33. Two signs that will show the time has come

There are many who will tell you that there is a beautiful time right here knocking at the door.An influx of spiritual awakening light, but this is evil getting its last way.
My adversary will do anything to make you believe and hold on to the world that seems to enable you to fulfil your desires, but never really does.

There will be an earthquake so big that has never been experienced before. Know the time is near!

There will be a star still obscured by an opaque cloud on its way, that at times will be seen, and scientists will fear it to be on collision course with earth.
It will cause havoc in many different ways. Its effects will, like this great earthquake, take many lives.

Only a small selected group who has strengthened its will by the realisation in its experiences of the truth will cross over into the new world, and be the teachers in the new land.



Moshiya van den Broek