357. The tree of life

You, your ark 23562 is your birth sign and each sign is 30°. Divided by 30 is 78.54 and 5° equals 3927 the bible 66 books 39 in the old and 27 in the new. In other words the cycle completed. Let’s see 2160 divided by 30 is 72 times 5° =360. Cycles within cycles!

In a previous article I have shown you that one degree was 3769.92 of the great year, so times 5° is 188496 and that too is a cycle, 188496/52,36 is 360. And there are 6 times 5 degrees in 30° times 12 is 25920.

Now 25920 divided by the ark of Noah 45. (300×50 x30) was 576 the tree of knowledge and you were shown that entering was four to five, leaving and entering the promised land is from five to four 54. I also mentioned that the tree of life is 480. So the great year 135717.12 divided by 480 is 282.744 and divided by the cubit 52.36 is 54. And just like 576 is a cycle so is 480. 282.744 divided by 360 is the 78.54 as shown earlier. That leads to the 3927 or 66 books.

From the 12 six are equal to 6×48.0 = 288 and from 12 to 6 is the fall. Recall the vessel that broke into 288 sparks or degrees. And do you also recall who’s crown fell to earth?

There are 22 letters/numbers for the whole of creation, 22 x 48.0 is 1056 and 576+480=1056.

You will recall the value of Amen is 99. And there are 32 paths 32 x 99 = 3168 which as shown before is Christ. Does that match with the completion of the bible? Let’s see 39 x 480 = 1872 and 27 x 480 = 1296. Therefore 1872+1296= 3168. He was the centre of the bible (at 117.81).

And he had the 10 sefirot and took the 22 steps 117.81 x 22 = 25918.2. Or 10+22=32. 33 is daath.

But now that you are able to see that there are two trees in the middle of the garden, 576 as the tree of knowledge of good and evil and 480 as the tree of life, it will not help you to eat of it unless you refrain from eating of the so called forbidden fruit. For as long as you do you are lost in the desert. It is not until you part the sea that you can cross to the promised land, it’s not until you end the continuous war of the two opposing forces. With the only weapon that can. Peace. Your ability to stop identifying with ego, “the little I” even though it has grown strong enough to have kept you as slave, and contaminated your heart. And when through the described practice you will come to see that both the images projected on the wall and those of the puppeteers are what blinded you, not just intellectually but experienced! Because turning around and looking at what causes the shadows on the wall still doesn’t free you from its influence and guidance. Remember the mind isn’t capable of originating anything, all it can do is give back to you in the light it perceived it. Perhaps it’s time to remind you that this divine spark is in you too. You could see it as awareness, this means that the flame at the back of the cave is the light of your inner true self. It is through ego’s death, its loss of power over you and when one has to remain silence in the presence of the divine until they remove the clouds from your eyes and enable you to see not what appears to be good to you but what is intrinsically good, or so that the light outside the cave takes away all shadows.

You may wonder as to why then have I shown so much of the basics and how it expresses in this world. Because through them you will be able to see how it expressed itself through you too, and how it blinded you. You started to see patterns in the world, the two forces at work, at first you pointed fingers, then you came to realize that this war also played in you. And eventually you came to realize that it entered this world not knowing and you made judgement upon judgement on it, and started to identify with the physicality in an attempt to fulfil an inherent desire that shifted from animalistic, food, sex and family to knowledge, money, honour and power, to eventually fulfilment, meaning and purpose.

Don’t be fooled by the thousands of spiritual masters who say they can teach you, or one of the many courses that make you attract what you wish for, as you should realize by now who/what it is that does the wishing for you. Yes, god gave you the ability to exercise free will, but one has to overcome ego with its many masks before we can make a real choice. Whether it’s explained by crossing the red sea, the war or any other way the temptation to continue to eat of the tree of good and evil.

Like the many masks you wear as personality, you also played out other lives whereby you tasted of all the 12 signs, to blame or point fingers is pointing at yourself too. Ego only has a narrow vision, and can’t see all cause and effect, on top of that realize the underlying, often hidden motivation of ego. As he knows you better than you know yourself. As it matters not for him of which side of the tree of good and evil you eat, to him it’s all the same, draining life’s energy from the heart by filling it with himself like a thief in the night, it will feed itself through your highs and lead you to it, so he can feed itself when you fall from it. Remember the “the snake” was doomed to crawl on his/your belly and has no hands or feet. So you became his connection through which he lives his life. Descend into where he lives and rules so you may recognize who it is that makes you wear those masks. Only through knowing thyself can you know the password to enter. To meditate with the knowledge experienced can the sea part.

Moshiya van den Broek