’ll lose sight of its wholeness. Where awareness goes, energy flows.

A river feeds both weed as well as the flowers along its banks, if you direct it to the fields it will grow your crops, when the focus of your awareness is drawn to the emotions it will cause them to flower. You reap what you seed.

The mind is the collective of life’s experiences. The more it experiences similarities the more they become prominent in your life. The more we give in to fear the stronger it will get. If you like sweet the more it will seek it. Each of them seek life, life to them is found in likeness.

If envy is green and you’ve let its energy in your life, then you’ve tinted the lens of your eyes. If anger  is red and you’ve let its energy in your life, then it’s tinting on your lens and will find more and more desire to live by linking all related in the mind and bringing them to the foreground.

So when awareness is drawn up to that part in the mind and when an emotion is triggered and you identify through “I think, I feel”, then you have sold your soul.

Remember, awareness isn’t mind nor is it earthly feeling!

Concentrate, practice to keep your awareness focused. When drawn away to external triggers through thoughts/feelings it’s called a narrow view, an undivided view and attention is an eagle’s view.

Develop your will power, finish what you begin, start when ego makes excuses to move it forward. Do you like to visit someone who only drains you of your finite energy? Like money, invest your finite energy well.

When all is energy and all different subjects and objects have an individual frequency/tune and admit photons, then it triggers those similar in you, it repels or attracts. When your masks/personality with their limited views narrow your perception to its own band breadth it only sees or hears what it wants to see or hear to feel alive and it will use up your energy.

When you look though a microscope at something of your interest do you then see anything outside the slide? Similarly, when you are identifying with an emotion, you’ll be unable to see a cause or solution that lies outside of the slide.

There is a big difference in your awareness being drawn or being in control of it. One is being a slave, the other a master. The brain is a great tool if you’re its master. It is the same for the body.

The spark of god is the light that sees all, if we break it up and look through a narrow waveband we are really looking through those masks that have built their own idea of truth.

If you fear a bee and the possibility of its sting, do you at such moment think of it being vital to the existence of the flowers you love so much? If you’re angered by someone do you at the same time recall the good he or she has done? Or are you blinded by your anger?

Recall from the first experience when your judgement didn’t have all the facts, yet this first judgement becomes the ruler or measuring tool to judge the next. These become the puppets on the stage you are not aware of, they are the way you see and experience the world around you.

If I ask you to now think about your last birthday.… who came to visit you? Think, what was their gift to you? ……. Remember? OK, I’ve drawn your awareness into the past, into your mind and perhaps even triggered the chemical processes that fuelled an emotion too.
What about your next holiday? Where are you going to spend it? And how are you going to spend it? Now I’ve taken your awareness to the future while you took your conditions of your likes from the past into that future. Because your awareness identifies with these conditioned masks.

Imagine being that flame whose light sees all in the cave, seeing that some of that light is drawn into and gives life to those puppets that cast their colours on the wall, and that person sitting, looking at the screen, that person calls it his/her life not realizing what colours his or her world.

Now if you say you know, you’ve turned around and seen what has guided you, blinded you, then know this: that what has coloured you is now looking through the eyes that HAVE been coloured, it’s like them (the puppets) saying not to turn around, take these dark sunglasses, put them on and turn around, now tell me the colour of my eyes. Why is that? Because you still identify with these little I’s!

Will power strengthens by practice. The practice of being fully aware in the moment, of not being distracted by the mind and emotions drawing your attention away from the moment. Listening 100% while listening, being focused on what you do without mind and emotion distracting you. Practice as  the extension of meditation to lessen the identification with the conditioned “little I’s”.
To experience this truth of your enslavement will, through practice, strengthen your ability to keep your awareness in check, not to be drawn by the thoughts and feelings of the puppets, even when they scream for attention as they fear death.

Their death is your birth.

Moshiya van den Broek