36. Future spiritual teachers

For you to teach your fellow-man you yourselves need to be instructed in everything that is necessary for man to know. When the truth has to be defended and rationalists are endeavouring to validate the given, then you have to be able to refute every objection. You then must be able to explain all correlations, and therefore you must first be introduced to profound spiritual knowledge.

In order for me to be able to give to you, you will have to have developed yourselves in such way that it can flow over to you. Only then will you comprehend the profound knowledge which you receive. Just as this same knowledge, when passed from man to man, will be comprehended and recognized as the truth only by him who leads a life of love and has also awakened the spirit within himself.

Spiritual knowledge is vast, but it will be conveyed to you to such an extent as is necessary for you to help yourselves mature and then carry out the mission which you have accepted of your own free will. This knowledge is extensive and new for many of you, and until now there was no need to impart it. However, the final time makes it necessary that people are informed, so as to live with an awareness of their responsibility. Such knowledge can only be submitted to you from above, it can only be conveyed to you through spirit and therefore considered a very special favour granted in the final hours.

You should realize that it is his great love that makes me tell you all this, in order to help you return to him voluntarily, to recognize his love and respond to it. Understand that I urge you to spread this knowledge to all of mankind, where it is still possible while there is still even if only little time to receive the gift of grace that can help them to perfect their soul before the end.

The true knowledge will expose every false doctrine which has managed to gain a foothold in this spiritual darkness, but unable to withstand the brilliant light of truth. Be aware many presently speak of a great influx of spiritual awakening, just look around you in the world. The will to gain truth guarantees your success but such earnest will is rarely found. People accept without misgivings what is presented to them as truth and adjust their thinking accordingly, i.e. in accordance with the knowledge presented, they move either in the light or in darkness. Error will obscure the spirit, remember this!

When you are convinced in your heart and know that you walk in truth by recognition of g-d as the eternal truth, then by such heart you can be assured that truth will by earnest desire be yours. This is a prime condition, when a man recognizes g-d as eternal truth he opens himself consciously to the shining of the light, and so establishes the relationship that is the purpose and fulfilment of life on this earth.

When you are able to consciously open your heart you will attain the knowledge that until now was concealed from you. But while this is possible for all, only few can meet the necessary requirements, in which case the conscious, the direct receipt of the truth will be limited, but not the supply of pure truth in an indirect way.

Look around you and see that darkness prevails, otherwise there would be a state of harmony and peace.

How could he reveal himself to you if you do not believe him? His sole condition is that you love him and keep his commandments, however you disregard his promise, otherwise you would faithfully listen and welcome my revelations. You might read the book of books, even learn the scriptures, but do not believe what is written there. It contains so much more if you would open your heart to him. And there are many more promises announcing his work through the spirit which I want to reveal. Ask yourselves how do you interpret his words. I Shall send you a comforter, I shall be with you until the end of the world.

Why do you limit his activity to the measure that is admissible to you?
Realize that with rational thinking you can do a lot af harm if you ignore your heart. Allow your heart to speak, allow your heart to read and hear, he will be a much better teacher to you.

First your heart: open it and your thinking will become enlightened and clear.

If you learned by heart, and read the article for those who wish to know!!!!!!!!!!, then you will come to know him personally. It is only your intellect that obtains a knowledge which is of little use to your soul. Only an awakened spirit will attain complete enlightenment. Your adjustment of your whole being towards love alone can bring you enlightenment and make you see in the book of books what was hidden from you. The disciples were aware of the mental quality of those who they appointed as their successors, however it did not take too long before man assumed such a teaching ministry themselves. Partly for selfish reasons, partly because of trusting their ideas given in, without waiting for the inner calling that comes from a pure heart. The mental quality of a person, not the inner quality became essential and was not realized because of the unawaken spirit of those self-proclaimed teachers. And so people to whom the gospel was preached, became deprived of the right to form their own opinion. Those who considered themselves spiritual teachers were firmly convinced of their mission and did not allow any contradiction, while those who were being taught were obliged to accept everything that was offered. Truth could only remain pure as long as its keepers were enlightened. They would reject anything from a spiritual awakened person. As the unawaken became more powerful , the truth was corrupted with ideas that originated from the human intellect and were proclaimed as divine truth.

Another great danger is that man has no true free will when he is dictated by his intellect that has built ideas. However, there is unseen guidance for those who are not yet awakened.

Everyone is responsible for his own way of life and the degree of attainment of perfection. Everyone must decide freely and testify to him of his free will. He demands this testimony and is not agreeable to one person determining for his fellow-men in what direction they have to think, will or act. A man’s freedom of will must not be violated, but it is, when the aim of a persons will is determined by laws and he is directed either by promises or threats to move only in a particular direction.

A man is a thinking individual and he has given him the ability to will and think freely so that in this last stage of his spiritual development on earth he can make his decision, in accordance with which he will then be rewarded in eternity.

If a man makes known to his fellow-man the consequences of using their will in a righteous or wrong way, it is good and in accordance with his will. It is also his will that light is given concerning the relationship between man and his creator.

Man must be taught, but never forced into accepting a doctrine because he must use his own judgement and impulses in directing his will. He gave man free will, but you take it away from him, thus using your own will in a wrong way, although you believe that you work for him and are commissioned by him.

He never told his disciples to spread his doctrine by way of religious intolerance because this could never lead to a faith beneficial for the soul in its development. A faith that has been forced upon you will not lead you to perfection. Such a faith will seldom become alive for a long time. It cannot be looked at as an act of free will because your will could not become active within you if you only confess a certain creed as a result of your education without having evaluated it as to its worth or otherwise.

What he demands of you to believe is that you can win beatitude only through love. But you have to acquire this belief by yourselves. You may accept the doctrine about it, but have to practice love in order to gain the certainty within yourselves that love is the redeeming power. And only this inner conviction is faith, which is life giving because it was won through a free will.

G-d as supreme lawgiver has given no other commandments then that of love, which comprises also Moses’ ten commandments because it would bear witness against g-d or cause doubts in the free will of man.

However, men presume that they can give laws for which they have no authority, thus they infringe upon man’s free will. It is a sin when he confesses a doctrine with his lips without having asked his heart.

Whatever violates man’s freedom of will is not in accordance with g-d’s will, for even g-d himself does not demand of his people the acceptance of truth if their own will does not desire it. I keep teaching them and offering them truth, but everyone is free to accept or reject it.

The pure truth has been subjected to many changes, a lot is no longer understood quite clearly and much of it is interpreted in a wrong way. The word, which is described as his word, has in time called forth differences of opinion thus bringing about dissension among those who were defending the truth of their personal opinion.

Words with a spiritual meaning did get a worldly interpretation to which people are holding fast with tenacity because they simply cannot grasp the spiritual meaning anymore.

The result is an edifice of faith which is totally different from what he brought mankind.
As a consequence of all this, many people cannot be reached spiritually anymore because their intellect refuses to accept obviously false doctrines where errors have crept into the truths and which are still advocated as truth solely by fanatics. Just consider the corruption of his word, be it Jesus Christ or Muhammad, blessings upon them, they must be turning in their graves. Their teachings corrupted, the holy war turned into an outwardly directed one. How far did it get from the practise of love!? Or of forgiveness!?

Jesus kicked the money exchangers out of the temple, yes he did show with his outer life an inner one, that money should not have a place in your heart. But does this not count for the outer church(for which there was no need when Jesus was asked) as well? Look at the poverty in the world, and then look at one of the world’s biggest banks, the Vatican! The cost to keep the outer appearance would feed a nation.

I ask you to consider these things.

I ask you to practise love.

I ask you to use your will to do right.



Moshiya van den Broek