Their struggle

Both scientists and men of the cloth have been taught what to think, they were given the rules and tools, but what they have not learned is how to think. Nor did they ever learn to know themselves in the way that would free them from their bonds or shackles. To illustrate the blindness it causes, let’s take a mathematician, he hasn’t got the physical object in front of him, he just has a problem which he seeks to solve through both his conditioned mindset and the math tools he’s been taught. Their goal of course is to try to understand and solve the riddle before them, the speed of this, the weight of that, its mass temperature, which particles of the periodic table are present, you name it. They describe its path, what it does, a blackboard full of equations, some that they work with were so complicated that most who use them don’t fully understand them but they use these equations and those who are not familiar with them may think they know the object they describe. Even those mathematicians may think they do. The link below describes the work of a few scientists that think they have found a predictable rule for twin prime numbers, not the higher numbers but in the low range. Don’t worry, we are not going to go all mathematical on you, but just look at it, all complex math, but a little further down is shown geometrically a circle with 6 parts, so much simpler that most of us can understand it. When I look at a tree or a flower I can see a pattern and with that pattern in mind I seek to understand it, they look at math and try to make the math to work, but wouldn’t it be better to look at the pattern and match up the math? Just like Fibonacci did when he looked at the rabbits and how they would multiply. Theoretical mathematics takes their learned concepts as right and build upon it, and where it doesn’t, they create either new particles or new dimensions. If I build something that doesn’t work I start anew, of course I seek to find out why it doesn’t work. Nature isn’t as complex as their math makes it out to be, but have a look at it first:

While we are on this subject, the golden ratio, nearly everywhere they mention 1,618, while the cubit x 5 shows 2,618. One of the scientists asked me, with the intent to disprove that the blueprint can’t explain or show that it’s linked to a bigger pattern if I could show that the 137,5° of where branches of plants /trees are located also fits anywhere else.

So we take the circle of 360 and divide it by 137,5 and we get 2,618…

Now I’ve explained that the zodiac is 25920, but we have to take out the 0.18 for man, so we end up with 25918,2 let’s see 137,5 times the cubit 52,36 equals 71,995 x 360 equals 25918,2.
30 x 71,995 = 2159,85 for each zodiac sign. You think it’s big enough?

The tree of knowledge or our 3D world of good and evil 576 x 137,5 = 7920 the diameter of the earth in miles. 137,5 x the tree of life 480 = 66. And as you may know 792 is a sacred number held high by Freemasons, as above so below.

But I like to explain something important here before I go on, we have words and we give meaning to them each through its own objective, and they don’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone. Yet most who read the bible and are convinced that they fully understand it and that their interpretations are correct do not understand that the original languages were very different and could therefore never reveal an underlying truth. But this is also the case for those who use numbers found in the bible, because numbers are more than that, they spell out the words like our language does, but in our language the meaning is found in the interpretation of the word while in the ancient language it’s the letters/ numbers that give meaning to it. Examples can be found in several articles. Even to the point that a name’s letters describe the path it takes. Clearly seen by the fact that their name changes when they have reached a certain state of being.

About 50 years ago the big C word (consciousness) was a taboo word that no scientist would utter as it would lead to them being seen as a crackpot, now they all like to mention it as part of quantum physics, and here too, without knowing what it is, they will tell you its effects on their experiments. Bathed in all sorts of mathematical equations it may give the impression that they know, but some among them dare to say that it’s safe to say that none of them understands quantum physics, they simply accept the equations from those who were given Nobel prices and use them as they were thought. But their theories can’t connect the world of the small with that of the large, as if there are two different laws. Somewhere between these two they got lost, so in an effort to find the answers they seek to look deeper into the world of particles or further into the distance of the universe.

These come up with some theories and set out to proof them. And herein lies the major problem, to seek to proof something comes from believing their theory to be right, do not forget there are big funds and great fame that awaits them, but when such things become the motivator or driver behind it, then they will fight to hold on to their financed research.

So when they reach such point through building on their gained knowledge of what something does, with formulas to match, and find that it doesn’t result in solving it, like in the case of the world of the small and large, then instead of going back to the so called drawing board they simply add another particle or more dimensions to it. But they will under no circumstances abandon their theory. So when they run into trouble like the double slit experiment they come up with light being a wave at some point and a particle at another, based on another theory of light which is already fundamentally wrong. This has happened throughout the scientific community.
Be it magnetism, light, gravity and dark matter, which must be there because their theory can’t work without it. It dictates that matter must be the cause of an expanding universe. Some of those theories have become so complex that they are blindly accepted and build upon.

It reminds me of Columbus having discovered the Americas is still being taught at schools, and they still are looking for the missing link between monkey and man, another one of a lack of seeing, as there is no missing link, and the answer is simplex and so logical. No, I am not going to simply say  god created, because present day religion doesn’t do much better either nor is it open for truth.

While many think that technology will lead us to great  heights, a kind of galactic race according to Michio Kaku, it’s sad to see that the height of a civilization is measured by its technology.
So is it then consciousness? No, consciousness is an animalistic quality which should become clear when you read the articles, it doesn’t really know right from wrong except what has shaped it, be it cultural, educational, environmental etc. It’s purely matter related , it has several levels, organs too have a level of consciousness just as cells have an exchange of information and so a conditioning. Then what? A rise in awareness? Well aware of what? If you identify with this persona “I” then it’s the conditioned that represents that awareness. Know thyself, but like many who consider to know themselves do not realise they are really slaves of conditioning.

To discover this within taking place is a first step towards a true spiritual life but it’s still like looking in a mirror and saying that’s me, or like identifying with the holographic image projected instead of being the light that produces that image. That light is you could say the soul in which you have to awaken.

Nowadays many are talking about awakening because they see the enslavement of greed, lust, envy, selfishness in others. Just look at all the conspiracy sites, that’s not to say it isn’t so, but to quote Christ, pointing at a splinter in the eye of another while ignoring the beam in thy own eye. Yes they are worse than yours but I guarantee that they say that of you, it’s the nature of the beast, the many masks called legion.

Our kids need to learn these things, not what to think but how to think, how to see, and how to prevent these splinters entering their eyes, otherwise we fail them and they will follow in our footsteps making the same mistakes we taught them.

Then and only then will there be a future worth living in.

Any of you who have seriously studied the articles know that I clearly outline the way on how to (in 4 ways) 1, to read them as you read to memorize (not to contemplate) 7 times, 2,then to read them like you read a book 7 times, 3,then you read and contemplate, try to understand and reflect 7 times and 4, bring into practise. And print them out to do so. The reason for this may not be obvious at first, but I’ll give you a little hint, how you and your subconscious gathers data and how it affects you in thought, action and reasoning.

Some of you might not follow this order or only read as they usually do but I suggest to those who don’t follow this order to look up “Lectio Divina”, Latin for divine reading on Wikipedia or google.

Moshiya van den Broek