The big questions of science and soul

We could sum up the major questions under two headings, knowing the universe and knowing life, and they really are both answered by understanding one of them in its entirety.
True, science has a list of questions for which they search answers and they hope to find the answer that will lead them to understand everything. And each field thinks it can be found in their research, although some think life and the universe are two separate things.

And quantum physics is now seen as the forefront and leading field that researches the joined questions of life and the universe as they have brought consciousness into the equation.

But none of them are able to look at the so called bigger picture, they split up their search and focus on individual parts. Presently they are spending billions on gravitons or gravitational waves research  and their search on dark matter which they have failed to find, and in their latest endeavour to continue to hold on to their theories they come up with the idea that dark matter might be lighter than first thought, which means there must even be more of it if it’s to safe their theory for it being the cause of an expanding universe.

I suggest you read the following links.

Nearly all their theories are built upon previous ones, which have been taken as truism, yet are merely theories, and wrong ones at that.
Finally this one that follows is also about a crises in cosmology but at the same time about having found dark matter ( in theoretical mathematics). But what isn’t said is that there is not one shred of evidence of dark matter found yet.

These articles so clearly show that while they acknowledge the crisis (even about the possible need for a new theory), on the other hand they also talk of the need for more than the 3 quarks, and so they resort to the theoretical mathematics to create them.

The real problem started when the abandoned the aether. There is a small group, considered pseudo scientists, that call it zero point energy. Yet it isn’t the same.

Now to another important part, you’ve come to understand that 666 the animal nature legion is really within you, its many masks, and how it builds its strength through experience and recognition of similarity whereby feeling vibration is its basis which connects to the brain.
A sort of autopilot to function in this world, walking, etc. so you don’t have to direct every move and it does that much faster than you could, as it can handle many more signals than you could. But it also takes on bad habits, it needs to recognize of self or close to, in order to feel alive. So you will have come to realize it does not know the good from the bad, that task will become yours.

As you also recall god said he would take away his hands and feet, meaning he would use yours. Now he may “think” that he runs your world, but gods plan is far greater than you and particularly than you can see, he only lets him believe he is in control. He said he’s the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, so there is purpose woven into it. Karma isn’t punishment but instrumental in learning to recognize patterns. Now the flame is the divine spark  in the back of the cave, its light sees both the puppets as well as the man tied/enslaved as well as the projections on the wall, its seeing isn’t narrowed down through the puppets yet its light gives it life. This together with the light outside the cave is the threefold soul of which two are matter bound. But we will go into greater detail another time.

Moshiya van den Broek