359. Clarity in consciousness and self-awareness

I’ve explained how these emotionally charged images from the past influence you in the present and that they are the filters through which you see your world. I’ve called these emotional storages buckets, masks or personalities. I’ve shown how they are the puppeteers in Plato’s cave. I have also told you that its original function was to regulate all survival mechanisms, it regulates the main bodily functions like heart, blood pressure, body temperature etc. But it also comes to the rescue when you’re about to fall, or simply take control of the mechanics of walking and balance. There is usually a two way communication, one of storing the data the other as response which generally takes half a second relative to its frequency of experience.

I have shown that due to your fall, you identify with these masks. And this is really the fruit you’re eating offered by the snake. And that it has no hands or feet, in other words has no contact with this world other than through your senses, your body. So the expression “sold your soul to the devil” isn’t that farfetched.

So let’s look at this from a more “scientific” way of explaining consciousness.
While the scientific community doesn’t really doubt the existence of consciousness it is often poorly defined. The above really should lead you to the conclusion that the freedom of choice or free will isn’t really there in the best of times. Consciousness is really a product of the body and for the greatest part a conditioned automated system, giving the illusion of self-awareness and free will. You’re partly unaware of how it gets ALL its input.
Although the articles have given you some insight into the stars, zodiac and planets as another source of input, it is only as a piece of data, not experienced as such.

True, the brain with all its brilliance in design has brought out some amazing things, but it has also caused much suffering, it has the ability to trick, alter and distort the sense of self. In other words the illusion of conscious will. It’s all influenced biologically, chemically and socially.

Now let’s look at this two way stream for a moment. Just consider tripping on a step, without consciously willing ourselves (I’ve lost my balance, let me jump so I don’t fall flat on my face). Clearly it took control before you had the chance to consider. If you would have needed to, you would have been too late.

The other part is the trickster, one that has the same tools, instruments but has loads of time to plan so it can obtain the highest energy. Now part of our left hemisphere is responsible of building our narratives and assigning causality to our environment, and in other parts our decisions are made. And there is a third way next to the two I spoke of earlier, and that is of the heart, the centre of feeling albeit also influenced/discoloured.

So now to judgement, how can you judge if not only you but others too are not really in control of their actions. Our justice system works on punishment, but should we dump our computer due to a faulty program or reprogram it? You hear some raise the question if A.I. (Artificial intelligence) is dangerous? When reading all the above it should be clear that humanity in general is not very different from a software driven system, whereby the input determines its functioning, its ability to judge based upon its limited ability to see the whole picture. Imagine an empty box at birth and placing a tiny first experience in it. Such tiny bit of data now becomes the standard through which we judge the next experience and as the first was very limited in knowledge its blind spot is carried on to the next. Even when it gets added info it still is, and will remain, limited, even if only because we have conditioned it to judge upon outer appearances. So the first moment judged by limited view becomes the measure through which it judges the next, and the next etc. Now the whole story of Moses, fleeing from Egypt as slaves, is of course our story, where by looking within we discover that we were blinded, that we blindly followed this king of the world. This happens by awareness that is independent from what we usually identify ourselves with, it’s the observer that doesn’t judge through the filters nor does it follow its guidance. And so the birth of free will starts. It doesn’t mean that all past must be cleaned up, nor does it mean you should stop with the practise, but once you know by experience that it works as explained, I mean not because you read it, you will eventually realise that you as observer are separate from the personality, the I with which you have identified for so long, the I think and I feel. Then you are getting closer to the sea, and if you remain the observer for long enough without attachment, without identification, the sea will open, you can cross and the grip it had on you will be washed away.

But remember that if it doesn’t coincide with living it, you’re still a slave and you are just wearing another mask pretending to be where you are not. Ego has taken the knowledge and will fit it into its own goal. So you remain a slave. When we go back to them Adam, he was both male and female following the cycles and impulses like the animals do, so you can’t really speak of free will, but when half of Adam, the female part was taken from him it divided the balance whereby one was more focused on feeling and the other more focused on mind, but the choice between positive and negative or good and evil isn’t really free will, because they only belong to the world of matter. And therefore your choice is only relative to the earthly matters, and not spiritual. While I have given you a simplified explanation, it should make you realize that you are indeed unable to exercise true free will. In a way I could say you are bound and live in the world of effect and not in the causal. Truth is that this world is a mirror image of the real world. Which can be seen as vice versa. What do I mean with this? Let’s say there is one dimension from which a two dimensional world came forth, then movement, “light”, came into being which with the electromagnetic force brought a third forth. The world we know and live in. Now most of you often speak of higher dimensions but consider this, is god not timeless? Outside of time? Where in creation did time come into play? Not in 4 or more! Then another point, that so called spooky action Einstein spoke of and what is the big question in quantum mechanics, particles that flip in and out of existence. Logic here tells you that they don’t zip off to higher dimensions but to two dimensions. And like folding a piece of paper shortcuts the route to zero. Not time travel but timeless travel. True, it is kept a little simplified here, but even though science doesn’t know, they did give it a name, a tunnel or wormhole bending space and time. Their problem is that they seek to prove their theories, and if it doesn’t they add more dimensions, particles or dark “matter” instead of being still enough (mind chatter) and let truth reveal itself.

It’s true that once you have been practicing for a while as explained and know by experience how you are kept in the dark, being blinded, you still keep thinking and reasoning because you still have not moved out of the cave, not yet received the holy spirit. You’re still depending on ego’s conditioned translations, it’s here that you have to realize that he keeps you on his leash. He keeps drawing your attention, but you need to not just set aside time for the practice but from this moment on to not attach to the thoughts and feelings that arise and use mind only when a task requires it. And all this while your heart is filled with a love that is based on the unconditional through the realization of knowing that you are that spark of god. Only then your will is freed from conditioning and free will becomes a reality.

Moshiya van den Broek