We all know the effect that a mirror or lens has. What is right is now left, what is below is now above, you get the idea. But nature goes a lot further. Science knows this but can’t figure out how, let alone why. Let’s take PI. For instance, the length of a river and the direct line between these two points compared to the river’s actual length has a ratio of PI. But it also appears in chance calculations, if you draw lines with the distance of let’s say a needle and then drop it from above, and check the times it falls on a line and the amount it doesn’t, PI pops up again.

But we can see this happening with the cubit too, as you might recall the difference of volume of a sphere and cube with the same diameter is 52,36%, and if you take a pendulum of one meter and swing it over 30° the arc will be 52,36 cm.

We know that 52,36 is 1/6 of PI. 3,1416. And you’ve seen that the garden (zodiac) has a circumference of 25920, and if we wish to know its diameter we need to divide it by PI which, as shown in the previous articles, gives you 432,000.

So let’s see 1/6th, 25920/6=4320. And these 6 points are of course the star of David.

Now in the middle of the garden there were placed two trees. One being the tree of life, the other the tree of knowledge, both created by g-d. Now to get both the vesica piscis and the diameter of the two circles that make up the circumference of the tree of life we will need to divide the diameter of the zodiac by 3. So the diameter being 432.000 divided by 3 is 144, which is the radius of the circle, twice therefore is the diameter 2×144=288. And that is equal to half the circumference, of the tree of knowledge, the so called vessel that broke into 288 sparks or degrees (kabbalah).

So locked within the tree of life is the structure of the tree of knowledge and vice versa, so let’s look a little closer at this tree of good and evil. It too has the same night of 432.000 but instead of dividing it by 3 we divide it by 9, and we get 480, in other words the circumference of the tree of life, so the circle is 5 x 48.0 or 240 which is half of the tree of life (480).

As you recall the ark of Noah was 45 therefore you enter it, and 45 x 48=2160 which is a zodiac sign. So you see, the one gives the other 240 and 288.  Is it any wonder that these two resonate in us? 240+288=528.

Perhaps it will also become clear that the height of the five pointed star breaks out of the lower circle by 3/9 at the 33th degree. 33 equals 6. And 3×48=144.

These ratios continue both inwards as well as outwards, star within star.
And there are more but I need to ask you again to draw them and use the measures as it’s the only way that you become familiar with it.

By now you are also familiar with me what seems like jumping to a different subject, and this time it’s no different, let me recall that I’ve explained about feeling and mind/thinking whereby feeling needs to become wise, that female stands for feeling and male for mind/intellect, that feeling is like the awareness of a vibration, a frequency, and our receptors/senses are based on it. And that thought and feeling (often translated as emotions) need to marry. And they need to be purified, a pure language. Not translated and dictated by ego, who’s sight and hearing is limited. And where does that marriage take place? In the heart! Not distorted by ego puppets, not conditioned by its limited points of view. Living in love, not a goal but as already being there. Because then like a tuning fork things around it start to resonate with it. Perhaps then you’ll understand that as all is frequencies, it will dance in harmony with you.

This is the language, the only language g-d speaks and hears.

The following is from an actual page of the gospel of Thomas. Verse 106. When you make the two one, thoughts and feeling, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, mountain move away, the mountain will move away. And again in verse 48, if the two make peace (no hidden motive) with each other in this one house (you in your heart) then your prayer, not voice, it will be heard.

Moshiya van den Broek