Crumbles along the way

If god created the world, did he also create the passing of time, the cycles? And if he did do you think he has to move the hand of time every millisecond or continue to turn the wheel? Or would he have created it in such way that he could take a rest? Why do I ask you wonder? For a few reasons. Aside from wanting you to ponder on it, I want to create a situation that makes you look a little differently at some biblical texts. Why? Because of fundamentalism, because many think that they know the essence and that’s enough, they read the story as a real story and consider that to be the only truth that matters. Now if god is able to take a rest on day seven does that mean chaos for the world? Or does it mean it’s running perfectly? A few things that should lead to contemplation. Satan being given permission to test Job.

We have to believe, but the angels and Adam and Eve had god in front of them. Would you then fall for a fig or an apple? There are many who take all literally.

The old language contains 4 layers. Some of the Hebrew and Greek scholars don’t even fully understand anymore, and now they consider a translation of one layer to be a truth that is greater than the 4? The pardes, translated as orchard, later as paradise, has 4 rivers flowing into one “language”.

In the beginning it created Elohim, the it as ain soph. Or as all mystics called g-d no-thing-ness, Nada etc. Not a thing and unknowable. The very first thing he created was the circle, the womb. And in the circle he built his castle.

Now there is a story of a man who lived in the wilderness. He drank milk of his goat, water from the river and ate wheat from his field. One day he went to the city for the very first time, and in the inn he was offered a piece of bread. He ate of it and asked what is it made of? Wheat the innkeeper said. Oh, I know its essence, said the man. Then he was offered a piece of loaf sprinkled with olive oil and he asked what it was made of? Wheat, the innkeeper said. Oh, I know its essence, the man replied and didn’t eat it. Finally he was given baklava saturated with honey. Again he asked what  it was made of and the innkeeper said it was made of wheat. Oh, I know its essence, the man said again and he didn’t eat it.
Now this story relates to the man of the wilderness who knows the literal text. It’s like knowing wood but having no skills to make furniture or a dwelling of it. Or knowing which plants can heal illness but not knowing how to extract the medicinal properties from the plants. But the truth is even worse and can be seen everywhere around us. The devil, where is he to be found? They are quick to point him out, but he hides where they least expect him, and if you don’t really know him, how then would you know how he tricks you? Or when he does so?

Another additional way of looking at this story. The essence is that knowledge you’ve gathered. While it is coloured by your limited points of view, it is with what you measure all else with and therefore you are unable to see the truth. Let’s say you learned that there is matter and only matter and there is space, empty space, and you seek to understand the universe, then you would seek the answer in matter. You would try to understand how matter creates all there is. Even light, they now say: it’s a particle in one moment and it’s a wave in another moment. But this mate(r)-realistic point of view makes us blind for the fact that a wave is not a thing! Just like a wave is not the sea. It’s a field propagation, just like the illumination is.

The same thing happens to you. Your conditioning, when asked to know thyself, will first lead you to judge yourself through the conditioning. In the depiction of Plato’s cave, it’s you turning around and seeing the puppets and at the same time looking through them and judging the flame. But the real meaning is like the wave you consider a thing, the real knowing thyself is seeing from the flame point of view.

But is your limited point of view the only source of information to which you respond and judge? No, there is the world around you influencing you too. And not just the world of matter.

The soul is perfect form in spirit, corrupted in matter. There is an electrical current flowing through your brain/mind that is producing a magnetic field and you have a sort of antenna (known as your senses), attracting and rejecting.
But this blueprint is also present on a smaller scale, your cells. They too have senses of perception on their skin, with keys and key holes like your 5 senses, each receiving in accordance of its own (conditioned) frequencies. Even your genes have a skin with similar receptors. Hormones work the same way. What does that mean? They are all consciousness! But science has made a similar mistake when they said your DNA determines the qualities and conditions in and of your life. And  there is no junk DNA which they say there is. It’s you that (can) control it. The genes are more of a blueprint, a storage of commands.

Your mind, the 3 brains, are the government that rules your population of individuals CELLS.

Let’s go back to that conditioning and our state of being through our level of awareness .
From still being in the womb to the age of 2 we are receptive on a delta wave level, and from about 2 years to 6 or 7 years it shifts to tetra, alpha and beta. The first, delta and tetra, can be seen as a kind of hypnotic state, whereby the sub consciousness builds its basics without any reasoning ,which then moves to the kind of imaginary state. The alpha is a more calm or still kind of meditative state and beta the active state. A shift in frequency, the lower ones related to the sub consciousness which runs many of the underlying programs, ranging from breathing to walking , driving, writing etc. It takes in everything else in its own image and feeds it back to you as habits and judgement. It is able to deal and pick up anywhere from 20 to 40 billions of bits a second while your normal conscious level can only process a fragment of that. In general your daily life is lived for 95 to 99% from a subconscious level.  The 3 brains are mainly habitual and not creative in that state. It is a feedback system looking for patterns, looking for itself. Even if it’s not fully so, remember the garden hose and snake.

So what is that heightened awareness like? As so many ask me, how can one hold on to that awareness and not be lost in that subconscious mode, the persona, ego?

As you recall, I said love and wisdom are qualities of God. And our love ? Well it has the tendency to be conditional. But let’s look at when we fall in love. Is there a moment that passes by where our mind is on auto drive? Or are we very mindful? Do we pay attention in a way that differs from our usual behaviour? Although still blind, our mind is not in the past or the future but in the present moment. Let me ask you to take a moment and try to become filled with raging anger…. or to be terrified by fear….. just for a minute or so….  Did you manage?  I am pretty sure you weren’t able, were you? While you have likely enough reasons in your memory to do so yet you weren’t able. The reason is that it is not in the nature of awareness, it is only through the sub consciousness that it can live through you.
Just as in the moments you’re living in that 99% state  it can categorize and add to itself, it cannot in the moments of awareness.

Now back to your receptors or senses. Skin, eyes, nose, ears and taste, they are like antenna’s, receivers. But your brain is electrical, or better said its activity is electrical in nature, it means that it’s magnetic too. In other words it’s polarized and like a magnet it is influenced from a distance. Others have that too, like the sun and the stars and they too are blasting out positive and negative ions that are influencing you. A good example to illustrate this fact is the influence the moon has, not only on the tides of the ocean but on the flow of menstruation in women as well. And also consider the fact that blood too is ionized. Now it shouldn’t be too difficult anymore to see that your birth in relation to the stars you were born under has its influence in polarization.
I’ve told you that each cell has these receptors too on its skin, even DNA, so they too are influenced by both you and your mental state as well as by the light, its electromagnetic field. But there is a very big difference between the present day astrology which is just a very, very tiny part of a whole science.

Now although I’ll go through it only very briefly, each cell is in a way build in the same way as you are. You should also be able to see that this is so for the whole of the kingdom from the simplest of first living cell to the collective cells that make up the animal kingdom where some receptors are developing qualities that complement the whole towards a balance. The plant kingdom, mineral, celestial bodies, again an expression that flows from the blueprint and this is throughout the uni-verse. The united song of creation. And when humanity rediscovers its true nature they will become the centre of a new unified verse.

You’ve tried to look within and recognize how this sub conscious with its blindness has made you its slave through which it lives out its life with various results, you  have tried to override it or change its “mind-set” only to experience that it has a mind of its own. You may have set yourself a goal to go on a diet, stop smoking, or alter a habitual reaction towards situations or persons. As there are two different minds,  you’ve been talking to the wrong mind.

Now hypnosis, be it self-hypnosis or otherwise, is through the subconscious. Suggestions are made that might influence a person for a short period and in some cases lead to stopping for a little while, or like stage hypnoses make you act out whatever is suggested, but on its own it doesn’t last. Several reasons can be given. First, the old idea or habit is far deeper interwoven in memory, second, the old convictions are not removed nor have they been freed from blindness, third, there is no link between awareness and the subconscious.

We find indications of  this conditioning in our present, for instance the inability to achieve goals no matter how hard you try. They reveal the subconscious mind set, like not being good enough, or thinking that happiness is something for the lucky ones but not for you, because of the big list the subconscious has collected of what you must have and be  in order to be happy. And the constant idea that if this or that happens then I can be happy tomorrow. You are so busy with the future and/or the past that you’re never in that present, like you were when you were IN love.

So what is needed is that the sub consciousness has its foundation in the truth. Or in other words in sync with your awareness in truth.  
The practice was there to enter into hades, which can be in two ways, one, to recall those past emotions but without identifying with them and to look at them with present awareness so your present light can shine on it. Or to have awareness in the presence of a rising emotion, yes to catch it in the act so to speak and then to look at it with the knowledge that you have gained, a presence of truth. That is why I also tell you to print the articles so while reading you implant it in the subconscious. It is said that those who read the bible in such a way, in faith you are closer to god. But as explained more is needed.

Being unaware of being a slave is like the man that goes to the doctor, and the doctor asking what is the problem? And the man said, it’s really terrible. Everywhere I touch it hurts, my head, my chest, my legs, my arms, my nose and feet, all feel like having been beaten up and I can hardly deal with the pain. Everything I touch with my finger makes me scream in agonizing pain. So the doctor runs all possible tests ,and the man asks the doctor if he has found anything wrong with him. Well none of the tests have revealed anything, except a broken finger!

As your thoughts that arise in you are based on emotions, you are living in the past making it your future.

If you are light, but look through that narrow slit of conditioning, then your field of vision is like a laser trying to light the room.

Moshiya van den Broek