Wisdom that was lost

Our language, and I mean our present day language, is kind of a shallow language with near to no depth to it. Yes, we give names to things, often like it to reflect our own name if we found or invented something, sometimes it’s a little descriptive like gear box or automatic transmission, but it’s made up of words that we created. And we could have come up with other words or names, difficult to imagine now but without having a word for a car because there was no car yet we could have called it “destinator” but many names are not based on any logic. Why do we call a cow a cow, a horse a horse or a monkey a monkey?  Do we get to its meaning when we dissect the word? I mean down to its individual letters? No, the letters don’t reveal anything. Nothing of its essence that makes up the word monkey, but we can characterize, we can describe a monkey, human like and monkey see monkey do. The animal’s nature so to speak, like many humans who’s monkey nature rules them, copying what it collected, without free will.
Now Adam was told to name the animals (in accordance to their inner nature) because he could see.  All the words of old were like this, love seen through its individual letters and what they represent shows its qualities, to give and wisdom. Then each letter represents a number too, collectively as well as each letter spelled out. Aleph is 1  but spelled out it’s 111, yhwh  is 26 but if you look at aleph it’s made of 3 individual letters jod vav jod, its values are 10-6-10=26 the 1. And if we take yhwh and calculate each individually we get 45. Saying he is in each of us and we in him. Because Adams value is 45. Yes, just as the arc (of Noah) with the animal nature in you, the zodiac sign. 480 was the tree of life, so 45 x 480= 2160 and 52,36 x 45= 576 tree of knowledge. And 54 x 480 = 25920 completed.

And 2160 is a cycle too, recall 40 days and 40 nights, 45 times x 4+4=8=360. There are 6 times 360 in 2160. So 54?  54 x 4+4=8=5184 which makes up the pentagram 51,84 x 5 = 25920.

So number describes the path.

Let’s go back. A Tzadik in Hebrew is the righteous one, a spiritual master and if we look at the meaning of the individual letters it tells us that a Tzadik is he who controls his inner monkey.

Here is a key to unravel. 3 x 52,36 = 157.08. But 51,84/33= 157.090909. There is only one pentagram that rises up into daath.
480 + 576 = 1056

A language that describes its nature, its path purpose and relationship in such a way that not one iota can be out of place. Many a religion, or that is what they consider themselves to be, are in fact cults that let the monkey do the translation and think they have free will while in truth they continue to eat of the tree of knowledge.

God created the letters and with them he made everything, in the beginning created AT, yes look it up, in the Torah at stands for aleph tav. The alpha and omega. This is why I told you there are 304803 letters and not 304805 because these first and last don’t belong to you. The I am.

So Adam had a spark of god, entered the ark with a star sign traveling through the zodiac, tossed around without rudder on the tree of good and evil to eventually get control of his monkey nature and  ends up on top of the mountain. The individual letters/numbers expand the storyline  in great detail. The base story line as you read it is a kind of pictorial one while within it, it is detailed and the whole universe with all its parts are the outcome and it follows the construct or plan god made, this means size, place and all effects from planets, plants, animals, conscious, the laws, are all his handiworks.

And as long as science seeks the source in matter itself they will forever chase its own tail. The blueprint and true driver is the aether, the invisible track we follow. In its structure it holds the laws that governs the world of matter. While a few realized by pure logic that science is wrong to think that light is a wave or moves, they are blinded by their ego again because they know something looking down on others but by doing so close themselves off for an even greater knowledge.

Through having studied the material provided you’ve come across many numbers. Some you’ll have recognized as sacred numbers and many give those numbers mystical meanings, or simply durations of frequencies because they still only see conditionally that numbers are quantitative and not qualitative.

You recognize some of them in the Kali yuga 432.000 Treta yuga 1296.000 Satya yuga 1728 etc. Or 51.84 in the step pyramids. Others see the very same numbers in the Sumerian kings list 288.000, 360.000, 432.000 etc. and say they must be alien  gods to be able to live that long.

But back to the language of god, the word of god is a silent one, it cannot be uttered like talking as there are no vowels, so not read in the material world. Vowel points were added. Both Hebrew and Greek letter has a symbolic meaning and a numeral value, in other words alphanumeric structure. This would make the letters that are used to structure a word objective rather than subjective when they have vowel points. Then when they finished writing the sacred scriptures without vowel points, they added vowel points to give the texts a mythological story that would aid into understanding the spiritual context.

So it should be clear that any translation will have lost and unaware be  missing 2/3. Readers will only see the words they are familiar with and not see the symbolism and numbers that structures a biblical word.

But the Greek implemented letter and number in accordance to the sacred knowledge too, others used a pictorial language next to a textual one like in Egypt. The old church fathers knew this too, but they secured it through the art and construct architectures. But eventually that knowledge got lost and remained only with a very select group. And just like secret societies have a way to recognize each other, they too had, Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, John Dee, Eliphas Levi, Plato etc. 

There are so many clues, such as the two kinds of light, the light of the sun to the earth and that of the moon, and for instance the 6 days of creation symbolically referring to the first 6 months of the solar calendar, whereas esoterically the first two verses of genesis and the second to the fourth chapter of genesis symbolize the fourth to the ninth zodiacal sign, then there are the 36 deacons of 72. All to be found in accordance to their qualities as characters/ attributes. Most who have read the basic kabbalah have seen the 10 Sefirot, meaning attributes/emanations. Now think wheels within wheels, or the zodiac reflected onto the inner wheels, and imagine you at the centre and your birth makeup through the bigger wheel above, very much with a purpose. Yes you have a unique place in the whole, just like your fingerprint is. Not more not less, because true value isn’t measured by material weight or bank accounts, remember  it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person. And do not take this lightly, because it’s here, in this life, where you build your staircase to heaven or ladder to hell. Consider the fact that the reason when you look at them with jealousy or envy instead of with their greed and lust you are also constructing a ladder of your own. On top of it all, see how easily they fall pray due to being able to go for their temptations, and who really gives them that power? They are so much slave to it that they wave a few bills in front of those who haven’t and play dog to get it. When they make a donation it is tax deductible so it doesn’t cost them anything and often gain an image of being good. While you donate either by gratitude or seeing the need of the world. Look at  these ministers, presidents, movie stars etc. They have imagemakers telling them to pick up a baby, or kiss a child, or go to Africa so they can be shown to care to win your vote or gain publicity. Those thoughts didn’t enter your mind did they!?
There are more and more who don’t agree with any of these political parties anymore as they promise (to get your vote) but never deliver, and stop voting all together. But your vote is lost to the winner, so donate and vote for us, for you, for a radical change. Vote for truth and no hidden agendas, don’t wait for others, start now, yes it might feel like you’re on your own, as very few are becoming aware. If you wait for others you’ll wait forever until it’s too late. But you’re not alone, in fact those who do are going to be the only ones that are not on their own, all other relationships are really no relationship at all and will die with ego.

Some may wonder and ask, but what is life if we don’t have emotions, no feelings? Yes, it gave you identity, this is yours and that is mine, but are they not qualities of love? Respect isn’t an emotion. Emotions, including the love that has conditions, isn’t love, love as I mentioned before is full of wisdom, it leaves nothing out. Emotions on the other hand are born in blindness. Yes, you might say I am a soul living in a body, yes, you might say there is life after physical death, yes, you might say you believe in god or you don’t, yes, there is reason behind everything, and believe in karma, even hell and guardian angels, but if that belief were a knowing would you feel fear, anger, jealousy, greed etc.? If god is all wise then why do you have doubts?

Because you don’t understand, your knowledge reaches only so far, it is that tree of knowledge of  good and evil, of black and white, of light and darkness, of day and night but not the true world of spirit. And yes, many will argue and say I had an experience, I’ve seen angels, talked to …, had this feeling of oneness with all etc. But ask yourself who was the one that experienced? Through and by ….. How come that a Muslim sees Mohammed, Christians see Jesus or Mary and Buddhists Buddha? The eye of the beholder! It’s conditioned just like one who loves dogs and another fears them. It’s turning around in the cave and seeing the puppets through the eyes those puppets created. But never from the flame point of view, never the burning bush of truth. Perhaps you remember that Adam named the animals and he named them by their nature and on 4 levels because he could see them in truth. He knew the nature of plants, like flowers facing the sun, which were for food and which had medicinal properties. Their senses were attuned to nature, and they lived in harmony with it. But humanity’s senses became slave of emotions.

True, they were more advanced than we are, but we measure by technology trying to understand the world, they knew the world and what created it.

Moshiya van den Broek