The devil in disguise

In just about every religion from Christianity to Buddhism the embodiment of evil is represented as a person and as you know personality comes from the word persona meaning masks, therefore any person who identifies his or herself with the body, feelings and thoughts that arise is ego, Satan or Mara in Buddhism, or really who identifies with name. In other words Jesus the man, Christ the non-persona or Gautama by name and Buddha as non-persona. And the many masks that make up a person or personality is a whole Legion. Yes, his name is legion for we are many. His army! The composite of masks that make up a person. Of the two one is the flame, the son/sun, the other the moon, the first is spirit, the other feeling and mental-ity or tempter. Which is the dual nature, male and female whereby the intellect must become master to sit on the right side of the throne and he is of course the snake or kundalini curled up along the branches of the tree. And just as the moon is but a reflection losing its wholeness effecting it too, as part of the sunlight is absorbed and only part is reflected.

Many of you think that by simply reading the articles you can say “now I know”, but why is it then that your actions and reactions don’t show it? It should have been clear that you are ruled for a great deal by your subconscious, and while it feeds you thoughts, it also takes most of your awareness, and your habit machine takes care of the rest, yes, your subconscious often feeds you those conditioned thoughts and feelings with which you are then occupied and in the meantime subconscious gets more or less free hand. Yes, good for walking and other tasks, but less so in other ways, as your emotional patterns are patterns of habit too.

I’ve explained the different stages of alpha, beta waves etc. in a previous article, and that a child up to 7 years is in a kind of hypnotic state. I say this because in a person under hypnosis it bypasses its awareness and speaks directly to the subconscious, in this state a child is like a sponge, conditioning learning conditioning!  So why do I mention this? Two reasons, first, any kind of thing you wish to do well needs practice before it flows, be it music, driving or any of the qualities you wish to learn like language, math or simply staying alert.  You went to school and learned by repeating, both by reading and practice. Here it is the same, without it you could just as well leave the articles on the bookshelf  to collect dust. Second, I told you that you should read it in 3 ways, in stillness of mind, like a copy machine that doesn’t ask, doesn’t try to understand or think, it just copies to the subconscious. Then you read it as a matter of fact, even if you have these questions that want to come up, ignore them by accepting it as matter of fact. Then read it with intent to comprehend.  And any question that arises should be written down in a notebook and dated. And after having done these 3 seven times you take your notebook and look at the questions again, also be honest to yourself, have you been able to do the practice as intended? Consider the expression “self-control” which implies that there is one that controls and another subject to control, or “at war with myself”. For this I’ll go back to Plato’s cave again and the story of the sun and moon. While the Sun is outside the cave, the flame inside the cave can be considered the Son. The puppets are the emotional, physical and mental conditioning that receive their living light from the flame that shines through them and condition the seeing and hearing to the puppets liking, its name is ego or legion.  Much like the sunlight that lights up the night through reflection of the moon. No matter how much you get from it, it can never outshine the son/sun. In other words it can only show a tiny part of the suns spectrum. This is like trying to understand the world of matter as first cause while its foundation lies in spirit. Remember those single cells having receptors or senses like we have? They don’t perceive the world as is, they are not openings through which we make contact with the world of matter, they are more like switches that transform light into an electrical signal. “Know thyself” is the only way we are the sum of creation, both the light and the blueprint is us and within us.

The whole of Creation is a fractal hologram scattered in many pieces. Even the smallest of fragment, although varying in complexity, has the same principles. Like a single cell who’s receptors are able to pick up a smaller frequency band and more cells pick up more. It was the One I AM that I AM, that we could call the mind of god, that created this 2D holographic blueprint from which the 3D came into being.

Be aware that only the flame is the light of truth and perishes not, ego on the other hand is both the killer and the killed, take not lightly the task at hand!

Gustave Doré 1832 – 1883,
The Temptation by the Devil, engraving — 1865

It is often in ancient texts that we see the master talking to someone other than his true self, like Jesus in the desert when he was tempted. Now this is easily mistaken for another person, while it was his lower self/persona he referred to. In other religious manuscripts it describes a war and a legion they are up against. Remember here also whose name is legion.  So remember there is no other entity which is the tempter, evil personified as separate from the little I. The gaining of liberation they speak about is the full separation of real self from the lower self or I.

Our five senses and body contribute to the upholding of this little I, therefore even after this liberation the body with its own will remains and is by no means then freed of its deteriorating problems. As all that is born is subject to death.

Therefore as long as the spirit and the body are co-existing this war continues between the little I and true self,  physical suffering, desires etc. This co-existence cannot, nor should be removed except at the final separation of body and spirit at the physical death of the body.

Perhaps you will realize in this that when it was said that they should not have idols, statues of the gods etc. That the car is not the driver, that Christ is spirit and Jesus the man. All those images and statues of Mary, Jesus, Buddha and so many more, they are Maya, the false gods. We have fooled ourselves, thinking in forms that which is spirit, looked for it in feelings that which is spirit, while all we can grasp is worldly matter shone upon by moonlight. They are quick to point out evil in another person, but it’s not another person but persona itself that is legion.

Realize this that all senses, the body, thoughts and feelings are Maya, the illusion! Seeking through them does not liberate nor does it bring true wisdom, but what does is knowing the self and Self, the little I and the one between spirit and man, not because one has read or studied it but through experience has made the first steps on the path.

Perhaps it might also become clear when in Buddhism the lotus flower grows from the mud on the bottom of the pond. The body and all of Maya is like this mud, it will never be the lotus flower yet came through it. From clay he was made and to clay he shall return but its light will rise.

But pride, desire, fear etc. will weigh it down. Let none of these drive the vehicle, but look after it for the sake of the journey it must undertake!

Moshiya van den Broek