358. The trickster

Art by Bill Reid, Haida Raven, 1972
A Northwest Coast Native Myth. “Raven was not thought of as a god. He was thought of as the transformer, the trickster. He was the being that changed things—sometimes quite by accident, sometimes on purpose.” —Christian White, Haida artist

We’ve all heard of monks spending years in caves meditating away from distraction, but how can we hide or run away from the distraction if the culprit is within us? Isn’t it true that each of you who practiced looking back at past emotional experiences over and over again with a growing detachment came to realize that our present day responses to seemingly similar situations are guided by those from the past? And has it not also shown you that these were unable to see the truth of the situation? Yet we have taken them to be our master to judge the present. If they would be true wouldn’t everybody have seen it in the same way?

And have you not noticed that your thoughts seem to seek to justify its point of view? Doesn’t that show its ability to reason, before they arise as thoughts and feelings? I just like to remind you that it’s scientifically proven too that your answer to a question was already made up before you even started thinking about the answer.

And you “think” you have free will? So let’s presume for a moment there is an entity hiding within you with the ability to reason and cause feelings and thoughts to arise in you, what would his motivation be? This consciousness isn’t a physical entity so what does it live of? We eat physical food to fuel the body, so what about it? Energy! Much like the electrical sockets in your house, the more it can draw from the sockets the more powerful the machine can be that is plugged into it. Now for that entity it doesn’t matter if it’s a washing machine, a freezer or heater. In other words it doesn’t matter from what emotion it can draw its energy even if it means offering up the usage of the freezer to get the max out of the heater.

He’ll get it through your highs and he’ll get it through your lows, he is your life’s movie director and it doesn’t care whether you’re the one that suffers or not. So without its supply of energy he would die, just as you eventually will due to his destructive ways. But his death doesn’t come about through that of yours because holding on to those heavy emotions means they eventually enter the material world again. No, his death comes from not being able to live on the blindness that causes those energies to sour.

So what is the ability to think and feel for? To draw upon your learned skills, to cooperate with others and to safeguard this body and care and share.

For all else we should take guidance from ….? I’ll return to that and how to receive it in a moment, but let’s look at what this entity has available to be able to live its life through you, and how he made you identify with what he feeds you. Now imagine that in his world he has access to your hall of records, one you have only limited access too, and even then it’s more or less only as so much as to ensure he can remain hidden. And yet his level of awareness is restricted too, as his end of rulership was foretold too. This means that there is a far greater plan where like us he is in the illusion that his rulership has no boundary. So who is this entity that knows you better than you know yourself and who you so willingly follow?

Of course we know him as the snake who’s arms and limbs were taken away and was doomed to crawl on his belly, who lives through the use of your senses, and only by practice as described in the articles are we able to see that the projections on the wall are what he wants us to see. Now you might “think” but we’ve come to see some of nature’s mysterious forces, even seen some of the underlying template. True, but why are they part of the tree of knowledge? Well we only have to look what humanity has done with the knowledge it gained, and isn’t it so that through understanding what I’ve told you that he loves this knowledge too because it can use it to keep you wanting, and continue to focus on the outer world. And look at the attitude of the intellect. No wonder Christ said children inherit the kingdom, why? Because they weren’t conditioned, we hold on so strongly to what we believe, and through us he created a world that rewards us when we hold on to it, just like scientists do, who lose their grant budget if they let go of their theory.

I’ve already spoken about spirituality being the next commercial business. Every day I hear people say: I am not religious, I am spiritual, namaste. But it’s as empty as those who go to church on sunday to listen to a priest, clergyman or rabbi and walk out to serve the snake again. You’re not spiritual because you’re a vegan or follow yoga classes, or because you are a member of Greenpeace, believe in angels, tarot cards or follow the handbook of “Thrive”, or follow someone who interpreted the words, ask and you’ll be given to mean material wealth etc. Not even the practice of meditation, but living it 24/7. But one should understand that this means first to Know and to Act in accordance, for he is known by its fruits. So stop calling the kettle black while being the pot! Don’t judge by someone’s past but what he has learned from it. While it’s good to feed those who are hungry for physical nourishment it’s even better to feed those in need of spiritual nourishment for they are never alone.

So what about meditation, there are so many it is said, which type of meditation should I follow? The question is a little like what car should I drive while you do not have a license to drive it yet. Forget the old ways, no candle watching or following your breath, OMs or meditating, contemplating, unless you wish to spend the next decade in a cave. You’ll first need to enter your own cave and experience this truth of your enslavement, only then are you able to stand fast among the flood he will descend on you to hold on to his kingdom, only then will you gain strength to escape his clutches. Yet this fight is not won through battle but by letting go of all that he made you hold on to.

One night while fast asleep I saw this image of this body calling out “Wake Up!” several times and it took some effort to wake up from sleeping and I thought this urgent call to wake up was because there was either a burglar, a fire or other emergency. I got up, took the flashlight and checked the living, then went outside. But all was peaceful under the star filled sky so I went back in and returned to my meditative state and there I saw this wakeup call wasn’t because of an external event but to wake up from the excuses ego had made to hold on a little longer. I still had to finish this, that and the other, so little peaks of light and insight just enough to taste the heavenly nectar dripping in the back of the pallet. Watchful for his trickery during the day, so he took his opportunity in the darkness of night. But would the ability to act where needed, if needed, be gone if I gave up the I? No in fact it would be clear and more efficient.

The death of ego brings the birth of an enlightened world, not merely a consciousness that sees through the limited points of view but the beauty in all its glory. But here too it’s pointless to try and describe it, as the only reference available to the reader is the known.

But let’s go back once more to the practice. While it’s not needed to clear all the conditioned memories it cannot be said how much must be seen to have the strength to let go and gain free will. This may vary, as some have a greater strength, power over you than others but when the reality of what has blinded you has become a certainty your meditation will soon bring you to experience the view as the light in the back of the cave. And when you’re not blinded by it, yes that happens all too easily too, you will be able to see the light that enters the cave unaffected by anything.

Now let’s go back to a great loss. Due to the translation and not understanding the sacred text many of its treasures are lost, how did that happen? Let’s take the story of Jesus riding a donkey entering the city. Nowadays scholars will try to describe a donkey and perhaps the condition of the road, but the story is about humility. Or any story like for instance one of the 12 disciples as an historical event. But let me show you what is said: 2 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 14: But their minds were blinded for until this day remains the same veil untaken away over the old testament, but even until this day the veil is upon their heart. Verse 16: when they turn upon the lord the veil is taken away. That doesn’t mean I believe in god and therefore I am saved. Let’s read a bit more, the lord is the spirit and WITH the spirit of the lord there is liberty. And Jesus said: it is within you!

Matthew chapter 15, of no effect by your tradition. All is read literally not spiritually and that’s why Jesus’ words were true then as they are even more so today, they look but see not, they listen but hear not.

Now there is the story of Abraham and Sarah who gets pregnant at the age of 100, wauw, a miracle. If we go to Galatians chapter 4 verse 22, Paul talks of it, two sons, one of a bondmaid “born of the flesh” and one of a free woman “born of promise”, which things are an allegory.

Psalms 78:2 I will utter dark sayings of old, I will open my mouth in a parable/allegory, which we have known and our fathers have told us.

Matthew chapter 2 verse 43. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walks through dry places seeking rest and finds no places then I will return to the house I once came, then he finds it swept and gone and taken with himself 7 spirits.

Plato’s Cave, 1604 After: Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem Published by: Hendrik Hondius I Print made by: Jan Saenredam

Now read the last articles where I refer to Plato’s cave again, because this is about the clearing and letting go of the ego or little I and eventually include the warning, the flame as awareness without the guidance of the light from outside, and the lower 7 chakras, as in revelations 10.3 and 4 we read: and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion. When he shouted, the voices of the 7 thunders spoke, “4” and when the 7 thunders spoke, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven say, “seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down”.

King Solomon was known to have built the temple, now what does the temple stand for? After having built the temple he got distracted and turned away from the temple, he was paid 600 3 score and 6 talents of gold, a 3 score is 3 x 20 in other words 666 or his lower ego self. Now if you google him you’ll find for instance on the biblestudy.org a whole calculation on how wealthy he was in today’s value of gold, in some places he is even mentioned as one of the 20 richest people of all time. It took over 7 years to build the temple, 7 as in the 7 chakras. But his distraction was for strange women, he had 700 wives and his wives turned away his heart and he did evil in the sight of the lord. But this is about feeling, blind feelings. He also had 300 concubines. 7 and 3, the 3 stands for left and right and the heart. Now the lord said of the woman, ye shall not go into them neither shall they come into you, for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods, but Solomon clove to these in love and his heart became unpure. In other words he let his feelings rule his heart, the lower self, ego or 666.

Just like us, we practice to clean and purify our temple, but then we (the ego) comes with all sorts of excuses to neglect the work. We are busy, priority shifts to earthly desires and the temple is eventually destroyed. His name by the way is often said to mean peace but its root is re-paid, a similar idea in reverse is to be found with Jesus who paid for the sins, and to the donkey onto which he sat and road into the city. Under his control.

Furthermore it was said that he, Solomon, built a high place for shemash which means the destroyer. The false gods or 666, his emotions.

I will now give you a few insights to further understand the story that is written in the stars or zodiac. So where does it begin? The immaculate birth, all you need to look at is Jesus, Krishna, Isis and Horus, and all the others, yes indeed Virgo. 30 pieces of silver paid for the treason of Jesus, are the 30° of Scorpio. At the age of 30 Jesus was in the constellation Leo. In Genesis 3:15 god said I will put enmity between your seed and the woman, or in other words, between the lower nature and the higher consciousness. Virgo in Hebrew is called bethulah and means virgin. And in Arabic the word means branch, and if you look at the picture of Virgo she has a branch in one hand, and a corn/wheat in the other which is the bread of life. Now let’s go to Zechariah chapter 6 verse 12, behold the name who is the branch, he shall build the temple of the lord.

The branch is also the brightest star. When Jesus drove on an ass/donkey they cut of branches, and you now celebrate palm Sunday. Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 the lord will give you a sign. Now let’s go to genesis for a moment chapter 1 verse 14. And let there be lights in the firmament in the heavens to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs. Back to Isaiah.

To know the meaning of the names of the stars will show the story. Not Jesus but you are the branch, the light of the world if you rise to the higher consciousness. Christ consciousness. Out of a virgin mind.

Haggai chapter 2:7 I will shake all nations and the desire of all nations shall come, Virgo the First decan Coma, which means the desired of all nations. The baby. By the way Zoroaster, the Persian version of Christ, was also born of a virgin, he was of the tribe Magier! The magi or astrologers. The Greek called the universe cosmos and its means the law!

Jesus said: when you see the man carrying the pitcher of water “Aquarius”. Luke 22:10 enter your house (you) go to the upper room (your head, your higher conscious), there you will be fed by him. Pouring his spirit over you.

Now this is the age of Uranus and it’s called the son of heaven or the god of heaven. Now remember Christ is to cast down the devil, Uranus gave birth to Saturn, and Saturn overthrew Uranus had a relationship with Gaia. Job 38:31 can you bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades? So it’s clear that Pleiades is the star cluster in the constellation Taurus, the emotions Ego. Or can you lose the bands of Orion? It clearly indicates their influences but and I mean a big BUT you have to meet him half way. And we are now in Aquarius! And don’t think you can get any answer from present day astrology as it is the trees in the middle that are the only ones that show where you are in the whole. So that means it’s vital to prepare your house and clean it.

Jesus said if your eye be single your body fill with light! Matthew is the book of Aquarius and means so much as god over man. The book of mark is Leo and means so much as the spirit of god overwhelms the spirit of man, and Luke is the bull Taurus overwhelms the ego and finally John which is the eagle which is Scorpio overwhelming the carnal mind.

Aquarius represents the man/intellect and splitting the sky between the god of heaven and Saturn darkness, it is ruled by Uranus. Saturn is also called Cronos and is time.

Now we need to remember that in the story of the birth there was Mary, Jesus and Joseph and in Egypt it was Isis, Horus and Osiris, and in Hinduism Devaki, Krishna and Vasudeva. So in the sky also we have Gaia impregnated by Uranus, giving birth to the fallen son Saturn. Ezekiel 28:14 you were, Lucifer, You were on the highest mountain of god, Lucifer light and bright star falls through Saturn affects you.

Now I could in fact go through the whole of the bible or many of the even older scriptures and show you they are of the same source, yet they fight among each other that only their god is the true god, or that they only understand its meaning while they all lost the keys to unravel the fullness of the wisdom within. I have shown you on many occasions how his “handy work” can be seen all around you, as his works are in all things made. Romans chapter 1:20 for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and godhead, so they are without excuse.

Romans 5: 19 count your blessing, “my words”, for as by one man’s disobedience many made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Now Christ said, no one can come to the father but through me, this doesn’t mean I believe the literal text, or mentioning him in prayer, it means through your practice you reach your inner ark of covenant, you let go of the raven and send out the dove. This means that through reading and working on it, the knowing thyself and meditation as described, you’ll reach Christ consciousness. And now that you know we have reached the sign there is no time to waste to find your safe haven.

Moshiya van den Broek