Beads on a bracelet

When true awareness is the flame in the back of the cave, then the illumination of the stage and puppets is ego awareness. The illumination is not the light, nor is ego your true self.

Each play has a persona that acts like a prism that fills its bucket green of envy, red of anger and makes himself heard, per-sona meaning sound, frequency.

Are you aware of the thoughts arising in the mind? Then awareness and mind are not the same. When you look at your hand, are you aware of your hand or is the hand aware of you?

Are you ego’s slave by its directional mind, or are you its master? But how is one to focus the mind, keep challenge and skill close together with challenge just a step ahead, as too far ahead will lead to anxiety. Focus as to keep the mind in check and not drift from you. Know that self-interest scatters, what do I get out of it? Selfish focus is very narrow, it can’t see whole. Unselfishness is relaxed, what you love is easy focus so let it be devotion of truth.

Now many a question arise, for instance what happens when I die? And many such questions are what is to be considered ego based questions. But what’s that one thing by which all can be known?

Here we go deeper into the story of the man who lived in the cave and all he ate was wheat. Yes in this world we may eat the fruits of our labour, and use its properties like hemp to make cloth and robe. But the real spiritual meaning is spirit, conscious awareness, through this all is made. If you know its essence you’ll know its effects.

When most pray, it is for the enhancements of their lives, when in need, when suffering, for improvement of their lives, circumstances, when in trouble or want, and that’s OK. God as convenience. That is  conventional religion for most. GOD FOR LIFE  OR  LIFE FOR GOD.

Study the concept of free will, the illusion of it when you continue to eat of the tree, contemplate, what does it mean to eat of that tree?

Someone said, I had an accident, but I felt something was going to happen, what is this premonition? Is that the higher self? Now who is the planner? If ego draws your attention away by feeding thoughts does he then not also know what will happen? Especially if you needed to pay attention so you would not fall? And how does he gain your trust? By making you believe him, and his ability to give you premonition. A cheap magic trick to draw away someone’s attention. These tricks are done all the time on stage. A real knowing doesn’t need thoughts. What are your senses? Seeing? Do you really see? Or do you pick up frequencies that are then turned into electrical signals in the brain and create an image. Or do you really smell something? Or are the receptors picking up the frequencies of the molecules which are then transformed into electrical signals that resonate with its collected impressions of similar signature. How else could it be that a mystical experience for a Christian makes him see Jesus and a Buddhist sees Buddha etc. Signals are translated by conditioning. But look at animals who don’t have an ego that they identify with through thoughts, they know when an earthquake is coming. And that’s not premonition either, but awareness of the frequencies without ego translating it to its limited personalised ideas. Why do you think monks practice no mind? If truth lies beyond mind, and mind is creating interference, then how can truth ever reach you? Recall the moments you couldn’t recall a name and only later when mind wasn’t busy it popped up? All those signals firing away is like a busy street full of traffic and the answer can’t cross until it stops for the traffic light. At school you learn by making what you are told your own, and any question you have is because it’s not yet learned. So you take in what the teacher tells you, by practice you get the skill. Then after a while you say I know. But if you tried it on your own  it would take very long to find it all out if at all. They make you practice, they make you read, so the mind gets filled with that knowledge so it can recognize like on auto pilot, like driving a car. At first the mind tries to think of everything, drawing your attention from one thing to the next trying to think of everything at once, hardly able to keep track of all as you listen to that insecure mind, but by practice it starts to flow and driving becomes easy. Even if we learn wrong things, they become the way we do and see things. It’s called conditioning. To alter it means we have to let go of the ideas we had and replace them with new insights. But the old tries to hold on, that’s what makes it difficult, it’s the old that questions it. That’s why I say first read it as you learned at school, like history, make it your own, even if your conditioned mind wants to question it, don’t listen just take it in with a stilled mind, truth is timeless it’s both past and future and present, then practice seeing it, and it will start seeing the logic of it all. No one can teach you seeing the spiritual world, as only you can open your inner eye to see it, all I can do is show you how to clear the path that leads you to the door, but you have to enter it, where you and all are one. A world where mind has difficulty even handling a few things at the same time can never see the whole.
But all this doesn’t mean that we can’t pick up things that could be considered insights into future events, as I’ve explained the aether is outside of time so to speak, but this is only under special circumstances and at times when mind isn’t interfering.

Now we go back to numbers/letters (and don’t forget they describe). You may remember the 45 and 54. If not then please reread the previous articles, and you will also remember the 25920 of the great year/zodiac.  54 x 96 turning points is 5184. This pentagram differs from those on the tree of knowledge, as this one can reach into daath, the tree of life.

And this number of transformation is meaningless, even for those who juggle with these numbers, until they can connect it to something, because god doesn’t play dice as Albert Einstein said, it’s a precise science. As above so below, as in small so in large for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Who’s eye becomes single!

So the great year divided by 5184 is 5, in other words the pentagram.
And if we divide the 25920 by 432 we get 6, in other words the hexagram.
And you know in the tree of life they are linked, the 5 and 6 pointed star, so let’s see if we take 5184, the pentagram, and instead of 5 we divide it by 6 the hexagram we get 864.
Now if we do the same with the 432 and instead of the 6 we divide it by the 5 we get 86,4. Now if we add 864 plus 86,4 we get 950,4. And if we add 4320 plus 5184 we get 9504.

We know that 44 or 4 days and 4 nights, or 40 days and 40 nights stand for being lost, at sea, desert or wilderness etc. In other words eating of the tree of knowledge and his name is equal to 666. Well 9504/6/6/6= 44. Yes he lives in all of you, he has many faces but his name is ego.

So what about Christ? Why does he stand for 888? Well 9504/8/8/8=18.5625. 18 stands for man and 56.25 is the ark of covenant, look up its measure in the bible!

As you will see 9504/18=528 and that’s the frequency in you.
If we divide 9504 by the 66 books we get the 144. As Christ is the trinity 9504/3= 3168 the value of lord Jesus Christ. And we had to be reborn or collect the scattered sparks that had fallen, the 288. So when was it that he died and arose? 33 so 9504/33=288.

Just a little about the different cultures and religions and the fact they all come from the same source.
Sumerian story: from creation to the flood 432.000 years.
The Bible 1656 years is 864 weeks.
The Edda of the Vikings: there are 800 warriors and 540 doors from Valhalla 800 x 540 = 432.000
Kali yuga is 432.000 years.
The base pyramids 72 reeds by 72 reeds is 5184 square reeds.

Be it science, religion or spirituality, if they don’t fight among each other they consider themselves higher than the other. Ego would rather reject truth than admit they haven’t got it. Ego only seeks to find and reject in accordance to its self-created idea about truth. And for a long time that was pretty easy because it belonged to the unseen world. Only belief, occasionally accompanied by juggling of numbers as long as they could get a few familiar sacred numbers, and they shout that the truth is revealed. Books printed, videos made, it has become commercial business, big time! And if you do not charge big money for your course to enlightenment then it can’t be worth much. Not realizing by doing so they break a major law.
If they could patent it they would, and some do. Even scientists are getting on the bandwagon, they talk about enlightenment and how easy it is if you follow their course, buy their dvd’s or come to their seminars, they will dress the part, team up with yogis and gurus, they consider a flash of awareness, of peacefulness, of love as being enlightenment. But they feed on your desire for a better life and world.

Truth is yours, it always was. If someone offers his life for you so that you can find that narrow path, from which you wandered off a long long time ago, that leads to it, and you help him to help others too, then you already show gratitude, and actively share, but also show that you are aware that it’s not just gathering knowledge but living it.

Moshiya van den Broek