Like it or not it’s around the corner.

For years governments, activists and common people talk about climate change and blame co2 as the main cause. And as a response and tool to enforce the reduction of our co2 footprint they implemented new laws and taxes. It pushes people to replace cars, away with diesel. Hybrid and electrical cars, less electrical  usage with energy saving lightbulbs, less powerful vacuum cleaners and the list goes on. In France they pushed up the price of diesel/gazole with nearly o,50 euro cents. But there is enough evidence that climate change is not caused by co2 .

Watch these two videos (copy and paste without the brackets) :


So if co2 isn’t the cause then why are they pushing it so hard?
Because of the system we are using. The economics are destructive, and its biggest driver is greed and greed blinds. This system will always fail, depleting resources, pushing up prices and creating the have and have not which leads to even more greed. And to keep the wheel turning products need to be replaced. An inventor made a great product, something that would make life so much easier, but when presented to an investor it was rejected, they said it was too good, buyers would only need to buy it once. It has come to a point that products are made or programmed to fail.

There is a flame that is life, a flame that sees all, a flame that isn’t blinded and regulates and seeks to guide you. It is your guiding light if you would be open to it. It is your life energy. For now at best it could be your guardian angel. But its power and wisdom are kept from you and its energy is consumed to a point that it is unable to maintain the life force and upkeep your bodily health. One of these drains is stress. When it soars it triggers and fills you with a shot of energy, just like being chased by a lion, this boost helps you flee but if that continues for too long it will cause damage because it shuts off important functions such as your immune system.

Good to flee from the lion but bad for your health in the long run. But stress even comes about through thinking about the negative, such as worries, fears or anger. And the body and mind get addicted to it. It will feed you thoughts that will give it that energy, the reason why I said fear loves fear as it makes it feel alive. In a way you become addicted to a life you don’t even like. I will not go into too much detail right now, but the chemical reactions produced by such emotional states alter your frequency and so your awareness, meaning you are more likely to pick up related frequencies. This is of course equally true for other states of being.

Now if this flame is a spark of god, the Christ in you, what qualities would it have?

And how would it be able to come to your aid? How would you open the door for him so that he may enter your house?

It won’t be anything collected by the masks. Compassion, not pity, not desire, faith nor belief. When I told you to practice it was to prepare you for a next step, through your practice you’ve come to experience the truth of this conditioning and identification and through your practice of meditation and visualising your breath flowing from your lowest point to the crown of your head with each breath, until your whole body’s frequency is raised and fills your heart with love for long enough then he will meet you half way.

Moshiya van den Broek