34. The Way of Old and the New Way

The way of old: bhakti yoga
The realisation you are not this body.
The new way: the way of wisdom
The realisation you are not this mind.

Mind is only conscious of sensory perception, because you have come to understand it, by it making connections through experience and so made you trust it.

At first as a child, they were the basics such as hunger and warmth. When your need for food as a baby makes the tummy cramp and makes you cry, the soothing breast milk will quiet your cramping tummy down. Little by little food becomes associated with comfort and taste develops.
You start to distinguish different tastes as each receptor becomes aware of itself in the food you take. It makes connections together with the images registered by the eyes, nose and structural feeling.

The more often this build structure in the mind is satisfied, the stronger it becomes in seeking of itself. Its wish to experience of self happens throughout your life. Some you recognize others you do not. Emotions/feelings are such instruments that this lower self will use to satisfy its need of self-experience. It will trigger related words to rise to the screen/mind.

Yet all these are like a lower form of g-d. The screen is a lower version of the big screen of g-d on which your life is acted out. Even the self-awareness is a reflection of the true awareness that sees all.

But do not mistake the screen for g-d, or mistake the mind to be g-d. They too are merely his instruments to express and reflect.

But also do not make the mistake that g-d would need to think. Thinking is only proof of not knowing, of seeking. G-d does not need to seek.

To eat of the fruit of the tree, is to taste of its beauty and experience. As seed falls to the ground, into darkness, soil and water makes it arise back to the light.

Just as the seed(your body) is not you, so is the plant with its leaves not you but merely instruments to develop the flowers and the seeds that fall from it, merely to spread the field of experience.

That it is not connected to the tree itself anymore does not mean it is not still part of it, but more like a single part that experiences from a different angle from the light and soil.

That is how you need to look at your sisters and brothers, as they are all seeds from the same plant, the fingers of the same hand.



Moshiya van den Broek