Change of heart

Most of you are somewhat familiar with the underlying nature of things, at least to the point that the blueprint, “the garden and its trees”, is the basis of all that was, is and will be, and a few of you have recognized some of the patterns in nature in it. I’ve spoken about scaling, trees within trees, like seeds of a larger pattern. Much like fractals or a star within a star, a hexagon within a hexagon and a pentagon within a pentagon. This is an equation and ratio, without them this fractal nature could not exist. According to science this means it involves numbers that really shouldn’t exist in our so called reality, like the square root of negative 1. Those numbers have to be on another number axis apart from positive and negative. This implies another dimension where there are different counting systems. Whether you like it or not fractals can only be if this other dimension exists. A third axis means we can now move from a 2 dimensional space to a 3 dimensional one, L x W x H, our 2 dimensional plane gets spin. This fractal nature can be seen in nature, a tree with its main branches and the branches with its branches down to its fruit or flowers linking this ratio fractal nature to the golden ratio/Fibonacci sequence. This principle can be found throughout nature, planets, solar systems, galaxies etc. So what may look chaotic is really organized, hence the chaos theory which says from chaos comes order.

Look at holograms and fractals, with fractals we can zoom in or out infinitely, self-similarity on all levels. Now go back to our blueprint for a moment……. getting the bigger picture?

Now let’s look at holograms, we are able to create a 3 dimensional image that can be seen from all angles like the “real” thing but made out of light, and let me stress here that although we can do it, they do not understand it! How light is able to do this, how so called photons can interact to produce a 3D image is unknown to science. And if we brake this holographic plate into smaller pieces we see copies of the same 3D image again. A laser beam hitting the object and a beam splinter which hits a mirror create an interference pattern and which is then recorded on a film plate through which we then later shine a beam and which projects the 3D image. Now this interference pattern is the 2D of the object as it is from the blueprint. So when these so called photons collide and create this interference pattern and then the made plate has the same properties as fractals, as each broken piece of the plate shows a similar but smaller image as the whole piece. Now think of what god said about being made in his image…. And the blueprint or template.

Richard Feynman, a physicist, came out with the Feynman diagrams which represent  a pictorial image of the amplitudes of particle reactions i.e. scattering or decay and can greatly reduce the amount of computations involved in calculating a rate or cross section of a physical process.

Even so it takes a tremendous amount of calculations to work them out. We are talking about different particles interacting that describe different paths, have different values for interaction of electrons. But electrons are not particles at all, just like photons. Remember I said numbers have a qualitative side as well? When you look at the blueprint you’ll see that there are different angles and different angles joining to form different angles, like the 60 degrees of the star of David and the 36 degrees of the pentagram making 96 degrees, which happens to be the yin yang so to speak. Now spin has given it force and the angle gives it direction, amplitude. Herein lies a link to the weak force.  Without going to deep, there are electrons that may interact with target electrons by exchanging a mediator particle.

Y= photon electromagnetic force
Z= weak force
Z®= a yet to discover new force

This last one is the force between the first two which they think is yet another particle. But like a hologram matter is really the same but not the light we know, but the unseen light that is the blueprint.

In other words all of space/matter and time is the emanation of a single geometric shape so we have two trees in that shape, the first is the tree of life the second is the tree of knowledge.

The second tree is that of known light, its light is reflected light but as it follows the rules or laws of the first light, they can create a holographic image but not a material one. The first one is of course of the highest consciousness. Now science and Richard Feynman were close to a structural geometric pattern, but what science now calls a amplituhedron, and mind you it’s still only theoretical, is but a fragment of the blueprint. Yet another sign on the wall. These thousands of angular force patterns all fit and can be derived from the blueprint and simplified.

Now I’ve also said that god rounded it off, the circle. As you probably know, according to science the electron is a particle that moves in an orbit, much like a planet around the sun. So they could determine the planet’s location at a particular point, at a given time. But now they talk of an orbit, like a sphere that has a boundary, where the electrons and protons are contained within, and are limited to their sphere in relation to their individual force/energy. There are 4 categories and each having 1, 3, 5 or 7 configurations, the first being a sphere, the second a double torus, the third has a cross of a double torus. The total spheres or clouds around the nucleus make up the atom, and the kind of atom depends on the amount of protons and electrons. Now when you look at the Metatron’s cube you can see that it contains all the possible configurations, the blueprint with its platonic solids, the trees in the garden, the picture is complete and all the math and laws including positive and negative etc. that make up “matter”. We can also see that the periodic table as it is presented in science books should be modelled on the blueprint from where they originate.

Your awareness is often drawn away. Close your eyes and recall your holiday or something pleasing. So you see you can direct it and keep it fixed. You have often been told to concentrate, homework for instance, but who ever told you how to concentrate? So what is the cause of awareness being drawn away? If you’ve done your practise you’ll be able to answer this. Now practise giving someone your undivided attention. And work on willpower.

You know the heart has a brain too, but these synapses are a bit different from those in the brain, they are like mirrors. What does that mean? Without giving you a direct answer, a few hints, the male is the master, the female follows the husband.  The heart can be  blind and weight down. When we collect knowledge and think its equal to being then being is lost.

Moshiya van den Broek