Does it add up?

It’s funny and sad at the same time, the latest research in physics and quantum gravity research evolves around E8, what is E8? A set of circles or spheres that evolve around a hexagon, a double Metatron’s cube. Yet still full of incorrect assumptions, they correctly presume it to be the thing the universe is built upon and discover it to contain ratios etcetera that perfectly match with the physical world. They are trying to reinvent the wheel spending millions on string theory and it never led to anything. Now they will unnecessarily spend another billion without ever wanting to listen. So if they would look at the blueprint presented here they would find answers that would save the public hundreds of millions.

Let’s look at a few laws of the holy grail and their effects. The most powerful toolbox in the universe. As you know we explained how to find the cubit, Gods measure. A sphere and cube of same diameter whereby the cube has 0,5236% more volume than the sphere.
But that’s on a 3D plane, what about a 2D plane? A circle and square of same diameter? The difference here is 0.273%, 27.3 or 273, 273 days pregnancy, menstrual cycle, the ratio earth to moon, sunspot cycle to name a few.

Most will remember that Adam’s value is 45 and resembles human. And you also likely recall the ark of Noah being 45 and that I’ve told you that you are the ark, and the principles/animals/zodiac create your make up and influences you along the journey. You enter the cycle at 4 and move to 5, this is the tree of knowledge. Once reached you move from 5 to 4, the tree of life. Many of you might wonder how they have to understand this. Of course this has to do with freeing yourself of the enslavement, but how does it work in relation to the zodiac and the two trees? The tree of knowledge is 576 and the tree of life is 480, the zodiac is 25920, so when we divide 25920 by 45. We get 576 and when we divide it by 54 we get 480.

When we talk about fractals we are also talking about cycles within cycles and when only focused on one level then we don’t see that they are interconnected. If we look at the great year of 25920 years and its 12 signs we think of each lasting 2160 years, but in a matter of fact we go through them each year, even every day. Science laughs about astrology, and true present day astrology is but a rudiment of that of old. Yes, there is what we could lightly term an imprint at birth, a sort of baggage and toolset that is coloured in by your conditioning and attachments and identification with it. So your being ruled by both internal as well as external factors. Even our so called economy has a 66 year cycle, just as human conflict has a cycle. This is not to say that it’s inescapable, call it more like a tendency. To give you an example, this co2 level, according to science the cause of global warming, but if we look at the facts we see something very different. Over the last decade they took core samples of the ice in Antarctica going back about 450000 years, and what can be seen is that it’s cyclic. These samples are like tree rings and show that co2 rises shortly after a rise in temperature, not the other way round. So what causes these rises and falls? We know our yearly seasons, and the cause, so let’s have a look at the long term climate changes before we look at a few of the causes.

Pretty much looks like a heartbeat doesn’t it. But remember fractals and zoom in a little.

As you can see we are not even at the level of 1200 years ago and look at around 1200.

Now let’s have a look at the temperature together with the co2 levels.

It will be clear that not only is everything cyclic by nature but that the solar system is both under the influence and has influence on life here. It is also influenced by the stars and so astrology, albeit not as it’s practiced today, influences you.
But before we go any further here let’s first see which 3 cyclic movements affect for instance our climate.

Now it’s important to know that we have an electromagnetic field around us, if not we could not communicate between cells/synapses muscles etc. Therefore this field creates a torus around us that many will know by another name “aura”, which emanates from the heart. But there is more, and think a moment about a speaker, it can be both a transmitter as well as a receiver.

What’s more your spine is like an antenna, it’s made of calcium an earth metal.

Now earlier we talked about the 45 and 54. And as you’ve seen it matches perfectly with both trees. Now another number I spoke about was 96. The number of change, from one to the circle and from the circle to the one. Who is that one? And Christ said you could only get to the father through him (Christ/flame )… Another way: 576 – 96= 480 from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life, but how? Daath, the 33rd, the head in the star(s) of David.  More proof? 33 x 96=3168 the value of L.J.Christ, the light within.

Moshiya van den Broek