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The 22 letter alphabet doesn’t originate in Israel, Hebrew is derived from an older language, and all the world languages come from that older language. It was an exact transcription of the astral alphabet and the origins of the traditional signs of the zodiac and planets.

A secret teaching of the Brahmins consists of a cosmogonic explanation of the Sanskrit word Aum, with the correspondences of the primordial sounds of the human voice and the primordial signs of the heavenly language, a symbolic link between ear and eye. This teaching summarizes the two principles of Indian musical esotericism: creation through the breath, hence the word, of Brahma, and the power of certain words or mantras when spoken by initiates. The two principles relate to one another as macrocosm to microcosm. That which man may do with his breath, his voice or his word, is an imitation at its own level of the creative work of God. And this sounding breath is not so distant from the creative force of Genesis, or the Word of Saint John’s Gospel.

Kabbalism, Sepher Yetzirah text gives the correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet to the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seven planets, in the early 1700s the occult and science were closely related.

This so called heavenly language is dictated by a medium that is eternally existing non material fluid torus without material properties yet is the first principle upon which matter is based. It not only forms the electron but determines its path. Science considers space as nothing, it rejected aether. However, thousands of years ago the ancient sages of India described the natures of space when they said: “idham thadhakshare parameters vyoman”. The askaash is not destructible, it is the primordial substratum that creates cosmic matter. Its properties are not found in the matter, it fills all space. The akasha or luminiferous aether, which is acted upon by the life giving creative force Prana, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena. And such is the tree of life and of knowledge.

Science now speaks of a Higgs field, physicists do not admit they have been wrong for over 100 years.

But all this aside, perhaps this first language will give you a better idea of the truth behind the tower of Babel. That when they tried to reach the heavens on knowledge alone, god prevented it by spreading the people and brake down the language into its individual parts so the first language was lost.

It’s time to bring you a step closer.

We’ve got the zodiac and the tree placed in its centre and I’ve explained the 6 days of creation and the seventh day rest on the first, providing you with the prime number sequence and solfeggio. I have also told you the principles of mirroring and that these two overlapping circles make 1,5 turns to complete the length of the great year/zodiac.

One has 15 divisions of 24 and the other 24 divisions of 15.

Now you might also recall the Fibonacci sequence of repeating every 24 (and they are actually 12 and 12 reverse) so as this inner wheel turns it creates 24 markers.

Let’s see the records of the ancient Egyptian priests.

First of all the Dendera stone/zodiac.

Now the 24 divisions as shown by the priests. The story is written in the stars and spelled out.

Perhaps you might also recall the Antikythera mechanism.

While they still do not fully understand it or know all details and dials, I am pretty sure you understand that their knowledge of the heavens and their influences were far greater than science gives them credit for. But this science entails all the subjects mentioned on this website and that includes the true way to the heavens.

I advise you to draw a zodiac and two stars to scale and run them along the inner rim of the zodiac. It will help you see the greater picture and story it writes down.

Now imagine the Fibonacci sequence, the first 12 and the next 12 on the opposite side, like 250 degrees and on the other 110 degrees adds to 360 left and right. But this is not balance but more a karmic wheel because it’s the middle line on which Daath lies. And not on the wheel.

The next point to remember is the scale, 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours times 3 days is equal to 25920 and we get the same with 3 years and its location too. It’s not the intention to use it as fortune telling, or for insurance to take out risks. I would want to point to the story of Babel again here. And the only way to be free of the wheel is to do the work, to know thyself and be in it but not of it.

It was on purpose that this knowledge was not openly given. All you have to do is look around you and see all those who pretend to know to gain control, satisfy their desires etc. All you have to do is buy their book and act as if already having your desire fulfilled. Could there be a greater contradiction? When the nature of your desires is born in blindness? We would only uphold the world of have and have not, of suffering.

Moshiya van den Broek