How length becomes degrees

And one is reflected in the other.

I have often said that it would help if you do the calculations and drawings yourself, for the soul purpose to see how it all interlinks. Recall I said that PI is not just a ratio to calculate the circumference of volume of a circle or sphere, but it is also related to chance calculations and more. Those who did follow up on my advice will have come across such things like certain length becoming an amount of degrees in the other and it will have become very clear that they are connected. So for this reason I am going to go through it once more, and draw it step by step.

This circle is the zodiac with a cycle of 25920 years, and to know its diameter we divide it by 3,1416 PI. Which gives us 8250.57295645530939648586707410236822 a very large number that doesn’t mean anything until one knows it to by cubits so we multiply it by 52,36 and get 432.000. This is the diameter. Now in order to make the vesica piscis we need two overlapping circles that share each other’s centre. For that we divide the 432.000 by 3 which gives us 3 x 144.000. So next is 2/3 that makes the diameter of the first circle.

1/3=144.000, 2/3=288.000 now 288.000 being the diameter we multiply it by 3,1416  and we get 904.7808. We have to divide it by the cubit and get 1728. This circle makes 1,5 turns to make a complete cycle of the zodiac. To see how much a degree is we divide 1728 by 360 and get 48.

Now we can use 2/3 to draw one overlapping circle with a diameter of 288.

Just remember there are two circles of 288 diameter. They overlap on 240 degrees so its total circumference is 480.

Now we move to the second tree.

The two green circles are what we just did, the next is the top green and the right red one as you can see it does not overlap as much as the previous one. The part that overlaps is 1/9 so we divide 432 by 9. Which gives us 1/10 of the previous overlapping circles 48.

A circle for this tree is therefore 5/9 of 432. So 240 high. So where the previous overlaps in degrees is the height of this tree. And the height of the previous is degrees of this tree 288. And as there are two, its circumference is 576.

So now you have the two trees in the middle of the heavenly garden of Eden. Now 1,5 or 15 or 150 is just a matter of scaling, Noah’s ark ended on top of the mountain on the 150th day.

But before showing a few things more on numbers/letters the 480 tree is the tree of life, and the 576 tree is the tree of knowledge, the first is joining the hexagram and pentagram, whereby the pentagram is ruled by the queen of 15. A division of 15 x 24°.
The 576 is made out of two regular pentagrams, one faces down, the other faces up.

Now let’s look at a square and circle both with a diameter of 100. One side of the square is 100. And the radius of the circle is 50, if we divide the 100 of the square by two we get 50 too. A corner of the square is 50 and 50 but if we divide the circle by 4 so that it joins where they touch each other then 100 x 3,1416 = 31416/4= 78.54 which is equal to 15 x 52,36 cubit. So the circle is 60 cubit and as seen in another article 60 seconds.

Now 15 cubit is related to the ark of Noah 300x50x30=45… cubit. Now if we divide the zodiac 25920 by 45 we get 576. The tree of knowledge, recall the 1/4th of 31416? 78.54 x 5 =39.27 what is this number again? 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament. And if that is not enough to show that the story is written in the stars for all to witness, then 25918.2 divided by the 66 books is 3927 also.

We also spoke about the 137.5 as the degrees of for instance the branches on trees, multiplied by 576 gives us the earth 792. While multiplied by the 480 tree of life gives us the 66… books again. In Joshua 6:4, and 7 priests shall appear before the ark. Seven trumpets of rams horns.
Rams are of course the pentagram but each point seen from the circle are like horns or trumpets. The 7? There are 7 of such horns due to the correct joining of the two stars.

Rev 4:8, there are 15 steps by which the priests descended into the temple. Rev 4:4, 24 seats elders clothed in white, 15 x 24 degrees =360 and the special pentagram that reaches into the star of David. Just reminders of previous articles so you can see it all interlinks.

This brings me to holograms of which you hear a lot, a group of scientists thinks the universe is like a hologram. But I like to link it to a fractal model too as with both the smaller piece is having the same data/structure as the larger part and 2D to 3D. Although it has some of their qualities it’s so much more. We’ve seen the several circles and they can also be found in the design of Atlantis, with this I mean rings within rings, 3. The zodiac is one like the first ring, but the star circles as well, all of them locking in perfection.

Atlantis like many other sites in those times was built in accordance with the (building) laws of god.

As you can see, if science and religion focus on a single part of the whole, because they consider themselves to be the keepers of truth or think it lies in their field or belief, then they become blind and don’t see the bigger whole or bigger picture.

Now go through the articles again, and see what else you are able to see that is falling in place.

Moshiya van den Broek