Are you ready?

When I talk about the structure, I mean a vibratory structure that is a non-material directional force that causes matter to shape and move. The cause of nature’s constants.

Now how can we picturize this? What we call molecules are clusters of atoms, between 1 and 10 atoms large. Then we have micro clusters ranging from 10 to 1000 atoms, then we have fine particles which range from 1000 to 100.000 atoms, any number above this is the bulk, they form bodies.

Now if you take an empty vessel and shoot in single atoms, then they don’t randomly float around but they cluster in patterns that you know as platonic solids, which continuously alters through the 5 different shapes. This is due to the movement through this medium rather structure. So their natural order is established by the trees and branches and leaves that make up the field known incorrectly as the flower of life, which is where the Metatrons cube and the platonic solids are found.

You all recall Plato’s cave and the flame in the back of the cave which makes the puppets light up, give it life so to speak, and with this force give it body (feelings & thoughts). Now science wondered what happens when a child switches to identity, the I. What they saw was that in older persons the firing of neurons are like spotlights that become dimmer as they grow older while young children are like a floodlight of neurons before they start to identify.
In other words those puppets collected so much stuff that it became fixed ideas etc. and dulled the world around them. As the puppets focus on the external through the senses it sees less and less of the wholeness of the flame. This flame is light of SOUL.

This you can see as the tree of life, and the puppets that reflect its light as the tree of knowledge with its different branches and often sour fruits.

While I do not often use the following words, but the stupidity of science to believe in Darwinism whereby survival of the fittest rules nature, while there is such a balancing principle, between two opposing forces, where everything is connected, where there is no 250 without 110. What do I mean by this? 250+110=360 full circle.  The flower and the bee.

In the Aether each point has and is the potential that builds its garden, and individual yet connected parts until it grows into a larger whole.

Now back to the structure for a moment, the tree or two overlapping circles of the tree of life make 1,5 turns to complete the inner circle of the zodiac. So the star of David with its 6 points/sides makes 6+3=9 markers on the larger circle.

And if we divide 25920 by 9 we get 288.0. Here again we see that the tree of life 480 sets out the 288 of the tree of knowledge 576.

I need to remind you that technical knowledge of a car doesn’t make you a driver.

If you do not do the practise the boat will sail without you on board. People speak of natural disasters that led to species to be extinct, but it would have become clear by now that everything is connected. And such moment where a shift is eminent, it’s time to get up, take your bed and start walking the talk if you wish to make it to the boat before it sails.

Moshiya van den Broek