37. One Source

We have spoken about the bible several times and it could give the impression that I place a lesser value to other scriptures, be it Koran or for instance the Veda’s. This is not the case! They all have the same source.

Having given you the structure, which can be found in the bible, means it would be the ideal tool to link all other major religions. So please take your copy of the star of beth-le-hem and keep it at hand.

In the Atharra Veda (10.2.31), the town of g-d is called Ayodhya, it is circular with 8 walls and 9 doors.

In the Reg Veda, they speak of spoked wheels with 360 and 5 spokes, and triangular with 3 seats.

Shatapatha Brahmana in ( the following is given 360 X 2=720 720 X 80=57600.

Some of you will also have heard about the Vedic math and if you google around you will be able to find articles on this subject. A simplified way to do math without the need for computers. All of this can be found in the bible as well.

As all of this is based on the star of beth-le-hem and many other names that were given to it.

But I do ask you not to play with numbers as long as you do not know its language, because you will be misled by the ideas you have gathered along the way.

Nevertheless the Vedic math can be used and should be taught at schools.

More on this another time.



Moshiya van den Broek