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In an email I was asked the following: dear Moshiya, the practice is giving me a deeper insight into the underlying causes of my current state of being. My question is: are you talking about changing our past or the way I see the past and so stop experiencing those deep rooted blind emotions and thereby become a different person?
Answer: No. I am not talking about changing your past, although at first it might look that changing the way you see the past would be the goal here, but it is not, while it is true that you may see it in a different light. The real aim here is to see how you were misdirected by it, and  because you identify with it, saying: my past, my thoughts, my feelings, but the truth is that you are merely the puppet on a string, tied in the cave.

It’s about awakening in pure awareness that is separate from this body and all its instruments. The realization of being in it but not of it. A tool and vehicle to function in this world, to use it, but not to be used by it. So the practice is to be the observer, to see that when the little I/ego was left to its own devices because of your attachment, your awareness kind of fell asleep. This is the story of the fall of Adam and Eve, they tasted of the  senses and lost awareness of their godly nature. Because they identified with the instrument.

As I know most who come to this website usually read the last article first, while others scroll and pick one that fits with their interest, they really miss out on the purpose of the intention of the 360 articles which is to gradually get familiar with the whole structure of creation and its purpose. While it is the structure/blueprint and underlying principle of everything and will likely give the impression that it must be rather complex, it is simplex but not simple, especially because you’ll try to fit it to or measure it against your personalized believe system. But when you put aside judgement (knowing that after study and practice you can always go back to your idea about everything) you’ll notice that slowly you’ll start to see the logic and have things falling into place, this because you’ll get to know thyself in the process. So for this reason I will start with the beginning of the story.

There is a function that applies to all prime numbers. Every prime number reduced to a single integer by addition will become one of 6 integers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 or 8. You will never obtain 3, 6 or 9. These 2 sets total 45 where 18/45=2/5 and 27/45=3/5. It turns out that 3/5 represents infinite time results, and 2/5 represents finite time results. Both are needed to solve the Riemann Hypothesis. Pi is also interwoven in the structure.

So let us look at the two trees and Nicola Tesla’s famous statement again: he who knows the meaning of 3, 6 and 9 knows the universe. For this we need to go back to the zodiac and its circumference again for a moment, and take the 25920 and divide it by Pi which gives us  8250.57295645530939648586707410236822 and as they are cubits we multiply it by 52,36 and we get 432.000 as the diameter. This you should so far be familiar with. Now let’s look at the trees in the middle of the garden. One as you know is the tree of knowledge 576, and the other, the tree of life. Let’s start with the tree of knowledge 576. We know that they are two joined vessels of 288 sparks or degrees and it’s 72 short of 360. So the part that would overlap is 1/5 which means the total  height will be 10 minus the one fifth. But if we look at the tree of life which is 480 we know the two circles overlap at 240 degrees in order to make the vesica piscis, but you also know that the middle line is equally divided in 3 parts. Therefore to determine the diameter of one circle we need two parts, in other words we divide the 432 by 3 equals 144 times two is 288. Which means the diameter of one  determines the degree of the other.

We divided by 3, now we divide by 9. 432/9=48.0 which when divided by two is 24.0 and to make the vesica we need two vessels of 240.  Leaves us the 6. And when we divide 432 by six we get 72. And from here we move back to 3 again (look at the sequence shown in the prime number/solfeggio) therefore 6 (72) x 3 =  216.0 and you recognize 2160 as one sign of the zodiac 30°. Now the turning point and full turn of the circle within the zodiac is 1.5 times or 9/6=1.5, just like the extended pentagram is drawn by dividing the circle by 15 (the goddess of 15) and the difference between 576 and 480 is 96. But also the arms of the galaxy. These points are hidden in the 27 books of the new testament  27 x 96 = 2592.0. It’s the 30 degree of the arm of the pentagram and the 60 of the hexagram. From below to above and the 9 becomes the 6 visa versa. And 6 x 96 below is of course 576. While 9 x 6 =864. Once the whole cycle is completed 576 + 864 =1440. And of course I do not need to tell you that Daath the 33rd times 96 gives you 3168 the value of the lord Jesus Christ (Greek), all that in the ark of Noah or the Whole song is sung 45 x 96 =  432. And those who searched in the alchemy, the 45 turned around is 54 and 54 x 96 = 5184.
Now I could tell you about 66 and 88 but all you see is numbers. But here is a latest news item of NASA: the Hubble space telescope makes a shocking new discovery never seen before, they have spotted a what they call a potentially ground breaking new discovery with the sighting of electrically charged C60 molecules in the interstellar medium, ISM in short. The molecules that are shaped like footballs, the elements that form the ISM are crucial in the formation of stars and planetary bodies as they are pulled together to create the new celestial objects, the molecules form a carbon known as Bucky balls, the 60 atoms football shape with a carbon atom at each corner of the 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons that make it up, each atom has 3 bonds.
Nature follows the underlying structure:

Here I like to return to the diameter of the zodiac, the base line 432. And the math of the 8 that is both the tree of knowledge 576 and the tree of life 480.

432/3×2=288xPi=904,7808/360=251,328×240=603.18720 /52,36= 1152 x 2=2304 circumference 480. 48×48, multiplying itself.
432/9×5=240xPi=753,984/360=20944 x 288 = 603.1872 /52,36=1152 x 2 = 2304 = 4 x 576.

The zodiac has a crown of 1.8 and an opening so 25920 -1.8 = 25918.2. Now the 39 books are the law and the 27 the cycle of life. So if you keep the law and live in accordance you complete the journey  66 x 3927=25918.2. If not, the door remains closed 25920 / 66= 39.2727272727, or in other words the story repeats itself. Now I could show you all natural constants and I’ve shown you several already but I want you to start to see the story within the numbers.

Now to make the vesica piscis you need to overlap two circles at 240° and to make the small eye you need to overlap two circles at 288°.
You will have noticed that the 240°  has a height of 288 while the 288° has a height of 240 in other words the tree of life sets the limit of the tree of knowledge, and the tree of knowledge has the line of the tree of life in it. I could say that god set a limit and implanted his grain.

And yes it should slowly dawn on you that these numbers are really describing a language. Let’s see if you start seeing it, as you know 45 was the ark of Noah (you) traveling along the signs, having the animal signs within you expressed through the male and female side, and I’ve also said you enter through the 4 to 5 but exit from the 5 to 4 (45&54). Let’s look at the zodiac 25920 and divide by 45 is 576 the tree of knowledge, and we exit 54 so 25920 divided by 54 is 480 or the tree of life. Something else happens when you eat of the tree of knowledge, remember where the tree of life is and add the tree of knowledge, does it not then force you out of the garden? Yes, what they call the flower of life isn’t the flower of life except by those who are blinded. Is there more that could lead you to see that it’s the first language? I said you are first through woman 18, the one through the 8 or cycle. 25920/18 is 1440 while when we move to the other side 81 we get 25920/81=32 and there are 32 paths on the tree. But if you are eventually in the middle in all 81.8181818 you get 25920/81.818181818=3168 and that is the value of lord Jesus Christ, Krishna etc.

How perfect it is? 25920 divided by the highest 9 = 2880. And look it up if you wish, the measure of the ark of covenant was given, 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5= 5.625 and it was carried 56.25 x 8 =45 x 8=3600 x8=288.0. Which equals you 45 on the cycle 3600 in the scattered 288 sparks.

Now the Torah has 304805 letters but two do not belong to you * for I am the alpha and omega*. The 3 and its mirror are the shape joined as the 8 which has a circumference of 480.

3x4x8x3=288 the vessel that fell and the vessel that was replaced by Moses 288.

3/4/8/3=00.3125 576+480=1056×31,25=33 Daath.

31,25 x 3=93.75 x6=56.25 x9= 5062.5, your 369.

You know the relationship between two and five apart from them looking like  mirror images? 25 x 5= 125 while 25/2=12.5. 576 divided by 32 is 18. 576 x 31.25=1800.

Getting back to the storyline of the trees, have you noticed something else? Not only that eating of it means you end up outside the garden but that god made it so. That the snake who said that if you eat of it you can become like gods isn’t a lie if we don’t neglect the you Can!

Define versus describe, defining gives a general meaning idea, while describing gives a detailed account. So when words define, numbers describes. And if you start seeing it you’ll also start seeing that it’s doing it by shape too. A forgotten language that now only defines quantity, just like words giving meaning forgetting that it’s the sum of letters. Each letter, each number is a unity of purpose and intent.
Now going back to 2D, the spiritual realm knows no time, space or distance. It  is measured only by similarity of form. Not physical separation. And as I’ve shown height could be degrees. Or arc. Speed or diameter. Like the earth having a speed of 66,600mph.

And the tilt of the earth 23.4°, the earth 4 directions of 90° minus 23,4 is 66.6 and so each planet is size, speed and position etc. They all are according to the great blueprint. You can ask yourself how deep does the rabbit hole  go? Well 66.6 minus the tilt 23.4 is 43.2 or the length of one zodiac sign 2160 years and 2160 miles diameter of the moon. And if science would consider this hocus pocus and merely coincidences then they should have a closer look at their own research where PI expresses itself in probability calculations but also as ratio of rivers to name but a few. But these are not random, there is order, intent and purpose.

Very few languages still have a meaning of individual letters, and are often used as numbers too, like Hebrew and Greek. But even the kabbalists  have great problems seeing it. They describe by word that can only define at most. Just to illustrate the principle, and in a way it is similar with the stories of the bible. This illustration isn’t really correct but to get the idea, take the word pen. You know what to do with it. But P means a piece, E means elmwood  and N means burned to carbon. Or let’s take the word arc. A equals length, R equals Radius and C equals Curved. It tells you what it is, does and goes to. To us it only has meaning in words, it even has different meaning to different persons.

What confusion is caused by the removal of the descriptive part and only leaving the defining one!  The language of the gods. True, there are some rudiments but they are more anecdotal than carrying any wisdom.

They ask how can I become conscious? Must I focus on stillness? But is stillness a thing? Do you see the tree or do you see through an eye that sees the tree? And if this inner eye is not the eye of the body then what is the eye of the eye other than that which is alone and has always been.

Read the part of the 480 and 576 again. How the one is reflected in the other, and vice versa. If you identify with the eye that sees the tree then you are a mirror reflection that seeks reflection of itself through the illusionary I or ego.

God is one, he drew up the grand plan in 2D which led to 3D. Take a piece of aluminum and hammer it on the edge, what happens? It buckles, the sheet starts to curl. Now take this vesica of the tree, it overlaps, one part is trying to occupy the same space so it bulges out. To a spherical shape.  Now read the following article!


Now I’ve told you about the periodic table being part of the blueprint too, but we could also look at it in a different way, such as the light spectrum, as you know they can determine the makeup, this too will fit the structure. All this without knowing the blueprint must be considered juggling with numbers.

A few years ago I have shown that the ark of Noah was 45 (cubit) that was your entry point. And the journey completed means excite 54. Now I’ve also told you the ark (you) travels the galactic ocean through the animals/zodiac, so if we divide 25920 by 45 we get 576, the tree of knowledge. But if we land on the mountain we leave at 54. So when we divide 25920 by 54 we get 480 and indeed the tree of life.

Now you’ve already seen how 576 is integrated in 480 and vice versa. But that 480, the tree of life, has created the tree of knowledge with purpose can also be seen in other ways, 12 x 480= 576.0 that the 22 letters or 22 x 480 is 1056 which is equal to 576+480.

God’s tree of life was given to Moses on the mountain in the shape of two circular tablets. There are 39 books in the old testament 39 x 480=1872.0 and 27 books in the new testament 27 x 480=1296.0 so 1296 +1872= 3168 yes, the lord Jesus Christ in Greek. 3927 (66) but instead of 480 the 576 holds its secrets too. 54 x  3927 equals the slope of the Giza pyramid 51.51. Now if the bible contains all this knowledge then it must lead to Daath the 33rd path and as this knowledge must come from above it is going to be mirrored. And it represents the virgin birth.

Now the prime number, solfeggio, Fibonacci sequence in the hexagon. Yes it’s important to know that there are hexagons within hexagons scaling up or down. Now for simplicity take the six points of the star or as the story goes 6 days of creation, number them 1  to 6. The 7th day ends up above the 1 of the first arm, the 8 above the second day etc.

Now you have 6 rows:


Now according to the holy scale, I’ve expressed it before, it rotates and scales up.

If you look at the top one to 50 and mark out the prime numbers you’ll notice they appear only in two of the six legs/arms, reminding you that they are proportional to the body. And the Fibonacci spiral, now if you take each row and add up the multiples to a single digit then the first row will be 174.174.174, the next 285.285.285, the next 396.396.396, the next 417.417.417 and the next 528.528.528 and next 639.639.639. This is the source of the solfeggio sequence.

Now then, Tesla said if only you would know the meaning of 3, 6 and 9 you would understand the universe. You would also need to understand the meaning of counter space. Electricity is a 4 pole situation, it never exists in less than two dimensions in any one time, there is no electricity unless you have magnetism and dielectricity in a geometric configuration.

Eric Dollard in his “History and theory of electricity” is in search of Tesla’s insights and is closest so far but lacks the structural knowledge and mathematics. But also its full implications.

The full scope  is found in the 360 articles.

This article is the last in the series of 360 and all one needs to grow in understanding and free oneself of the enslavement can be found within them if truth is what they really seek. But most seek only conditionally that which fits their theories. For this reason one needs to practice and study the 360.

From here on all other articles to show relationship to this blueprint, the structure of creation, will be placed under “related articles”.

We have lovingly devoted our lives to provide you with all the tools and insights to enrich your life free from needless suffering. We would appreciate your help in the realization of and finalization of the Centre for all who wish to spend some time away from all that entraps you here. To really know thyself, the only true gift you can offer this world.


Moshiya van den Broek