A telescope to look at ourselves, a microscope to see the universe.

There are so many terms used for aether. Science rejected it because it was too close to the idea of spirit and the majority of the scientists seeks the answers in matter. This has led to the very things they tried to avoid, spooky action where somehow particles are connected and respond in a faster than light kind of way. Then there are a few daring scientists that come up with scalar waves, others speculate and say the universe is fractal, yet others say it’s holographic. Then others say it’s electric, that gravity is an incoherent dialectic electric field, that space is volume magnetism, and counter space inertia power, force and motion, that the centre of a magnet is counter space. And in a way they all have part of truth. But much like the best lie has a grain of truth. But at the same time it leads to a blockage because they see  their theory as the only one. The truth is that it is closer to all of them as one. It is fractal as it is in large and small, it is holographic as it is 2D to 3D, it is point source as in 1D, it is dialectic and magnetic, electric, it is toroidal. The Bose Einstein condensate at 1° above absolute zero is torus shaped with 3 points at each side, while at 2° it jumps to 26 points. Now as god created everything in 6 days, the whole structural mechanics of the blueprint of god’s plan must be found already in the first part, “in the beginning …”, the language of creation, the aleph beth or alphabet.

Now the tree of life and the tree of knowledge have 3 kinds of star configurations. The tree of life has a pentagram based on a 15 division of the circle and the star of David and the tree of knowledge two opposite pentagrams.

Now where are the letters/numbers, and ultimately the names? Let me provide you with a few hints.

The tree of life has a 5 and 6 pointed star but by their joining have 7 points, the zodiac of course has 12 and there are 10 sefirot.

Elohim said 10 times
Elohim saw  7 times
Elohim made 3 times
Elohim linked to 12 other words

If you check, the first two days are made up of 69 words. Day one has 31 and day two has 38, Capricorn and Aquarius, day 3 has 69 words, Pisces, day 4 has 69 days, Aries.

Now we spoke of the centre line going through the two circles, it is a 6 letter word bereshite, “ in the beginning”, each letter spelled out gives us 22. Tav, yud, shin, aleph, resh, Seth, Qysh, chimmel, yud, daleth. Now you also know these two circles are made by the 5 and 6 pointed stars that make 7 points that divides the two circles, and if you recall this radius was π. Pi to calculate the circle vice versa because we knew the year length of the zodiac. And if you check ancient texts you’ll find 22/7 as estimate of PI.

Now another important point. I’ve explained that you are in the body/ark ,the ark of Noah that is. And I’ve said that you enter 45 and exit at 54 shown in the number structure. Now I’ve also told you that the 39 books of the old testament are the laws and the 27 of the new testament is the path to be completed. Now there are actually two stories of Noah’s ark in Genesis 6 – 8. One known as the priestly source and the yahwist interleaved so that the result appears to be just one, and for the uninitiated it seems that Noah and his family spend two different periods on the ark. Depending on which account you follow. According to the priestly source, they entered the ark on the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month ( Genesis 7 : 11). In the six hundredth and first year, in the first month, the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from the earth; and in the second month, on the seventh and twentieth (27) day of the month, was the earth dried. And god spoke to Noah (Genesis 8:13a.14-15).Noah and his family spend one year and 10 days in the ark before the lord asked them to come out.  According to the yahwist version. The flood was forty days upon the earth (Genisis 7-17). And it came to pass at the end of forty days. Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made (Genisis 8:6). He stayed yet another seven days and again he sent forth the dove, and he stayed yet another seven days and sent forth the dove (Genisis:10,12). Noah and his family spend fifty four days in the ark before he could leave and build an altar to god.

The priestly verses: Genesis 6:9-22, 7:6, 7:8-9, 7:11, ,7:13-16a , 7:18-21, 7:24, 8:1-2a, 8:3b-5, 8:7, 8:13a, 8:14-19, 9:1-17.
Yahwist verses: 6:5-8, 7:1-5, 7:7, 7:10, 7:12, 7:16b-17, 7:22-23, 8:2b-3a, 8:6, 8:8-12, 8:13b, 8:20-22.

Now there are those who say that the bible has some contradictions. But where a story is being told by different authors and the stories don’t match,  it should be clear that like the difference here it is about leaving your ark and not having made the altar and leaving the ark and having made the altar. About having awakened or not. Again I am not going to reveal all as it’s important for you to go through the steps instead of thinking that gathering knowledge is equal to the state of being through experience, but it should be clear that it’s a perfect match with the structure shown in a previous article. Some of you might have come across some of the YouTube gurus who say that the gospel of Thomas should have been in the bible with at least 40 to 45 other books, but the gnostic knowledge is still there for those who have eyes to see, and the reason why it’s not in there is that even now they misinterpret its true essence. And misused ask yourself, who reads it? Who uses it? Ego, it fears truth and if it has enslaved you it will use it against you. But then most consider themselves free, or only slave through external or of external sources such as governments etc. But not of ego. When he finds he will become agitated, he will be astounded and will reign over the all. If you know yourself, you will be known and you’ll understand you are the sons of the living father, but if you don’t know yourself you will dwell in poverty, and you will be poverty, “gospel of Thomas”.

We seek happiness, but whatever pleasure you’re looking for out there or in heaven, in this world or the next, all of them  are not out there. It’s your own pleasure you are tasting, when we want/desire, it will blind us and it obscures  our own inherent inner bliss, what we are! Not our mind or subtle body feeling or emotions. Let’s look at for instance a piece of cake, when you eat it it will give you pleasure, and you’ll want more. But when you get it all the time, it diminishes. So the source cannot be the object of desire. Look at what happens, your mind and subtle body are driving you, feeding you with thought and feelings to get it, and what happens when you get it? Yes, that pleasure, but what’s more, it provides inner peacefulness. What you are actually tasting is a bit of your true nature. But ego attaches it to the object. And you identify with this body, mind, and feeling body. So by stilling that mind and through experience not being ego’s hands and feet, we will be closer to our true nature and in need of far less and we will remain true to our real nature that is above all “things”. As it can only shine forth through a calm and peaceful mind. All that the drive of economy is, is  tension and release of tension. Just look if the piece of cake is the source of happiness and then having cake all the time, would it give you more and more happiness? No, it actually gets less. A new car you longed for finally yours, each day you clean it, look through the window if it’s safe and finally? Once a week you’ll clean it and  next you give the boy next door a few euros to wash it. And the cake? If you don’t get bored with it you’ll eventually get sick of it, this too is reflected in Plato’s cave and in the bible. If I recall there is a story in de Vedas about a dog that found a bone, and as he starts to chew on it a splinter cuts his inner lip and the dog thinks this bone tastes great, but what he tasted was his own blood. He buries the bone so he can eat of it regularly. Isn’t it silly that you’re driven by ego and emotions that trigger the mind to activity to get something to get a peaceful mind. While it is your true nature in the first place. We seek what we already are, what we always had. We’ve looked for it in places and things that are the very cause of cutting ourselves of.

So when it’s said know thyself, it starts with knowing what you are not.

Converting earthly love into godly love, through seeing god’s love in all and everyone.

Moshiya van den Broek